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That's gross.

Buttocks us something Gump would use.

Movie trivia for the win.

The odds of you winning are 3720 to 1.

Winning odds for the win.


Greed is good is that what you are saying Mark?


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Hey, greed works

Spoken like a true bourgeoisie. A true aristocrat does not talk of such things.

Until you are caught.

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Oh Lilly you still trying to sound tough? Your Dad knows your are just an old softy.

If your child is old, what does that make you?

... Bob Barker? What, too soon?

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It makes me awesome of course.

Now I know why you think I am your daughter.
You lost Lilly and your sad pitiful mind has latched onto me as a replacement.
Poor delusional orc.
No wonder you will never win.

I win.

It's much simpler that way.

Gruumash, Captain Spalding is not your daughter: no self-respecting orcish daughter would go anywhere near water.

And I win, again !

Shame on you, unbelievers, for having doubted my win !

I won twice in a row !


Poke the Eye ! Poke the Eye !

I win. You sorely lose.

Pokes the gnome in his ear for the win.

What are you ? A cyber-elf ?

I win, while you lose yourself in digital bushes.

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I'm here, and now I am the last person to post, so I WIN!


Eyball in the corner socket. Super Hair FTW!

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Sneaky..but still you lose

yes, sneaky. I am a master of tactics. therefore I win.

I can't let you win, Dave.

Wanna bet I win. HAL, I have T.A.R.D.I.S.

Congratulations Tennant: you can now lose across the whole space-time continuum !

While I win in the here and now.

Ha ! Stunned silence is the highest form of praise !

And gloating is the biggest form of lose. Seriously, bowling ball head, don't you watch any movies?

That was funny.

I made my own movie !

It's called "Quiche Lisp's Fantabulous Kitchen Party", and it shows a romanticized version of myself, weak and self-doubting (hence, the fictional part of "romance"), struggling to gain the affection of an uppity gourmet elf woman - "Saucy Wenda" - during a dinner party,

The major antagonist is "Mr de Fop", a male elf pastry chef who uses every underhanded trick ever devised to put me down and humiliate me in front of my potential paramour.

There's a great fight in the pantry involving thrown saucepans and teapots-turned-into-explosive-devices, putting me and my Chummy Gummy Bears allies against Mr de Fop and his Sugar-coated Ninjas.

At the end of the fight, everyone believes I'm dead... but then in the last scene, I waltz into the wedding ceremony of Mr. de Fop and Wenda, disrupting it, and finally winning the day and the bride with my famous soufflé à la gnome made with the choicest organically grown food.

It's a blast ! And I win !

The critics didn't like it, you loose.

Too may bugs in your system, you lose.

too stiff and uncompromising you lose.

Too... ummm... on fire, you lose.

Too much chitinus hair, you lose.

Red hair is a vanishing fad, you lose.

Pointy ears is so last year

Glowing top left quarter of your head has NEVER been in.

Too much eye liner kid. You need to tone it down some.

Your complexion obviously suffered from the lack of sun during the winter : you lose !

And so, laughing like a madgnome and catching the snowflakes with my tongue while waddling bare-chested and blue-pantalooned in the snow storm, I win !

Getting ninja'd and not acknowledging you lose man.

[*scribbling a name in a black notebook*]

Someone is gonna regret not acknowledging my win !

I am not going to acknowlede that which does not exist.

Green is the new green.


Gold is better.

Too many people get killed over it.

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