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This is for any dice rolls needed outside of our live game.

Scarab Sages

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Wanted to say thanks again to my two great Society GMs.

Something must have slipped through the cracks and my Friday morning 8:00 am slot for We Be Goblins Too didn't have a GM scheduled for it. Cody from Texas ran a fine game on short notice. The game started a little late, and I think the conclusion chewed up at least half of his 1 hour lunch break before he was due to run the next slot. Cody was also more than happy to help me get my chronicle replaced after it accidentally got used as a napkin when a spill happened later that night. Cody, you went above and beyond man. I hope you were able to get seated at the Saturday special.

Chris from San Diego ran the Saturday night special for my home group, and it was an absolutey glorious. You did an awesome job bringing the NPCs to life, and we were intensely delighted with the conclusion.
We'll be buzzing about that one for a good long while.

Both of you were amazing and a credit to the Society. Hope I get you next year.

I'm wondering what writers and artists Paizo is going to have hanging around their booth in regards to Pathfinder Tales & Comics?

Our group just began chapter 2 of Serpent's Skull (Racing to Ruin). We use a free virtual table top (no video/voice chat). We also use Obsidian Portal for campaign logs, journals, game calendar, ect.

The group is fairly role play heavy and not too serious for a good punchline.

With a lot of vacations coming up over the next few weeks, we could use a player (or two) to join the campaign and keep weekly games going. We play most Friday nights 6:30pm-11:00ish central time.

Group is level 4 and includes
oracle (life)
synthesist rogue

PCs should have an inclination for fortune and glory. No evil or lawful stupid PCs. New or experienced players welcome.

PM or post if interested and I can get you more details.

The 'one shot' will be three sessions (Oct 17, 24, and 31st). I don't want to give out too many details at this time. It's a play test for an adventure I wrote, and will be submitting for publication.

I'll say that it's a level 1 urban adventure with a Police Academy/Naked Gun feel. Lighthearted with strong comedy elements, and frequent role play opportunities.

Games are on Friday from 6:30pm-10:30pm central time.

We play using a free virtual table top. No voice chat for those that might find it to be a deal breaker, or perhaps maker.

After that we'll be launching a long term campaign, so this is a good option to test the waters, and perhaps get your foot in the door with a dedicated group of role players.

I've got 3-4 other players lined up from a previous campaign. We've been together for 14 months but recently lost few players due to real life.

Let me know if interested.

Scarab Sages

I sent an email on 7/25 about a credit card charge that I couldn't match up to my orders.

Emailed again on 8/14 after getting no response.

Still have not heard anything back.

I understand cs is backed up, but I'm wondering if the emails were even received.

I'm recruiting players to take on the Emerald Spire Super Dungeon.

Games will be 2-3 times per month on Saturday nights, start around 8:30 pm central, and run for 4-5 hours. I'm somewhat flexible on the start/end time to meet the needs of the group.

Games will be hosted using Ttop RPG , a free easy to use virtual table top. The campaign will also have a private Obsidian Portal page , which will be used for game logs, scheduling, and communications.

I expect this campaign to be fast paced and heavy on action. I wouldn't want to call it RP-lite, but I don't expect many sessions without combat encounters.

The campaign begins at first level.
*15 point build
*150 gold
*2 traits
*1 hero point
*no evil characters
*max hp for level 1
*no pc crafting

Interested players should post a proof of concept/character summary. I do not need a full character sheet at this time. I'm open to all options, including 3rd party, but reserve the right to say no.

I'm a teacher and a Pathfinder GM/occasional player.

The job is more demanding than ever, and I don't have time to do the tech research like I used to.

I would love any thoughts and suggestions on the best Laptop for the money. I'm sure I want something that runs Windows 8.

Horsepower wise I'm just looking to run email & microsoft office, along with reading large pdfs, and a few table top gaming apps (Herolab and Ttop RPG to be specific). Maybe a bit of internet browsing.

Dell had a low level laptop on sale over labor day for about $375. I'm sure they'll have a similar deal around Black Friday time. My last Dell, which was an expensive PC gaming affair, fried out after only 2 years and 2 weeks, and I'm hesitant to return my business to them.

Will I be happy with an entry level laptop performance wise? Do I want to pay the extra for touch screen capability? Those tablet/laptop hybrids I've seen are intriguing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Session 1

1 Pharast 4710

-rescued Dale, Annie, & Clyde

Goblins 135x5 = 675
Rescued farmers = 400

Total: 1075 / 5 = 215 per

10 gold
15 rations (turnips & cornmeal)

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I’m recruiting one or two players for a Kingmaker campaign I’m about to launch. I already have 4 players lined up.

Games will be held 2-3 times on month, on Friday or Saturday night in four hour blocks. Time is flexible depending on group needs from week to week. Ideally we’ll run from 7-11pm central time.

The game will be hosted using Ttop RPG, a free virtual table top. Ttop RPG incorporates text chat, and we will not be using mics or webcams.

I’ve found that text chat lends to an exceptionally deep role playing experience. Role playing will be a major element of the game.

There will be a brand new player in the game, and several players with deep 3.x experience, but limited in Pathfinder. There will likely be a good deal of teaching going on as we play.

Please respond here, in full, when you have the time. I won’t be making any decisions until next Monday (Aug. 5th). Order of applications will have no impact so please take your time.

Character Creation Guidelines
15 point build
Max HP at first level
150 gold
1 trait (campaign)
Races limited to core (human, dwarf, elf, Halfling, gnome, halforc, half elf)
Any other Paizo materials ok, minus alt rules (words of power, called shot, ect).

Please read over the Kingmaker Players Guide.

You don’t need to post your entire character sheet but this is what I do want to see.

1. Player Background (when did you start playing, favorite systems, anything you want to include.)

2. Availability

3. Knowledge of Golarion on a 1-10 scale. 1= I know nothing/ 10= Paizo developer

4. Race/Class/Alignment/Ability Scores/Campaign Trait

5. Character Background/Personality/Aspirations

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes to the time to apply.

I've got a few friends who are interested in starting a regular Friday night game.

We could use an additional player or two.

Post here if you might be interested and we can work out additional details.

This thread has been created to facilitate Boondoggle's Kingmaker - A Game of Thorns.

Lately I've found myself running low on space, time, and money. (I blame Bill Webb for this with his nasty hard covers that I must own.)

To accommodate, I've got a rather large retro game auction going on. Please note that I am not a profressional E-bay seller, just a dude trying to pass on some cherished items to a good home. Pro sellers will probably hawk much of it, but I can hope for good homes.

Link to My Auctions

I've got a few 3rd edition books, a few 2nd edition books, Heroscape, and tons of Video Game stuff including NES, SNES, N64, Turbo Graf-x 16, Sega, Game Cube, GBA and more.

Walking Dead Comics as well. Trade Paper Backs #1-10 and issues 61-69. More to come.

I would LOVE to see the Pathfinder Tales line tied in with the non-random Wizkids miniature packs.

Varian, Radovan, Azra, Malena, and Arnisant would make an excellent opener.

Judge Fang, Red Cloud Devil, Kwan, Princess Lanfen, and Jade Dragon would be a great follow up for Master of Devils.

Great ghoul voice.

Goblin Squad Member

If I remember correctly it was revealed not too long ago that the Andoran faction was played by a majority percentage of Pathfinder Society players.

The Jedi rush in Star Wars Galaxies has been cited, and it seems to be a natural trend to want to play on the side of good.

How will this play out in PFO? I'm interested to know if there will be any systems to counter balance a super majority of players, if one was to form.

Recruiting up to five new Pathfinder Society characters for this introductory 3 part adventure arc.

Part 1: Friday 8:00 pm central
Part 2: Tuesday 8:00 pm central
Part 3: Friday 8:00 pm central

I would like to start this Friday (August 26) but if it takes a little longer to muster at least four players we can delay a week.

It is absolutely critical that you will be able to attend all three sessions. Expect them to last about 4 hours each.

These sessions will be conducted live via TTopRPG, which is a free virtual table top.
TtopRPG homepage

This will be my first time hosting a game with TTop. There could be some trial and error but I believe I have the essentials down.

I would suggest downloading and making sure it runs ok. It's a fairly simple program and for the most part I will be using it for combat maps. The game will be played using the built in chat and dice functions.

Characters must be Pathfinder Society legal. This is to be there very first Pathfinder Society adventure. Note that players should not select a faction until the completion of the third part.

Players should be familiar with Pathfinder Society guidelines and the mechanics of their own characters.

My email is in profile. I'll reserve your spot when I receive a copy of your Pathfinder Society character sheet. Herolab exports are welcome.

Assuming the sessions are successful I will continue to run more Pathfinder Society adventures via TTopRPG.

You gotta love Gencon.

The widescreen link is kaput.

You are in Absalom, the mighty City at the Center of the World, and you’ve always longed to explore one of the countless ruins of failed conquerors that litter the plains outside the city’s walls. You’ve heard rumors that one of the sealed siege castles has been laid open by a minor earthquake. Word on the street is that no one has yet entered the tower, which folks are calling the “Fallen Fortress.”

You were contacted by Adril Hestram, a full fledged Venture Captain who suddenly found himself in need of some extra help after one of his scouts did not report back from the Fallen Fortress. The contract pays 200 gold a piece upon investigating the Fallen Fortress and the whereabouts of the missing scout.

The next day you head out at first light, marching through a light drizzle of rain that makes for a chill morning. Within an hour you your destination looms on a few hundred yards away.

The ruined siege castle now being called the Fallen Fortress rises out of the churned earth of the Cairnlands. No doors or windows mar the otherwise smooth expanse of the tower’s walls. The tower is quatrefoil in plan; its eastern wing has largely collapsed, exposing the interior floors to the open air. Only the topmost level seems whole, though its eastern portion hangs precariously over the mountain of rubble left by the collapse. At ground level, the rubble frames a gaping hole in the side of the building that provides access to the tower’s darkened interior.

Give a shout here to check in. I'd like to have finalized characters sometime tomorrow.

This game is open to anyone who has yet to play here in a play by post game. I'm also willing to take players new to Pathfinder, but experienced gamers are welcome.

I know it's tough to get into games when they open up and this should give some people a chance to get an entry in their resume.

Players will be expected to post once per 24 hours. If you cannot I will do my best to take your actions for you that turn. Extended absence without notice will lead to your characters removal from the game.

I expect to keep the gaming moving, and hope to get through it in approximately six weeks once we start.

Character Creation
Create a 1st level character using 20 point buy. Select two traits. Core Rules and APG welcome, but I'd like to keep it limited to that. Start with one Hero Point and familiarize yourself with how they can be used if you don't have the APG.

Record your character as an alias like this Delphey Once you have created an alias and completed your character sheet, make a post here as that character and let me know.

The adventure will place you in the city of Absalom. This adventure assumes that all of the player characters know each other and have decided to explore the Fallen Fortress together to start their careers as adventurers.

More info on that as we get started.

I'll take the first six players wanting to join who have yet to participate in a PBP game on these forums.

Backgrounds are nice, but for this game a very detailed in-depth background is not necessary.

No evil characters.

Make a post here with your race and class to confirm your spot. Post your character record at your convenience over the next week or so.

Any question feel free to let me know.

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My copy arrived a few weeks ago, and while I've got it tucked away safely I got curious about the signatures and decided take a couple snap shots to work from.

I'd appreciate any help in getting these blanks figured out.

Top Half
Bottom Half

1. F. Wesley Schneider
2. Mark Moreland
4. James Jacobs
5. Erik Mona
6. Wayne Reynolds
8. Sean K Reynolds
9. Vic Wertz
10. Stephen Radney-Macfarland
11. Rob McCreary
12. Liz Courts
13. ?????
14. Jason Bulmahn
15. Sarah Robinson
16. Judy Bauer
18. James L. Sutter
19. Crystal Frasier
23. Sara Marie

In my game, I have a player entranced by a Yellow Musk Creeper.

I have another player who wants to use the drag action (CBM) to get their friend away from the creeper.

The rules are pretty if using drag on an enemy.

Any suggestions for using drag on an entranced ally? The entranced condition suggests that the effected can only move towards the Musk Creeper.

The entranced character is adjacent to the creeper now, but is still technically not engaged with it.

Should the one doing the dragging receive a circumstantial bonus for their target not being able to fight back? I assume there would at least be no AOO with the entranced condition.

Advice please.

Behind you a disappearing sun bleeds red hues that fill a cloudless sky as the Jenivere floats east. The tones reflect off the endless sea water creating an effect that is stunning, although the superstitious might see the crimson flood as something of an omen.

Nearing the end of its expansive trade circuit the merchant vessel is less than three days from its southwestern port of origin. As the ship first turned into the Desperation Bay the smell of vegetation was apparent without any land being visible, although it dissipated as the boat cut across the center of the deep water basin. It has been six days since the ship entered Desperation Bay and since then the wind has ceased to even wrinkle a sail while the heat has become increasingly oppressive.

While the ship seems to hardly lap its way through the water everyone is eager to reach Eledar, the colonial capital of Sargava, where the passengers will depart and the Captain will deliver his goods and take a long week off before starting the two hundred and twenty day voyage over again. It is all he has ever known.

Captain Alizandru Kovack treats his paid passengers fairly and respectfully but he all business when it comes to his crew, and while not unfair his demeanor towards them is stern and demanding. The Jenivere has visited every major port along the western coast of two continents. The ships holds contain exotic trade goods from up to 3,400 miles away and everywhere in between. The passengers aboard the vessel are equally as diverse and exotic, and several cargo holds have been converted to house those who pay for their passage.

The Jenivere’s Chef cooks two hot meals a day and no one misses a chance to refuel regardless of how bad the food is. You file in to the mess hall with rest of the day crew. At the door you yield to the boats grave yard shift making their way to deck. While you’ll be taking supper, this meal was breakfast for them.

Most of the Crew gathers at one of two circular tables leaving you with the other passengers. Leana is absent as usual as is Aerys Mavato. As you take in the simple but well prepared meal conversations ensue.

A well-dressed gnome named Gelik rattles off a snide comment or two suggesting that “While Aerys may be in a rum induced comma the Captain is getting equally drunk off his interest in Leana.” It’s a fairly typical attitude for Gelik, although perhaps not what you would expect from a member of the Pathfinder Society.

Rumors about Leana have been particularly common on the ship. Initially it was said that she was the captain’s lover, then wife. Some have even suggested that she is the actual owner of the ship. While seemly pleasant, she is extremely private and seems to have the full attention of the Captain. Leana is rarely seen outside of her private cabin, some claim they have seen Kovack make personal visits.

Aerys lack of presence is less of a mystery. For as long as she has been on the ship Aerys has been in a constant drunken stupor. She spends most of the day in her bed but can often be found top deck at odd hours of the night. The Jenivere had to leave a crew member behind after he made the mistake of making an indecent proposal to Aerys. Healers are still trying to refuse his shattered knee caps.

Ishirou informs Gelik he delivered Aerys meal to her bunk, and while “not in a coma,” she was “far from lucid.” Ishirou is serious man who displays no sense of humor. He also delivered a dinner to Jask, a prisoner in the ship’s brig. “That man is getting thinner. I wouldn’t be eating much either if I knew I was days away from getting executed.”

Taking Jask food has been a shared task. Everyone has done it and no one who has attempted to talk to the prisoner has been able to get much of a response. What you know from the crew and the captain is that he is a fugitive who had abused his government position and escaped a Sargavan prison after sentencing. He evaded capture for over ten years but luck turned against him. A Sargavan agent apprehended him in distant Corentyn and essentially commanded Captain Kocack to return him to Eledar to serve as an example.

Finally Sasha Nevah shares the table with you. Quiet and reserved Sasha sometimes will smile, laugh, or frown but rarely says a word.

In a quiet moment at the table you catch a bit of conversation from the other table. The sailors seem to be in agreement that recent orders to change the course of the ship indicate some unknown change in plans. Their mood and tone suggest this is a matter of great concern, and highly irregular as the captain has never been known to deviate from the plotted course. One of the veteran crew members insists that if the course is not corrected they will confront the Captain in the morning.

You continue your meal and return to the conversation of your own table.

You can see pictures of the NPCs here:

Golarion Map:
the print is small but Sargava and Eledar are identified in the far southwest corner, south of the Kaava land.


I would really like to find a group for regular PFS play in the North West Indiana area. My last regular group disbanded towards the end of the 2nd edition era. That should tell you something about my age (30).

I played in and DM'd hundreds of Neverwinter Nights adventures over the last seven years. More recently I discovered Pathfinder and I am aching to get back onto a real table.

I am aware that there are one or two flgs campaigns in the area, but I'm only available Saturday Night and anytime Sunday.

I live in Portage and would be willing to travel anywhere in Lake, Porter, or Laporte county. Maybe a little further if it was on a rotational basis.

I guess I'm open to to playing with any one over the age of eighteen but I would probably be more comfortable if the group had a median age greater than 22.

I wouldn't mind joining an already established group, but I'm also open to (and perhaps more interested in) forming a new group if there are four or five interested people. I'd be willing to host and/or GM if needed.

Ideally I'm thinking Saturday Nights starting around 8 or 9pm.

So, any openings or interests in forming a group?

This game has been reserved for Outlaws of Sherwood Forest members (OSF).

Use this thread for out of character discussions, questions, and so on. When you are ready to submit your character, create it as an alias. (my account->message board aliases)

If PD has his done and up early we'll make an example out of him, I mean use his for an example. :)

You can also look at Delphey, who I recently created for another game. Delphey Dobbs

I've provided more detail than normal by proving my stats with equations, but I think that's helpful so you always know exactly how you arrived at those numbers. You don't have to go that far but it will help me out, since I'll end up checking them to make sure every one is legal.