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Matt Damon Puppet wrote:


*jumps into a big yawning chasm you never noticed before*

Another soul for the River Styx, Excccceeeeeellent.

Quiche Lisp forcefully shoves something in Luke Perry's hand and hastily runs away.

The "something" is soon revealed to be an hand grenade... armed and without a pin.



A piece of paper floats down from the ceiling, amidst the acrid smoke and the rubble from the explosion ; it reads "I WIN".

*As the smoke clears, you see luke combing his hair*

"You gotta do better than that rickles"

*Jumps on motorcycle and heads off to the peach pit, strangely the smoke from his exhaust forms the words not only did i win, but im so cool*

The quality of competitors has certainly diminished.

Nonsense you bag of purple bones. And I win.

Like Hades you do.

Neither do you, you grizzled lawn gnome.

Hey, you still haven't located those tarsals yet, Purple Passionfruit.

I don't need to. I got some new ones off eBay.

*comes back, this time wearing a hood. It gestures to bowling ball head, who stands aside to let it in*

Matt Damon. Matt Damon.

*flexes its new metal right hand and stares calmly at EDdlAP. Draws a toy glowstick*

Matt Damon.

El Dios De Los Almas Perdidas wrote:
I don't need to. I got some new ones off eBay.

They don't fit. (Sits down next to Matt Damon Puppet.)

*nods to SnowJade*

*points to EDdlAP with his glowstick*


Matt Damon!

"Wow there Matt Damon Puppet. Remember the last time you said stuff like that it took us 6 months to get you out of that Mexican jail and 250 K, so lets try to keep it civil."

*pets Jennifer Garner in a slave bikini and looks to the carbon-frozen Ben Affleck*

Throw him in the Roker pit! That's right, my puppet, you must face off against Al Roker.

"Oh no not Roker Monster."

mmmm. monica bellucci

I kinda feel bad for the Matt Damon puppet, but, when you're a left-wing radical, you kinda deserve that.

VCoB you really are quite vicious aren't you?

Of course, it's in the name, isn't it? But we can't allow these modern-day celebrities to influence our political clime, what do they know?

Never call me a left-wing radical, I'm the end-gamer in politics. Oh wait, nevermind....

I was talking about the puppet. You're more of a corporate-funded offshoot of the close-minded right that masquerades as a grassroots movement.


And here comes the big politico, himself.

Grass roots, not here, I'm a nihilist.






shut up!



don't be sad, mime.


shut cher pie hole!



Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:


Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:


*dodges the claws of Al Roker deftly*

*puts EDdlAP's discarded humerus in the Roker monster's mouth*

*realizes the chicken was lying to it. Jennifer doesn't look murdered*

*dumps a massive government report on waste disposal between the Roker's eyes*

*sees bowling ball gnome weep*

*jumps out of the pit*

Matt Damon.


You're the one who told me she was dead.

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol wrote:
You're the one who told me she was dead.

Matt Damon.

If she were dead, I'd be rowing her to the other side.

Other Side, get it. Hahahahahahaha.

*looks disapprovingly in the general direction of The Vicious C. of B. and Snow Jade and mumbles something under his breath about a "petting zoo". Then turns to Matt "Charon" Daemon and looks him squarely in the eyes*

"I don't get it. At all."

"But I win ! Do you get it ?"

*sneers and saunters away while grotesquely mimicking MC Hammer "Can't Touch This"' lyrics and choreography. Your brains are forever scarred with this image*

What did you win? A free handshake from MC Hammer who went bankrupt years ago.

pulls out a CD copy of RUN DMC's Raising Hell and plays "You be illin'"

Ha, I win!

*Goes over to release Ben Affleck from cryo-storage*

*waits a moment, holding eDdlAP at bay with its glowstick*

*sees Ben has thawed*





[*clocks the puppet on the head with a live piglet*]









[*looks wistfully at the piglet in his arms. Then wrings its neck and tosses it away*]

This thread has gone belly up !

[*angrily stomps away*]

Yet, you will return, Grand Moff Quiche. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

And I find your lack of pants disturbing.

You're one to talk.

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