Is There a Campaign Setting Based on Fairy Tales?

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The question is the title—no more, and no less. I'm not super interested in hearing about other RPG settings (yes, I know about Grimm). I'm just considering some ideas and I'm wondering: Is there a D&D setting, from any publisher, billed as being inspired by fairy tales?

What I mean by this could vary. I don't just mean literal fairy tale characters running everything like Shrek. A world inspired by the fairy tale "style" would work, too—a world where you could run into a talking animal and just say, "Yeah, this happens sometimes."

Kobold Press' Midgard is heavily influenced by fairy tales. If not the whole setting, Tales of the Old Margreve is THE evil, spooky enchanted forest form Grimm Fairy Tales.

Really? I always assumed Midgard was more influenced by Norse mythology. I'll check it out.

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Playground Adventures has some Alice In Wonderland modules and the Royal Class has a lot of fairy tale components

Playground Adventures

Yeah, Playground Adventures is cool, but they don't have a big setting.

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Midgard features Germanic, Slavic and Norse themes;

if you're looking for straight fairy tales in PFRPG, there is no way past AAW Games' Snow White. The gazetteer included in that gem literally uses one fairy tale per hook/environment.

Well, I've been reading Midgard. It's a neat setting, but definitely seems more influenced by Norse and Slavic mythology than standard folklore. As Norse settings go, it's probably the best of them, though.

I'd like a setting that isn't just about the European fairy tales. Snow White does look cool, though. So it's basically an adventure path-style campaign?

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As Endzeitgeist is posting in this thread, I remembered that he described the atmosphere of the Mor Aldenn Setting as "fairy-tale like". It's something I haven't read, so I can't comment on that, but maybe he can?

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@Kobold Cleaver: Snow-White is a mega-adventure; about the size of 2-3 AP-modules, if you only count the adventure and not the massive gazetteer.

@WormysQueue: Mor Aldenn is a bit fairy-tale like, yes, but not to the point where I'd call it a leitmotif.

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Hey everyone! Speaking of the Midgard campaign setting, there is currently a very cool Kickstarter going on to bring you an all new, updated and vastly expanded Midgard!

So ...

Be sure to check out the Midgard Campaign Setting: Dark Roads & Deep Magic kickstarter!!.

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Grimm is based on fairy tales, I think.

I have the english version of Grimm for d20. It's player characters are all based around children concepts but the world has some unique and interesting features based on fairy tales. Worth getting your hands on if you want to create a fairy tale setting.

Yeah, I own the Grimm RPG. It's very fairy tale-ish and I'd love to actually run a campaign in it someday, but I explicitly mentioned that I already know about it in the OP. :P

Ah gotcha. I know of no setting that is officially TSR, WoTC or Paizo covering that sort of material.
I created a thread a while ago regarding fairy tale settings as an inspiration for a setting I wanted to create.
I found little or no info on a cohesive setting. Anything you're looking to run is probably going to have to come from a variety of sources that put put together on your own.

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So what you're saying is...a void exists. ;)

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
So what you're saying is...a void exists. ;)

Technically speaking (the best kind of speaking), doesn't a void not exist?

Not that I'd know anything about it... who am I to quibble, after all?

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
So what you're saying is...a void exists. ;)

Yes, so a 3PP for PF-based game material could make some cash filling that obvious lack of a coherent fairy tale setting.

As for old d20 stuff , Mystic Eye Games Hunt the Rise of Evil Setting probably qualifies. Also Blue Rose.

I'll second the recommendation for Blue Rose (Green Ronin Publishing). It's billed as "romantic fantasy," but that genre is deeply informed by traditional fairy tales, and one early adventure for the game was a straight-up retelling (with twists) of "The Frog Prince." The original system was True20, a d20 variant; there's a new version of the game coming out next month for Fantasy AGE.

Nevermore (Expeditious Retreat Press) was a fairy-tale/dreamworld setting for the True20 System (the more generic rules set that was derived from Blue Rose). The first version of the setting appeared in True20 Worlds of Adventure, then it got its own full-sized setting book and a couple of supplements.

Faery's Tale (Firefly Games/Green Ronin) is an extremely rules-light, kid-friendly RPG designed to run fairy tale adventures. Even if you're seeking a more robust rules set, this would be a useful reference for how to achieve the proper feel for this kind of game.

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