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Good to know thx…not a complete bust then


I’m an old man with a heart condition. Not really interested in travelling there, incurring all the cost, for the off chance that maybe, possibly, hopefully there may be a opening in a game…multiply that for what?…12 sessions over 4 days?..just don’t have energy or inclination to chase wild geese for 4 days
I’ll just have to write this up to the overhyping of an event vs the Ticket Master reality of actually getting tickets


Yep…went to sign up for games…all sold out. $175 registration shot to hell…no sense going at all.


Just looked at site…everything sold out for PF2…no sense even going….just wasted $175

Fighter with the Cleric Dedication is great. Good at combat…healing, buffing, condition removal..what’s not to like?

Blave wrote:

Dragon Disciple can get you a few specific spells added to your spell list.

Adapted Adept from the human ancestry can at least add one 1st level spell

There's no other way to get non-divine spells as a cleric beyond what your deity grants, I think.

Runescared Archtype


I’ve found running the lvl 3 bounties are better for new players…if there is only one combat let it run long enough for each player to get one or two licks in. Having the fight end after a player wins initiative and crit kills the BBG is kind of a let down for new players

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Non lethal meta magic fireball into the crowd of peasants……perfect crowd control

An iconic healing oriented deity that I haven’t seen in 2E…what gives?


Hmmm….very underwhelming class ability then. thief racket so much better.. Precision Rangers have no such restriction..


The Ruffian class feature states that the can sneak attack with Martial
Weapons as long as the base damage dice is no larger than a d6…my question is if using a Pick with the Fatal d10 trait would you still get your sneak attack dice on a crit?
I would assume yes but I can see some excessively pedantic folks disagreeing

Valen Mettulus a Taldan Minor Nobility Rogue who’s Amorous exploits with a certain High Senator’s daughter has him named “Ambassador to the Mammoth Lords” and effectively exiled. He has been told that if he comes home before he is ca.led home he will be charged with deserting his post and sent to the Salt mines and his family stripped of their rank.
He is an urbane anachronism among the unwashed “barbarians” but is determined to do his duty.
I envision him similar to Antonio Banderas’ character in The 13th Warrior


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I truly miss my friend Jack. I have known Jack for 35+ years and have played Advanced D&D, 2nd edition, 3.0, 3.5, Traveller, Star Wars, Champions and in fact I introduced him to Pathfinder 1st Edition when I bought it and raved to him much of an improvement it was over 3.5. I have slung numerous dice in his presence as well cards. I even lived with him for 2 years until he met his lovely wife Deb.
He was closer than a brother and someone to spend hours with in gamerspeak. He is leaving a big hole in so many lives.
Jack I know that gaming in Valhalla means you can only play Barbarians and drink mead but please keep the table going until we get there.

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Half-Dwarves would be great

Bladelock wrote:
The description calls out spells specifically so it isn't made to work with supernatural abilities.

Ah...I didn't see that was a Supernatural ability..pity...not a good feat at all


Prerequisite(s): Wizard 10

In your quest for self-perfection, you have discovered a way to further enhance yourself and others.

Benefit(s): When a transmutation spell you cast grants an enhancement bonus to an ability score, that bonus increases by 2. At 20th level, the bonus increases by 4.

My question is whether or not this would stack with the Transmution Wizard School special ability of granting yourself an Enhancement Bonus to any one stat chosen when you memorize spells.

For example a Transmutation Wizard of 12th level with a 12 Constitution choses to use his daily +2 Enhancement bonus to raise his Con to 14...would this feat allow it to go to 16?


It really sucks that Armor Specialization was banned....they one thing in the book that really stood out and makes fighters start to come up to par with other classes....Banned...Cuz Fighters can't have anything nice.
It's OK to have Superstitous pouncing Barbarians but allow a Fighter to get a little Bump to AC...Verboten!!!!


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My level 10 Dwarf Transmuter Wizard only has a 23 Con and 122 HP....kinda squishy

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Gladius...both piercing and slashing and finessable


Well I have a Lvl 10 Dwarf Wizard with a 23 Con (Belt+4) and 122 HP
18 Int with a +2 he uses more Buff Spells for the party...Fly, Haste, etc and more no save spells Magic Missile, etc rather than Save or Suck high DC spells.
I had Illusion as an opposition school so no access to Invisibility, Mirror Image, reasoning was if he can't avoid a hit then be able to take one.
He's been a blast to play and as some of my friends can attest to he has saved their butts but sucking up AOO's to drag them to safety

On of my pet peeves is the 5 Str whatever showing up at the table and expecting the higher strength characters to carry their stuff so they're not encumbered...I absolutely refuse to do so and tell them the only thing of theirs I will carry is their dead corpse out of the dungeon

Extra Channel is great if you plan on being a dedicated Channeler

Selective Channel - necessary

Channeled revival - 3 uses of channel for a 30' range Breath of Life is great...but at 3 uses Extra Channel is a great way to ensure that you have enough

Fortunate Channeling as a Cleric of your allies the option to roll twice on a d20 roll for Attack, Save or Skill check really tips the balance in fights.

I have an 11th Level Cleric of Pharasma and with Selective, Extra x3, Revival, and fortunate he does a great job of keeping the party going in Combat as he has 13 Channels per Day. Out of Combat Healing is usually done with CLW wands or Infernal Healing as the Channels are too useful in Combat to use up OOC.

Take 1 level of Fighter...the rest Rogue
High Str and Con, 10 or 12 Dex
Full Plate and great Axe...Power attack of course
Use skill points for perception, Disable Device
Forget Stealth and Acrobatics...use Flanking for your Sneak Attack

High AC Sneak attacking, Power Attacking with a two handed weapon, Trap Disabling rogue

Non traditional but would still be effectice

Power Attack, Cleave and Vital Strike as you move up to the bunch of Mooks

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The whole "I'm evil in a party of good and I must
kill or thwart my party members" seems childish to me...just my 2 cents

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Let's see:
1) The Russian aircrew was bombing Turkmen anti Assad rebels
2} They strayed over the border and were shot down by Turkish pro Turkmen F-16's
3} The aircrew bailed out and landed amongst the very people they were bombing
4} The Turkmen rebel are not signatories to the Geneva Convention
5] At least one Russian aircrewman was killed by he rebels

Tempers and emotions were running high I'm sure...I think the rebels made a mistake killing the Russian...they should have kept him alive as a bargaining chip

Isn't Vital Strike a Standard Action that cannot be used in a Full Attack Action?

I would say no
Feeblemind is a 5th level spell as is Break Enchantment
Notice that the only ways to remove the condition require a 6th or higher spell level?


I've known Jack 25+ years and I can honestly say........Dang PG-13 forum....nevermind.
Congrats jack


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Maybe the everyday GM's should go on strike and not Play PFS for a while.
Maybe switch to 5E for 4 months or so....see if Paizo would suddenly "reconsider"

"GM's Of The World Unite!!!!"


In addition not everyone can go to the Cons due to Work Schedules, Vacation availability, etc
If you want to reward your consistent everyday GM's and players they open up some of the boons....Have GM's get some as they get their Stars or have random players get some.
If the VO's had the ability to hand out a minor boon that would be great.
Maybe implement a a system where once a player gets their Dash-1 character to 5th level give them a boon for sticking with the game.
The current system is heavily skewed towards Cons an essentially treats the everyday GM's / players who cannot or chose not to attend such events as second class players

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Any BBEG worth his salt would have a backup plan / lair....why should the PC's be rewarded with XP for themselves running away?

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Could have them return an find the dungeon empty....After all why would the BBEG stay if his defenses have been breached?


The beatstick should always get an Adamantine Weapon as soon as they can afford it....It helps kill constructs and is an Amazingingly good door opener if you don't have on of those sneaky types to unlock the door.
NEVER EVER DUMP CON!!!!...cannot emphasize that enough...HP's are your secondary armor
Sometime you are just going to get beat on by a able to take the hit and get away as soon a possible if you are not the melee guy

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RDM42 wrote:

Water over a cliff - paladin falls.


Holy Water over a cliff - Paladin Falls


hey Keith...Dwarves Rule!!!!!!

Iron Will Feat
Indomitable Faith Trait
Cap of the Free Thinker

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Back to the original post:
No...the Paladin should not Fall or need an atonement...he acted as a Paladin should to the best of his knowledge at the time.
He should however be told of what happened and the extenuating circumstance and be strongly urged by his superiors to undertake a quest on behalf of the Church of Saranrae to mend relations.
It was an unfortunate friendly fire incident.


Durable arrows with the Conserving enchantment on your bow means you never run out of arrows a slong as you take the time to pluck the aroows from the bodies of the slain

Exotic Weapon Proficiency Aldori Dueling Sword, Weapon Finesse, Slashing Grace Aldori Dueling Sword
Works well will a Lore Warden Fighter build


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Pffft....another dead necromancer...Pharasma will be pleased!


Cap of the Free Thinker is a wise investment for a beatstick with less than optimal Will Saves...Iron Will should also be taken

Just make them take a week to attune to the wearer like a ring of sustenance. That eliminates the abuse of passing them around the party and forces the wearer to make the choice of only wearing the boots of the earth and no others to gain the effect


Good Old Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Like my grandfather...quietly in my sleep....not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.

Orc babys are the ultimate ANKLE BITERS...they needed to be put down


Sior wrote:

FWIW, I have never had an easy time attending game days due to work schedule (5pm-1am Tue-Sat typically does that, or any of the other odd hours I've worked). But I always make it a point to go to a convention if I really want to. I took the weekend off last year for Gen Con. I take Presidents Day weekend off every year for the local Genghis Con. And I make sure to put in those time off requests way in advance so no one else beats me to the punch.

To say that cons are only for people with "normal" jobs completely eliminates your own power to take a day or two off to attend. Yes, it takes time and planning, and yes you may not get a paycheck for those days, but there are those of us who find it worth it. Blaming one's employ is an excuse covering some deeper reason.

Now, tomorrow we have a Game Day here which is organized as a charity event. I am taking off work and taking off time with my family to attend because it is for a cause I can truly get behind. This is before I was even told that there would be GM boons, player boons, and a raffle. Those are just little bonuses.

Also, you don't have time for one organized play setting so you'll look into another?

Uhhh read the posts Sior...its not that I don't have time for organized play it's just during the time I have the offerings have already been played.

This means that if I want to play at a certain rate I need to switch systems and spend hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars on a non Paizo company. I have probably spent in excess of $2k on Pathfinder material over the past several years as I was playing pathfinder a lot. I have no problem spending the same for another company if they can offer me the same level of enjoyment. This is because the PFS organized play setup eventually drive away player who prefer not to GM all the time



I just find that my playing opportunities have gone way down...I play PFS because I like the people associated with it...well most of them anyway.
I personally have passed on buying the new Paizo releases as I'm not sure that I will be able to actually use them.
I buy Paizo stuff because I play pathfinder....If my pathfinder play goes down I buy other companies products.
I just don't get a organized play setup that actively drives prolific players away.
Does 5E have an organized play setup?


Andrew Christian wrote:
Unklbuck wrote:

Unless you go to the Cons there is very little reward for GM'ing...period.

Online GM'ing...I really have got the time or more importantly the interest to read someones online 4 page reasoning on why their Varisian bard wears yellow socks.
As far as Eric's comment on "Paying a debt"...sure people should step up and GM...and I have....but there is little incentive to do so...any Race boons, Replay kickstarters, others boons for everyday GM's?....Nope, just trudge on and have the people who have the time to go to the Cons get all the goodies.

So you've played so much that you have a hard time finding something to play in our region where we have between 5 and 8 game days with between 20 and 30 tables a week, but you need more incentive to pay it back for the ~1000 hours of fun you've had?

Does that ring a bit selfish?

Andy I have a lot of respect for you and what you have done for the Minneapolis PFS community.

Now as far as 5-8 game days....Hmm I have Weds-Thurs off and I get off work anywhere from 0630-1030 Weds morning so yes I can play Weds at Dreamers but I really don't have the time to prep anything for GM'ing
Now we get to Thursday...legion or FFG...either is good. The last 2 times I got there to GM there weren't enough players or people had cancelled late I'm a GM without a table and lo and behold the other tables are playing something I have already I pack up my bags and go away...having spent my time and money to show up in the first place
I cannot attend any of the Sat-Sun sessions as I am working.
So as you can see I really have limited opportunities to play or GM.
Now as far as the scenarios being know as well as I that we run a lot of the same scenarios over and over...this is because we do have an influx of new players which is just make the older players not attend.
Now the real reason I prefer not to GM as much is because of all the min maxing uber gaming that we seem to have in our region....I just get tired of seeing the encounters trivialized by Min Max a GM I feel like I'm wasting my time and am just going thru the motions so the people can get their chronicle sheet


Andy my point is that all the Cool stuff is reserved for far as the "Real Job" comment I apologize...I'm just saying that not everyones job schedule allows them to attend.

It's just the way organized play is set up that if you want the "goodies" you have to go to the cons and if you don't / can't then you get zip, nada, nothing...

Just my 2 cents


Unless you go to the Cons there is very little reward for GM'ing...period.
Online GM'ing...I really have got the time or more importantly the interest to read someones online 4 page reasoning on why their Varisian bard wears yellow socks.
As far as Eric's comment on "Paying a debt"...sure people should step up and GM...and I have....but there is little incentive to do so...any Race boons, Replay kickstarters, others boons for everyday GM's?....Nope, just trudge on and have the people who have the time to go to the Cons get all the goodies.

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