How big is the Grand Lodge in Absalom's largest building, Skyreach?

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I've seen some conflicting information so far, for what little information I've come across.

The Seekers of Secrets book has a great map of the grounds, but it has no scale. The description of the main entrance lists the road as 60 feet wide, making the base of the structure approximately 530 feet wide and 475 feet deep. On current scale with a miniature, that makes it an almost 9' x 8' "miniature."

Alternatively, the same map is used in the [redacted] scenario. The map of the [redacted] building shows that it's 180 feet wide. This would be about half the size suggested by Seeker of Secrets.

Year of the Shadow Lodge and Mausoleum

Which one is correct?

Also, how tall is this structure? There are descriptions of huge towers that raise above the city and can be seen for miles.

Lastly, the picture from the blog post Seekers of Secrets - Skyreach and Ambrus, shows a dramatically different layout (but much more detail) of the citadel. Is this just an artists interpretation, trying to emphasize the magnitude of the edifice as well as the feeling of a bustling metropolis?

I'm curious because I was going to try and make a scale model for miniatures to use when running the [redacted] scenario. Plus, I thought it would make a really neat piece to attract players at conventions.

Are there other sources which give more maps/information about the Grand Lodge grounds?

a) I'm disappointed that this was never answered, as well as never even posted on.

b) I'm frightened by the prospect of a to scale model of Skyreach (at least, to scale with the typical miniature).

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It's tall enough for a pretty good view of the city. That much I remember from my character's visit to the upper floors.

There's been conflict on the scale for Absalom as well in the past, so I'm entirely unsurprised. I doubt you will get an answer for this though until the building itself is featured in an official product, as answering this question now would limit their design options in the future. So for now, it's as big as you want it to be. You'd have to map it out yourself anyway as stands. I tend to go with the larger messurments myself.

So no word yet on how big Sky Reach is eh?

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I did draw up a profile image of Skyreach based on the map of the Grand Lodge and then used it as a reference for the Siege of Serpents interactive map. I don't know that it involved a scale tag in the end, but I definitely used one when drafting it and comparing it to the structure's footprint. I might be able to provide an estimate when I look at my notes.

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If I remember the drawing... Skyreach is kind of like Absalom's Space Needle... if not quite that tall.

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While I am curious for more details, I am glad they are leaving things un defined.

That leaves room for us GMs to personalize our Pathfinder Society.

For example in my home games I shift the Society's alignment to NG instead of N. I'm thinking about Indianna Jones.

In official cannon the Pathfinder Chronicles are just passed around Pathfinder Society lodges. So in my home games the pathfinder chronicles are something for general publication...kind of like a National Geographic book. Also I think there should be some place to display all of the cultural relics and artifacts recovered from Pathfinder Society Expeditions. So, attached to the grand lodge are a bunch of museums kind of like the Smithsonian Museums on the Mall, that are free for Absalomians to come and visit. I grew up in DC.

Anyways while things stay a bit un defined, that leaves us room to fill in the gaps as we like to.

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