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Give a shout here to check in. I'd like to have finalized characters sometime tomorrow.

DM organized wrote:
Give a shout here to check in. I'd like to have finalized characters sometime tomorrow.

Present and accounted for Sir!

give the GM a crisp military salute

Oh, and I should have my character to you sometime today (Thursday), but definitely by tomorrow...

Male Human Bard (Arcane Duelist) [Module Ended: Fallen Fortress]

Consider me checked in.

As I said, I believe the sheet online is correct -- it balances in PCGen, though I may have messed up in the transcription.

Finished my character, updated my profile to match, and sent the Hero Lab file to you...

Checking in.

SoldierSolidus checking in. Crunch is all done, now I've just gotta think of a decent backstory. Also have a couple things to tidy up, it's been kinda hectic today as I just finished moving, and I gotta work tomorrow. But hopefully this will be enough til sometime tomorrow night or maybe saturday afternoon.

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And I had given up checking on the thread for a day...silly monkey

Male Human (Taldan) Fighter 1

Also I'm up for tying in some backstory if anyone else is, whether ya wanna be one of the found street kids or just be someone Cormac ran into/grouped up with already, would make the startup easier perhaps.

Thanks for getting those in. I'm extremely busy this weekend. Keep an eye out Tuesday for feedback and the next step.

Working on the backstory now. I admit, it's somewhat difficult to come up with a backstory when you know very little about Golarion. :P This is my first venture in this setting. Still, you guys can take a look at my backstory and see if any of it doesn't sit well.

EDIT: Anadyr, how long have you been in Absalom? Because with my current backstory, I can see easily running into Cormac and Jali, but perhaps not you. Won't be a real problem or anything, I'm just curious.

Alright, so the backstory is finished. I don't mind revising and reworking it to include other characters in the backstory, or if it just seems out of place for any reason.

EDIT: Also, are we missing people who haven't checked in yet?

Male Human Bard (Arcane Duelist) [Module Ended: Fallen Fortress]

Hey Marius -

Anadyr would have been in town for only a month or so -- basically long enough to run out of any remaining coin he brought with him and start getting an understanding of what's going on around him (in terms of legands and whatnot). I was thinking he'd be living out of an inn - especially as he will have been performing for enough coin to eat (and to spend money toward rumours of where he could find the magic power that'll let him go back home and seek revenge) at this point.

While I haven't written a background per say, Gregolyn would be an Absalom native, having left home at an early age because he thought he could do better for himself than his overly protective (and somewhat abusive) parents...

I also figured both of his parents were half-elves as well, instead of the (IMHO) overly used one human, one elven parent...

I chose "Reactionary" as one of my traits, which states he was bullied as a child, and instead of learning to be offensive, he learned to be defensive. I was thinking that perhaps this "bullying" came from his parents as opposed to his "peers" on the streets. Would make for a good reason to have developed a defensive reaction to this bullying...

Just what I had off the top of my head anyway when I created the character...

Okay well during my time as a town guard of Absalom, maybe I could have settled a few drunken brawls at The Dragon's Tankard and met Jali, and with Cormac I could have been a member of the watch who fought "The Liberator", and I was good friends with his father or something.

Marius Aideron wrote:
during my time as a town guard of Absalom...

And as Gregolyn has been known to "stack the odds" in his favor a time or two when gambling (which certainly would have gotten him in trouble at some point in the past), he and Marius could also have become “well acquainted" with each other...

I finally got to look over the characters and they look good.

The game is open Here

It would be good to give me some general indication of your preference in the marching order. Try to make at least 1 post per day in the game thread, even if it's just a short bit of dialogue or description.

Some tips for play by post combat:

Since you'll be posting outside of traditional initiative order it is helpful to try to predict where an enemy might be if he moves ahead of you in the order. I'll make small adjustments to your orders as needed if the initiative system blocks your plans.

You can also give a back up order (I'll attack the orc, unless he is already slain, then I will move and attack the dragon)

Typically I will update the campaign each night around 9:00 pm central. I'll update earlier if I see everyone has already posted that day and if I have enough extra time to do so.

EDIT: Nevermind, must learn to read.



Last call for:

Jason Packer
and Cormac

There is still just a little time, otherwise you'll be left outside the tower.

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