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Rysky wrote:
Outsiders even.

I see what you did there.

As you can probably gather from the title, I'd like to temporarily suspend my existing subscriptions. With the holiday season around the corner, and international shipping prices as obscene as they are, I'm unable to ensure that my orders are completed successfully. That said, I don't want to miss out, so I ask that you temporarily suspend my subscriptions until I am able to commit to them once more. Thank you.

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Jim Butler wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:
Who is the right person on the new look executive team to raise the historic incidents of transphobia with?
I'm aware of the transphobia incidents raised over social media and the forums. You're free to email me at or send me a private message with any additional details. This has not been forgotten, but the pace at which we can release updates has been slower than we'd like.


I note that you use the term 'incidents,' rather than 'allegations,' suggesting that you acknowledge that it actually occurred. That's already an improvement, though an extremely small one. I look forward to hearing the full statement once it occurs. And it must occur. Time will tell.

I've the same issue. Shipping jumped from the ~$5 initially shown to $17.

Hi Paizo,

As the subject line suggests, I'd like you to merge the two orders I have outstanding in order to reduce shipping cost. While on the topic of shipping cost, I must say that ~$65 USD for shipping does seem strangely steep. I noticed a thread saying that some shipping methods were incorrectly applied, so anything you can do to drive down the cost of delivery would be greatly appreciated. The pandemic has hit our wallets pretty hard, I'm afraid.

As the title of the thread suggests, could you please merge all of my outstanding orders into one invoice? I would also request that you ensure that the shipping method used is the cheapest it can possibly be. I don't want to lose my subscriptions, but various life events have led to a strain on my finances. Thanks in advance.

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I've got a few.

I'd like to see an AP set in the Land of the Linnorm Kings, and while it should be obvious that I want to see Viking themes, I'd especially like to see a more well-rounded representation, not just the classic marauder version. While it's certainly true that the Nordic peoples engaged in raiding and pillaging, we don't always see a depiction of their less brutal aspects, such as their highly-codified set of laws and customs. They were also shrewd traders and skilled negotiators, and I'd like to see a depiction of medieval Scandinavian-esque people that isn't just Hollywood's roving raiders.

I'd also love to see an AP set somewhere in the Nex/Geb/Alkenstar region that explores the effects of magic on a society. This could easily be a multifaceted exploration. As an example, in Nex, magic is extremely commonplace, and has become an expected part of life. It should be easy enough to explore how much of an impact magic has on everyday life, and could be contrasted with Alkenstar, so we could also see how a society learns to cope when magic is no longer an option.
It could also be interesting to see the ramifications of magic suddenly being unreliable, such as if the Mana Wastes' infamous anti-magic and magic-warping zones began to expand and begin encroaching on Nexian territory. How does an extremely high-magic society respond to the sudden loss of said magic?

Another thing I'd like to see is an exploration of the Padishah Empire of Kelesh, but more specifically, I'd like to see how an empire builds said empire in a way that's good-aligned. We know that the Empire's patron deity is Sarenrae, and She has such a good opinion of the Empire that the ruler is granted an extended life, but there must be a continued building of goodwill in order for that agreement to continue. So how then does an empire expand its territory and absorb its neighbouring lands into itself in a way that's not only good-aligned, but also sustainable?
The usual method of imperial expansion is warmongering, but I can't see imperial conquer being particularly good-aligned, so it must be something else for the most part. The obvious option is diplomacy, but the level of diplomacy required to build an empire of that size must be staggering, and I'd imagine that substantial gift-giving is involved. At a certain point, the amount of financial return on said gifts must no longer be advantageous, so how does an empire that doesn't rely on conquering its neighbours expand its land in a way that's efficient and therefore sustainable?

I have two outstanding orders, with order numbers quoted in the subject line. In order to reduce the shipping costs, could you please merge the two orders? Thanks!

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Shipping seems to have begun, I have my PDF. Might want to start madly refreshing.

Upon receiving my August subscriber order confirmation email, I noticed that 3 products, which I have already purchased, paid for, and received confirmation of shipping, have somehow wormed their way into my sidecart. These products are as follows.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace (Agents of Edgewatch 1 of 6)

Pathfinder Adventure Path #156: The Apocalypse Prophet (Extinction Curse 6 of 6)

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends

Given that I've already received notification that these products have shipped, I'd very much like them removed from my sidecart so that I'm not mistakenly charged for duplicates I didn't order.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work. I know it's a pretty stressful time for the CS staff right now, but for what it's worth, I appreciate what you do.

The title says it all. Is there a way for a human PC to multiclass from 1st level? I initially thought that Natural Ambition would work, but it seems that's not the case, given the explicit '1st-level class feat' wording.

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Where my Samsarans at? Gimme da blue peeps!

Mark Seifter wrote:
I also would like to thank all the preview folks for avoiding explicit copy/paste and going for answering questions and paraphrasing instead. Thanks for helping to spread your excitement to the community, and I'm sure lots of people who didn't have the book really appreciated!

Available today, but not yet today? Can you give an indication of exactly how many painful, agonising, heart-breaking hours I must wait before I can give you my money?

Steve Geddes wrote:
Totus Gnarus wrote:
I'm also aware that it's extremely likely that Paizo will resolve the incorrect charge. As I said, I'm just complaining; it's the Englishman in me, I suppose. I bear Paizo no ill will.
What else are we supposed to do, while we wait for our subs? ;)

I mean, the only thing more entertaining would be dusting off the breastplates for another war with France, but those days are long gone, and rightly so.

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Rysky wrote:
Y'all realize that even if they had more people/less orders there's always gonna be someone who got their order last, right?

I'm much less bothered by the late shipping, given the world circumstance, I'm really just complaining that their automated system wants to hit me for an extra $37. I realise that there will always be a last person to get their order, that's not my issue.

I'm also aware that it's extremely likely that Paizo will resolve the incorrect charge. As I said, I'm just complaining; it's the Englishman in me, I suppose. I bear Paizo no ill will.

EDIT: It's also worth noting that this would have otherwise been a GenCon month. With GenCon going online, Paizo is left with a GenCon-sized number of orders to resolve, but now they can't take a thousand of them to GenCon to be delivered by hand. Instead, they must send them via a postal service that's under heavily increased load, from a warehouse forced to maintain strict measures that further impede their ability to process said orders. I don't envy the position Paizo finds themselves in.

CraziFuzzy wrote:

I simply don't like that some subscribers have the pdf, and others do not. The physical book being late is fine with me - they are mostly shelf decoration to me - the content is what I purchased, and that I'd expect to be fulfilled when the order enters my cart - not at some arbitrary date when the order ships.

It would certainly be upsetting if come the 30th, any non-subscriber can go onto the site, purchase the pdf, and have it immediately - while subscribers have to wait until their particular order ships.

It's certainly a distinct possibility at this point, and it's not one I'm pleased with. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Paizo is in a position to change it. I'd love to demand that they roster on a bajillion more pick-packers at their warehouse, but that's just not realistic.

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Totus, didnt you br8ng this up a few weeks ago.

In the CS subforum, I brought up the very strange situation going on with my rubber-banding authorisations about 2 1/2 weeks ago, so you've got a good memory. Honestly, it's all a bit much at the moment. I get that Paizo is struggling to cope with COVID measures, but then again, everyone is. I can forgive the lateness, especially considering that I live in 'Straya, so it takes about a month for anything to reach me anyway. That said, I really won't tolerate being charged an extra 40-ish USD for the privilege. I draw the line there.

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So after 2 weeks of pending order and one expired authorisation, I've just had a second authorisation go through, along with a ~$37 increase in shipping cost. This would have been avoided had Paizo been in a position to ship with the first authorisation. I get that COVID is mangling the entire world economy, so I can forgive them for the late shipment, but charging me for the pleasure? That's a bit rough.

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So I reactivated my subscriptions a few weeks ago, and had the outstanding items placed into my new order. The total charge, including shipping, came to a total of $220.26, of which $49.40 was shipping. After over two weeks of the order pending, the payment authorisation expired, and upon checking today, more than a week after that, I see that a new payment authorisation has been generated, but the shipping cost has risen by $36.54.

Are you honestly trying to tell me that the cost to ship the same order has jumped by almost $40 in three weeks? If so, I'd argue that it's on Paizo for not shipping it sooner, given that I'd already paid for it. What's the deal?

And while I'm here, I note that you've gone from charging me almost $50 to ship a $165 order, which is steep as it is, to almost $90. This doesn't sound remotely like the 'cheapest shipping method' option I've selected for my subscriptions, so could you check that as well?

So I'm looking at the pending Order 13539759, and the payment authorisation seems to have timed out. Order was placed a bit over a week ago, and the payment authorisation was due to expire on July 21, which explains it disappearing from the order page. My concern is that the payment method used is still showing the charge, and I wanted to make sure that the payment authorisation has properly transitioned to a genuine transfer of funds. In the past, whenever my payment authorisations time out prior to shipping, the order just hangs, which is a situation I'd like to avoid.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work! I know it's rough for you guys at the moment.

So in the Joust, it's specified that each contestant gets paired up, but it also mentions that points are being tallied up over 5 rounds. My concern is that, if each pair only competes against each other, things can get mighty boring.

I also note that, assuming only 1 PC competes, there are 6 contestants and 5 rounds, which would allow for each contestant to have a single round against each other contestant, prior to the final. How did the rest of you play this out; 3 pairs, or round robin?

I'm about to start running War for the Crown, and given Taldor's self-centred nature, I thought it reasonable to assume that the majority of coins changing hands have been minted in Taldor. To add some immersion to the campaign, I've decided to refer the each coin by its official name, rather than just 'gold piece.' Problem is, I can't find the official names for Taldor's currency types. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Loki42nd wrote:

Martella's safe house: I may be missing something but is there any explanation of the secret door between E2 and E3? It's on the map and E1 explains that that secret door has been left open but there's no mention of the other one in the description for either E2 or E3. Is it secret from both sides or just the sewer side?

The description of E3 mentions it's a useful way for the players to retreat and return to the safehouse if they need to so it seems like it shouldn't be hidden from players too thoroughly.

I'm also curious on this one, but given the length of time between your post and and mine, I suspect no-one has the answer.

Yeah, that'll do it. I probably should have remembered that one.

I have an Inspired Blade in my party, and I'd very much like for them to use their hand crossbow in the off-hand, but as far as I can see, there's no way to do this without them losing the benefits of Fencing Grace. If anyone knows of a way around this, please tell me.

I suspected as much, but I thought I'd ask around anyway. Thanks for the reply, you were just in time for my next session too, so that's handy.

Also, I should specify that by 'out of my sidecart,' I also meant 'into my normal subscription schedule,' if that's at all possible.

This is for GMs only. Begone players, I say! Begone!

I've been reading through the AP, and so far, I've been left a smidge confused by the attitude shifts of NPCs. Each book gives a list of NPCs that may or may not be present, and also lists some perks they can provide should the PCs get them onside. Some of this, particular for Senators that are present at the Day of Exaltation, may have already occurred before Book 2. My question is 'how do successful influence checks made during the Exaltation Gala translate into attitude adjustments, i.e. Indifferent --> Friendly?'

I ask only because Book 1 only provides information regarding influence checks made during social rounds, not attempts to improve attitude via Diplomacy checks.

So several months ago, the Lost Omens World Guide was included in part of my subscription, but through a series of unfortunate events, it ended up out of stock and in my sidecart. Now that it's back in stock, I'd very much like it out of my sidecart. How can I do this?

Just got my copy (yay US to AU shipping), and I've noticed that the back cover is slightly bowed, which would normally bother me, but it has somehow resulted in the strangest air pocket forming between pages towards the middle of the book.

It's only noticeable when running my hand across the left-side page, from spine outward, at which point I'll hear a tiny pop and the corner of the page jumps. It's actually quite funny, to be perfectly honest, and I'm going to accept it as a little quirk.

Has anyone else experienced this with their copy, or am I lucky enough to have an entirely unique copy of an already fantastic book? =3

rkotitan wrote:
I believe (I dont have the book in front of me) that the haunt affects all ceeatures within the area of the manifestation and on initiative as long as a creature remains within the hall when init 10 rolls around they would be affected. I believe my players stepped out of the hall and channeled it to remove the haunt.

Thanks, you're a champion.

I've got a question regarding one of the encounters in Crownfall. Players, this isn't for you.

So I've always been a bit confused by haunt statblocks. The Curse of Circles Haunt, encountered in area C19 in Part Two of Crownfall, states that 'bloody circles quickly appear on the walls and door of the hall. Anyone studying the circles intently for more than 1 round, or anyone touching the circles,' triggers the haunt.

I can quite easily wrap my head around the trigger, but what confuses me is the duration of the whole affair. The statblock lists a trigger of touch, which obviously corresponds to the description given, but it doesn't tell me how long it lasts. Given that it isn't labelled as a persistent haunt, do I only apply the effects of the haunt to the first person unlucky enough to touch/study the circles? Or is it every single time someone does so? I'm leaning towards the first, as it isn't a persistent haunt, but I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks.

Is it just me, or does it seem almost impossible for a party of this level to defeat Factor 12 in combat? Regeneration (chaotic) is a pretty tough hurdle to clear, especially for a party that should be 2nd level.

To be fair, the only real reason to even try offing the outsider is to get at the rest of the goodies in the vaults, but I don't want to assume that my PCs aren't loot-hungry. Then consider that only one item can be taken, and one of the options is a plot-relevant key. I can see this going poorly.

So I'm running a party through War for the Crown, and I've just stumbled upon the Gishvits in the first volume. Little book-vermin with a ravenous hunger for knowledge? I genuinely believe that not having an option to take one of these as an Improved Familiar is borderline criminal. Has anyone tried to convert one so far?

So I've been looking for a map of Cassomir, but all I can find is the old map published in Cities of Golarion, which was scaled up and provided in the City Map Folio. Problem is, it seems that Cassomir is awfully small for the 30,000-ish residents it supposedly has.

Has there been a more recent updated map since its original 10 years ago?

This be a bump

A while back, I vaguely recall an archetype that allowed you to assume a person's identity, and also grant you that persons surface thoughts at the time.

I want to say it's a Mesmerist archetype, but the closest I can find is the Thought Eater, and it doesn't seem right. HALP!

The question is quite simple: can I use a polymorph spell to transform into an animal I've never seen or encountered?

So I've just received the order notification for my subscriptions, but also noticed that the shipping cost is $28.44, for 3 lbs. Can you please confirm that this is, in fact, the cheapest option? It seems like a massive increase over similarly weighted orders.

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So there are goblin babies in this set? I think the real question here is 'should the paladin get rid of them?'

Legowarrior wrote:
The Occultist just seems like a good chassis for what you indicted. She can be brash, impulsive and smart. And, depending on how you feel about it, she could go elf for some extra natury vibes.

Funnily enough, she's already an elf, forlorn specifically. I've been reading through the Occultist, and it seems like a fantastic fit for her. I still need to figure out the specifics, but I think she'll really enjoy it. Thanks again, people!

Meirril wrote:

Ranger requires a 2 stat point investment in Wisdom to get a 12 at first level, then you need to acquire a +2 wis item like a headband by the time you hit 10th level to get full advancement. With that you get FULL access to all of the ranger's spell casting ability.

Rangers don't even cast spells until 4th level, so you could go with a 10 wis and just depend on headbands for casting stat. Acquiring a +2 headband by 4th level is way early, but it isn't impossible. And aquiring a +4 headband at 10th level should be easy. As long as the ranger doesn't dump wis they can depend on items to boost their wis enough to cover basic casting stats.

Though honestly a 12 wis is seriously basic investment. Most of the saves you really, really want to make are will based. Having an extra +1 to save for the low low cost of 2 stat points is totally worth it.

So everything said, I've got zero sympathy for your player. Suck it up and invest 2 character points in a good stat that most full BAB progression classes do if they can afford to at all.

Now if your wis hating nature lover want access to a different class' spell list, come back and talk to us. Maybe he wants to be a nature loving bow user with access to the wizard/sorcerer spell list? Or cleric list. Those things are possible too, but not as a Ranger/Hunter.

Firstly, the passive-aggression is not required. Secondly, it's not a matter of a player coming to me and demanding that I homebrew for them to cater to their desires. They don't even know that this thread exists, I've done it because she has spoken to me about it in passing. Thirdly, 'Wisdom-hating' is quite far off the mark. She is intending to play a character that runs into a situation half-cocked, then tries to drag herself out of it. There are many reasons why this character has a low Wisdom score, though with the entirely mechanics-driven response you've given me, I can't imagine those reasons would align with your expectations during character design.

That said, the 'nature-loving bow user with the Wizard/Sorcerer list' does interest me, though if it's what I suspect, it's actually the Magus list, which is far less interesting.

To the rest of you, I appreciate your responses, they've given me several options to take to her, so that will be an interesting conversation. I think she'll particularly like the Geomancer Occultist.

To elaborate on the topic, I have a player that wants to play a ranger or hunter but doesn't want to be reliant on her WIS score, but still wants access to magic, and doesn't want to lose the nature vibe that the classes have.

This rules out the Ranger archetypes that pass up spells, and also any archetype that ditches the likes of Survival, Geography and Nature. HALP!

Good to know, thanks!

So spell-like abilities are listed similarly to spells, in uses/unit of time. I've never quite figured out if this is per ability, or if it represent a pool.

For example, a Wihsaak Sahkil has this on its statblock
1/day — see invisibility, suggestion (DC 15), unholy blight (DC 16)

Does this mean it can cast each of these abilities once per day, or it can cast a single ability once per day and must choose it from this list?

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Most fantasy settings have humans and other humanoids sharing 99% similar anatomy, despite the obvious differences in origins. I'm curious to hear how you differentiate the biological side of the core races.

Using humans and elves as an example, females of both species have very similar secondary sex characteristics, though admittedly male elves tend towards slimmer physiques. Apart from size, though, the only differences seem to be superficial; eyes, hair/skin colour and the like. The similarities are so large that the species can produce fertile offspring, despite elves actually being aliens.

I suppose my question is, in what fundamental ways do the physiologies/anatomies of the core races differ?

Apart from Wrath of the Righteous, I can't think of any distinctly military-esque APs, and WotR has a lot of theme outside of that. There's been quite a few APs with a small-scale militia-type theme, but I'd really like to see a full-scale military AP. Has there been any real consideration to such a published campaign?

So I've been a subscriber for some time, and over the last few months, I've noticed that my multiple items have been split into multiple shipments. In the past, all of my items for a given month have been shipped together, yet the last few months have seen each item shipped separately. In my experience in shipping from the US to Australia, it tends to be cheaper to send a single parcel, rather than 3 small ones. Can you please tell me what the shipping cost would have been if all three items had been shipped as a single package? I understand that it's too late to change it now, but I'm interested for future reference.

So what's the deal with 'alchemical calligraphy?' That's what I'm looking forward to.

Waiting for this month's subscriptions? That actually makes a lot of sense. And thank you for double-checking that the cheapest postage was being applied. The money I've saved by switching to UPS has effectively paid for this month's products, and given me tracking. That, and it'll likely be here weeks earlier. Your nation's postal service takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive Down Under. UPS is significantly quicker, as a general rule. Much appreciated, thank you for going above and beyond. This, and the product quality, is why I love Paizo.

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