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Prerequisite(s): Wizard 10

In your quest for self-perfection, you have discovered a way to further enhance yourself and others.

Benefit(s): When a transmutation spell you cast grants an enhancement bonus to an ability score, that bonus increases by 2. At 20th level, the bonus increases by 4.

My question is whether or not this would stack with the Transmution Wizard School special ability of granting yourself an Enhancement Bonus to any one stat chosen when you memorize spells.

For example a Transmutation Wizard of 12th level with a 12 Constitution choses to use his daily +2 Enhancement bonus to raise his Con to 14...would this feat allow it to go to 16?

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I'm seeing a recurring problem in many of the events in our area...trying to get a scenario to play that everyone at the table has not already played.
This is a good thing in that it means that we have had a lot of playing going on but it is starting to hamper peoples ability to participate because of the limited number of scenarios that are available vs. what people have played.
I would hate to see people opt out of playing just because of this issue for many reasons.

* People buy stuff when they play and it is good for the Store owners who host as well as Paizo itself
* If people don't play on a regular basis they may lose interest and opt out of the game completely
* people like playing varied characters...if someone wants to play several characters it can be extremely difficult to get all of the to high level due to lack of scenario availability

I propose that Paizo make and legal scenario that is not either retired or of the current year replayable as long as it is still only once per character.

Don't see any errata that replaces the Skalds free Scribe Scroll feat. Since item creation feats are verboten in PFS what replaces it?