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Commander Shepard III is banned for only having vowels in his/her last name.

BDTB is banned for excessive nose ring display

Mark Hoover is banned for display excessive nose.

gran rey de los banned is banned for excessive modesty.

rashly5 is banned because I'm not that modest.

Nekkid is banned 'cause its REALLY cold out. Take this time to put some clothes on and get warm son!

Mark Hoover is banned fot not letting me start fires. Several of them just to make it toasty.

BtSE is banned b/cause I have several bonfire pits set up and he hasn't showed yet. Have I not mentioned the frigid temps?

Also, anyone in the upper Midwest of the US is banned so that you don't die. Seriously, don't go outside the next couple days.

Banned for poor geographical choices.

My brother is banned b/cause...he's right *sad face* (cue "Charlie Brown" theme as I slow walk away with head down...)

mark is banned for showing his age buy bring up charlie brown

lock wood is banned for not understanding that Charlie Brown is timeless!

Mark Hoover is banned for the blatant incomprehension of chronometry.

Liberty's Edge

rashly5 is banned because this is my first post.

j-town is banned for taking so long to join us

Liberty's Edge

Mark is banned because I'm not "j-town"

j-wow is banned for dissent

Mark Hoover is banned because the devil made me do it (with Grawl Bittersod as an accomplice).

Q-ball is banned for needing an accomplice

Edgar is banned for impersonating a president.

BigDTBone is banned for having a hard to type name.

Lisp-balm is banned because arctic air made me scowl like him

Mark "Artic" Hoover is banned for scolding me.

(What is it with the weather ? Here, in France, we've just had massive floods and storms.]

QL is banned for 2 reasons: 1, for failing to realize then end times and 2 - France? Really? Let me guess; you're scowling like that because it was only beautiful there 99% of the time instead of the usual 100%?

Mark Hoover is banned for not burning enough wood.

Bouncer is banned for trying to burn my ship.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Captain Spalding is banned for pretending it is her ship. Your Daddy gave you your ship.

G . is banned for having punctuation, not PUNCH-you-ation

Mark Hoover is banned for the love of fudge.

rashly5 is banned for giving me hives.

Belphegor is banned for not being French, in oblique retalation at Mark Hoover. Sorry, Belphie ! Roll with the punch !

Frenchie McLisper is banned for Freedom Fries!

The Vaccuum is banned for not standing up for himself against the gnome.

Belphegor is banned for not giving me an accomplice.

Tater Slaad is banned for disappointing me in thinking that there might be potato salad.

rashly5 is banned because that is a different slaad altogether.

Mater Slaad is banned for not bringing 'Cumber Slaad with him

banned for banning me be case only i can ban my self

El Dubs is banned for not understanding

Scarab Sages

Mark Hoover is BANNED for banning so many other people who are banning or have been banned!!

A-bomb is banned for using the word "Ban" so many times in a sentence

Scarab Sages


A to the X is banned for not banning anyone with his ban stick which was solely created for the purpose of banning which of course is what the Banned thread was implemented for. Also...Ban :)

The Vaccuum is banned for not saying that three times rapid.

Schism is banned for the use of forbidden rites.

OoR is banned for not throwing an office party

The Vaccuum is banned for not cleaning up after the party.

Spalding is banned for not making up his mind what he wants for lunch: "I want a hamburger; no, a CHEESEburger. I want a hot dog, I want potato chips, I want..." and as a condition of the ban "YOU'LL get nothing and LIKE it!"

Mark is banned for emphasizing You'll and not Nothing.

Magic is banned for cheating at cards.

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