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My Fighter5/Brawler2 just finished Sky Key Solution and I've come to the conclusion that I need a better Will save.

Don't read if you want to avoid spoilers:
After entering the temple we came across 2 large king cobras. The Rogue, the Barbarian and I went to take care of one while the Inquisitor went for the other. The Arcanist and the Gunslinger stayed back to do what they do from a distance. Right before the the one we ganged up on died, a Serpent-folk stepped out from behind a pillar and attacked the Arcanist. With one snake down, the Roge went for the Serpent-folk while the Barbarian went to help the Inquisitor. With the Arcanist being pushed back, I stepped up in front of the Roge to deal with the mansnake and took a shocking graspish sneak attack and a Rapier from behind as the Rogue killed me. I then watched as the Serpentfolk and the Rogue forced the Arcanist to run away and nearly killed the Barbarian before the serpent was defeated. Turns out the Rouge was Dominated.

I'm raised and we continue on before coming across another Serpentfolk and two half-fiend serpent folk. They cast darkness on themselves and we began combat. I used a move action to acquire Blind-Fight but then the Arcanist gave me an Ioun Stone that had a permanent heightened continual flame on it, such that I'd be able to see in their darkness. I took it and activated it and prepared to wreak some havock next round. Cue me being Dominated to leave forever. Luckily, before I could abandon my team, the plot moved on and we went on to finish the event.

I realize that there were a lot of words there and surprisigly little information. I also realize that some people won't read that because of the special being involved. Suffice to say all you really need to know is that Spells are very dangerous for martial characters.

So, now that I will be a Fighter6/Brawler2, I need ways to protect me from spellcasters. My level up brings my Will Save to a whopping +3.

Also on this levelup, I'm increasing my WIS from 12 to 13 to qualify for the Combat Feat I want, so a long time from now, if she manages to survive to twelfth level, that 13 can become a 14...

A Cloak of Resistance or an Elven Rune Cloak can help some, so that's already on my radar.

Also, a couple scenarios before the special I had enchated my armor with the Spell Dodging special ability increasing my AC and TouchAC by 4 vs Spells, Spell-like Abilities, and attacks from Summoned Creatures.

Next level I'm looking at Iron Will for my 9th level feat.

Any advice on other ways to protect myself from pesky spellcasters until I can swat them?

Scarab Sages

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Step 1: Purchase a PDF of Seekers of Secrets
Step 2: ???? (Have your character buy a wayfinder and a Clear Spindle Ioun Stone.)
Step 3: Profit!!!! from your immunity from possession and mental control (as protection from evil).

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clear spindle ioun stone + wayfinder helps (seekers of secrets).

four leaf clover (occult adventures) gives a luck bonus to a few saves.

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Dat Clear Spindle, yo.

The cracked pale green prism Ioun stone will give you a +1 competence bonus on all saves for 4000gp, buy it before upgrading your cloak from +2 to +3 as it is cheaper.

Buy the clear spindle but be very aware of its limitations. It only works on charms and compulsions so does nothing against the many different forms of fear/stun/daze will saves out there. It also only works on evil creatures, many PFS enemy magicians tend to be suspiciously chaotic neutral.

Most importantly it also only works on spells which offer the caster ongoing control. This includes things like charm, dominate and suggestion, it does not include things like sleep or confusion. Charm is rarely an issue as you get a +5 bonus if it is used on you in combat. Dominate will rarely be an issue as it has a 1 round cast time even as an SLA. You are essentially buying immunity to evil caster suggestion spells which can still be very useful. Being forced to head home because your mommy called and needs to you to help with making dinner is terribly embarrassing to a brave adventurer type.

Scarab Sages

If your Charisma is decent, you can get Steadfast Personality. As suggested, a Cracked Pale Green Ioun Stone can be a boost that is cheaper from 2-3 for a cloak. A wisdom headband can help out as well. For a head (not headband) slot, a Cap of the Free Thinker can let you "roll twice, choose better" on mind affecting effects.

Iron Will Feat
Indomitable Faith Trait
Cap of the Free Thinker

Grand Lodge

Cloak of resistance
Clear spindle + wayfinder
Headband of fortunes favor or a luckstone
Cracked pale green ioun stone

Play Carrion hill for the +1 to certain will saves.

Buy a character folio and get a reroll 1 per session.


Fighter 5, Brawler 2

STR 16
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 13
CHA 10

Reactionary, Observant

Quick Draw, Two-Weapon Fighting, Toughness, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (Glaive-Guisarme), Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative

FORT +9, REF +7, WILL +2

+1 Spell Dodging Mithral Agile Breastplate

4074.05gp Fame/Prestige 36/10







Above are some my current stats before adding Fighter 6 as well as abbreviations for the hardcover books I own. Some of the books you've mentioned I do not know, so,!'d have to find them.

I'm taking a +1 to my WIS and Punishing Kick for this level up. I'll take a look at some of the other suggestions and see what I can do.

Oh, and I do have a Folio reroll with my characters, but rerolling a 1 into a 2 doesn't help me.

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