Fencing Grace and Hand Crossbow


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I have an Inspired Blade in my party, and I'd very much like for them to use their hand crossbow in the off-hand, but as far as I can see, there's no way to do this without them losing the benefits of Fencing Grace. If anyone knows of a way around this, please tell me.

Two Weapon Grace...?

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Yeah, that'll do it. I probably should have remembered that one.

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Just let them use it? If you're the DM its not hard to say the hand crossbow he's got is magically made to not occupy the hand for the purposes of feat.

How are they reloading the hand crossbow?
I think 3 levels of Juggler bard help out with fencing grace and reloading btw.

A wrist launcher/heavy wrist launcher is much like a hand crossbow, but doesn't actually use the hand. One shot a combat only though, practically speaking.

Two Weapon Grace works in every way and actually has mention of allowing Fencing Grace to work by itself if they don't use the other hand, in this case their hand crossbow... even if it still occupies the other hand.

I will make note that the 1/2 Dex-to-damage is probably out the window for the hand crossbow, although it would be awesome if it somehow worked that way... but martials don't get nice things.

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