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I jump through hoops lit on fire.

I eat things which fall in the water.



Away with you vandal leprechaun.

Down with glowy white eyes.

Like glowy red eyes are better...

Silver Crusade

Glowy blue eyes win!

This isn't a rave. The winner can't have glowy eyes.

I have no eyes. Therefore, I must be the winner.

You also have no hands with which to hold the win, so you can't be the winner.

Seriously guys, who's winning?

The answer will always be 'Not you'. No matter who asks.

Good, eliminating the wrong answers is a step of deductive reasoning, but still not an actual answer. Good thing my question wasn't the game, you would have lost.

I am currently winning. How's that for an answer?

Well said, putting the chronological qualifier "currently" was a nice touch. After all, I didn't ask who will win.

Silver Crusade

Because obviously, that will be me.

Nothing obvious about that.

Silver Crusade

You just have to look.

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Exactly just look at me win

Scarab Sages

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I see you lose.

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Silly Scholz you always forget who the real loser is ... that would be you. I am the winner.

Silver Crusade

Why debate when I clearly win.

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what do i win?

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i win

Silver Crusade

you win nothing

I win everything. I am a golden god after all.

Hint... Don't get your hopes up.

My hopes are never up, but that doesn't mean I won't win.

Silver Crusade

It does, though.

I remember, once when I was young, one of my classmates got his hopes up. He was going to ask a girl out, heh... She was so pretty, with, I think it was red hair. Or maybe blonde. No that was Sally. No, the girl had brown hair. Or was it blonde?

Anyway, she lived in a house, and had a dog next door. The dog was really, really big. I used to be so scared of that dog.

Liberty's Edge

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If you weren't the only Gm around... but I still win.

Hmm, how does this scroll from Ed's Discount Ninjutsu work?

*opens scroll*

Oh, yeah...Sneak Attack!

I win.

Silver Crusade

Uncanny dodge. I win.

Dadgum instruction manuals...*throws papers all over the place*...Umm, klaatu barada...oh, forget it.

*throws Sphere of Annihilation at lucky7*

Work, dang it! Vaporize and destroy!

You didn't say the magic word.

Silver Crusade

I guess it's a good thing I have the charm that helps me control it. I win!

Oh, you mean this charm here? Go, Sphere! Vaporize and destroy! Oh, that's just my keychain...

Silver Crusade

Looking for this?

The clock on the wall says it's time for me to win.

Silver Crusade

That is not true time. Fixed.

*presses the big red button*

I have won.

Congradulations. You have pressed the big red button. Somewhere in the world, someone has died.
I hope it wasn't someone you loved.

Silver Crusade

I, as someone you don't know, win.

I know very well. You are one of many people with delusion of MY WIN!

Oh, go decorate a pyramid, you overgrown lawn gnome.

My pyramid is bigger than yours, and so is my win.

I don't need a pyramid. Those are for egomaniacs who think they're winners when they, in reality, are not.

Go back to your knockoff Mayan temple you poser.

Sorry, but I have visions of two mummies, each in their own chamber of the British museum, having a real battle royale. So far, they have gotten to thinking REALLY bad thoughts about one another. In a few hundred years, one of them may start moving a little finger or so.

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