Recruiting for The Emerald Spire - Virtual Table Top - Saturday Nights


I'm recruiting players to take on the Emerald Spire Super Dungeon.

Games will be 2-3 times per month on Saturday nights, start around 8:30 pm central, and run for 4-5 hours. I'm somewhat flexible on the start/end time to meet the needs of the group.

Games will be hosted using Ttop RPG , a free easy to use virtual table top. The campaign will also have a private Obsidian Portal page , which will be used for game logs, scheduling, and communications.

I expect this campaign to be fast paced and heavy on action. I wouldn't want to call it RP-lite, but I don't expect many sessions without combat encounters.

The campaign begins at first level.
*15 point build
*150 gold
*2 traits
*1 hero point
*no evil characters
*max hp for level 1
*no pc crafting

Interested players should post a proof of concept/character summary. I do not need a full character sheet at this time. I'm open to all options, including 3rd party, but reserve the right to say no.

Grand Lodge

Would love this, but Saturday nights aren't going to work for me, and my wife says I play too much already, so another night wouldn't work either.

Best of luck!

Scarab Sages

i would be interested in playing

Jane Smith / human
LVL 1 Ranger Chaotic Good

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 11
Int 13
Wis 12
Cha 12

I'll leave recruiting open for a week or so.


On tablet. Dotting for interest, will check with friend about joining in. Unsure of tabletop, and both of us are more comfy with text. Further, she can't speak on Voip. Let me know if Voip is required.

No Voip is required or planned. Ttop has integrated text chat.

I believe we're both in, if you'll have us, but I've no idea what I'm going to play just yet. :)

We need at least one more player to tango.

This is Crunch for Ash so Far.

Appearance/Personality is near the bottom

Thus far, she has sought out improving her natural capabilities, though she may find the need to improve her weaknesses before long.

If you feel she's over-the-top focused, a 6/14/14/10/10/18 spread is also something I could happily work with within the concept. Also, someone -please- convince her that crossbows are good. :P


I didn't really bother with Fluff and it looked like we needed a meat shield with a ranger and a caster.

Room for 1 more. 2 even.

I have a fourth player going arcanist. PMs sent.

Would still take a 5th player.

Invitations have been sent to the Obsidian Portal campaign site.

Campaign Joined

I'll post more there when the other two join.

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