Need help moving a Lonely Coast adventure to Golarion [possible spoilers for Retribution]

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I want to run Retribution by Raging Swan Press but I am a huge fan of Golarion. Since the adventure was written expressly so you can transplant it into a different setting, that is what I intend to do.

However, before I reinvent the wheel, I thought I'd ask for some messageboard wisdom from people who have more experience with the Lonely Coast setting than me (which should not be difficult because mine is zero).

The adventure itself is mostly generic enough to be run in Golarion as is. The only two elements that do not fit right out-of-the-box are the two major deities that the plot revolves around:

LG god of Law, Order, Justice and the Sun
Epithets: The Justicar, the Shining Light, the Noble One
Symbol: The rising sun
Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Sun
Favoured Weapon: Longsword
Raiment: Voluminous, white cowled habits. Unless expecting
battle, clerics do not wear armour.
Teachings: The strong must protect the weak, for this is the
natural order. Those with great abilities or aptitudes must use
their gifts for the betterment of their fellows. The faithful must
be ever vigilant for evil’s rise, but must show mercy in dealing
with its tools.
Holy Texts: Darlen’s teachings are set down in the Scripture
of Law – a vast tome containing teaching, stories and lessons by
some of his prominent early followers. Divine Order and On
Darkness’ Rise are important early commentaries penned by
legendary high priests.



NE god of Hate, Malice and Revenge
Epithets: The Hated, the Wreaker, Dweller in Shadows
Symbol: A cloven skull
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Morningstar
Raiment: Braal’s faithful wear cowled black cloaks smeared
with the blood of their sacrifices. Adherents also shave their
Teachings: Strike from the shadows; punish those who have
wronged you and show no mercy. Take what you want and
destroy that which you cannot take.
Holy Texts: The worship of Braal is not as prescriptive as
other religions. No universally agreed upon text exists, but
several dark tomes are preferred by various sects.

I was thinking to go with Sarenrae as a stand-in of Darlen and Norgorber for Braal.

Any thoughts?

Come to think of it, maybe Iomedae would be a better stand-in for Darlen?

While I have a copy of Retribution, I haven't run it... and it's been quite a while since I've read it.

I did transplant Dark Waters Rising to Golarion. (I set it in Thief Camp, just outside Korvosa, in my "Champions of Old Korvosa" semi-homebrew campaign.)

Norgorber is a perfect Golarion replacement for Braal.

I don't recall which aspects of Darlen are most emphasized in the module. If it's heavy on the "protection" or "redemption" angle, then Sarenrae would be more appropriate. If it's more focued on the "destory evil" or "law and order" aspects, thed Iomedae would be more appropriate.

Alternatively, make whatever changes to the module itself you need to reflect the aspects of the god you choose.

Good luck!

Thanks for the input.

I intend to place Retribution in Varisia, too. But I am not yet sure where exactly: Swallowfeld could be easily replaced by Sandpoint (I think) and the Priory moved to the location of Windsong Abbey.

But Swallowfeld seems like a cool place in its own might and so is Windsong Abbey, so I am leaning towards moving it to a "white spot" on the map of Varisia. I guess west of Riddleport in the Calphiak Mountains is plenty of place for a small village and a remote priory.

Another thing I am not entirely certain about: What would be a good Golarion-equivalent of the Tuath? I am not very familiar with the Tuath, but I think Thassilonians would have been to technically advanced and the Shoanti don't really fit the "Lost People" shtick.

Any ideas or comments?

I'll have to re-read Retribution and get back to you on those questions. I last read it maybe four or five years ago, and I never actually ran it. I don't recall enough of the module's setting to have any opinion on the matter. And I don't recall who or what the Tuath are at all!

It would be awesome to hear back from you, much appreciated!

The Tuath don't really play a big role in Retribution (by the way, I am running the Collector's Edition). I believe there are only a few relics the PCs find in the beginning of the adventure that point to them.

An out of the box option: Shizuru and Fumeyoshi, long time enemies since Fumeyoshi slew his brother (and Shizuru's lover) Tsukiyo in jealousy (he got better). The Tuath (depending on what exactly they are) could be the semi-recently fallen empire of Lung Wa, or the benevolent secret society Way of the Kirin which lost a great deal of influence with Lung Wa's fall and is only recently making a comeback from a partnership with the Pathfinder society.

That would likely require a lot more work though.

A less outside the box option for the Tuath could be Arodenite stuff. Note I have no experience with the adventure in question.

See also the Retribution product discussion thread for placement ideas:


The Lost Coast of Varisia seems to me a good fit.
Also, any region of Iobaria along the Lake of Mists and Veils or the Catrovin Sea south of Vladmirr (see PF #33 for a gazetteer of Iobaria).

Halfway between Windsong Abbey and Riddleport?

Ooh, Castrovin Sea looks good - thanks for that.
Now I just have to decide which gods to sub in (I'll just make the lonely coast gods alt. names for Golarion gods).

Yes, just south (or north) of the Fogscar Mountains.

Another place in Varisia that could fit is the rather isolated gulf in the Varisian Bay that is south of the Calphiak Mountains (west of Riddleport and north of the Thassilonian satrapy of Bakrakhan).

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