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This game is open to anyone who has yet to play here in a play by post game. I'm also willing to take players new to Pathfinder, but experienced gamers are welcome.

I know it's tough to get into games when they open up and this should give some people a chance to get an entry in their resume.

Players will be expected to post once per 24 hours. If you cannot I will do my best to take your actions for you that turn. Extended absence without notice will lead to your characters removal from the game.

I expect to keep the gaming moving, and hope to get through it in approximately six weeks once we start.

Character Creation
Create a 1st level character using 20 point buy. Select two traits. Core Rules and APG welcome, but I'd like to keep it limited to that. Start with one Hero Point and familiarize yourself with how they can be used if you don't have the APG.

Record your character as an alias like this Delphey Once you have created an alias and completed your character sheet, make a post here as that character and let me know.

The adventure will place you in the city of Absalom. This adventure assumes that all of the player characters know each other and have decided to explore the Fallen Fortress together to start their careers as adventurers.

More info on that as we get started.

I'll take the first six players wanting to join who have yet to participate in a PBP game on these forums.

Backgrounds are nice, but for this game a very detailed in-depth background is not necessary.

No evil characters.

Make a post here with your race and class to confirm your spot. Post your character record at your convenience over the next week or so.

Any question feel free to let me know.

I am not applying for this game, because I am not in your intended audience. However, I did want to applaud you for getting this going. New pbp players on these boards are a good thing. Well done!

My 1st PBP here was run by DM JZ under the same condition, so I can't take any original credit. I have been wanting to pay it back for some time.

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 4

I ran this scenario with two groups of completely new people last year around Aug. It was a lot of fun, though sadly only one of the groups completed the module. Good luck, and if you need any ideas feel free to check out either of my threads in the archive!

I would like to put my hat into the ring. I'm an old hand at RPGs, but new to Pathfinder and PbP games.

I'll put this in as a placeholder and come back with a character concept shortly. I'm leaning towards an Elf Wizard.

I've been trying to get into PbP games but keep failing to make the cut -- so I'd be willing to give it a try.

This is a character that I created to try to get into a Carrion Crown PbP -- I've removed the campaign feat and I'll rework the background to fit in with this plotline, assuming that's ok?

I am interested in this. I am relatively new to PBP (I've done it before, but many many years ago when 2e was the name of the game). I am however, not as familiar with PFRPG as I am with 3.5…

Here is my character (though I may buy a few more items before we start)...

I've been watching for a while and would like to try...

Looks like we have four players. I'll wait another day or so and see if we can get two more.

I should also mention, I have PBP'd only once and it ended far too soon so I'm very eager due to not having a RL game at the moment.

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 4 is a great resoruce for rules of the game.

Looks like we may be in need of some metal and healing... I'll cook something up.

So here's a bit carried away on history but I may reuse it!

The party so far:

Anadyr Larcin - human bard
Gregolyn - elf rogue
Cormac Reganna - human fighter
Jason Packer 445 - elf wizard?

For starting gold, go with the average amount listed on the first table here: Pathfinder SRD

I frequently use the SRD for all kinds of rules reference. It is a good idea to have at least a .pdf copy of the Core Rules, but not necessary.

Still looking for up to 2 more players.

Hi, I'm not 100% your target audience I think, since I started to play in my first PbP game here last week.

If you won't find a healer for your group, I'm willing to cook up a character to fill that spot.

But if you rather wait for someone that is completely new to these boards, I understand.

I have my hardcopy of the pathfinder book at the ready but the SRD is awesome! never used it before but it's a great resource and when I can get my own game going it will be an excellent way to keep up with things.

Quatar wrote:

If you won't find a healer for your group, I'm willing to cook up a character to fill that spot.

If we don't have two more players by 11:59pm Monday night, I'll be happy to take you up on that offer.

In your post above, you listed my character as an elf, he's half elven actually...

While we're on the subject of making characters...

Are we using traits?

I've played PbP on other sites, but never here.

I'd love to try something out of the ordinary for me, a Dwarf Cleric (or Paladin if Quatar would like to do the healer bit), perhaps a decendent of a craftsman who helped build the Fallen Fortress?

Yeah we're to choose two traits.

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. I'm thinking a witch.

In the interests of full disclosure, I technically no longer qualify for this game as a goblin character of my creation was selected to play starting today.

Having said that, however, I'm still quite interested and would rather not back out - but it's up to you, since you're so graciously letting newbies gain experience at PbP.

In (hopeful) case I'm allowed to remain, I'm in the process of adjusting my equipment list (we were allowed to start with max rather than average when I first generated Anadyr).

Anadyr wrote:

In (hopeful) case I'm allowed to remain, I'm in the process of adjusting my equipment list (we were allowed to start with max rather than average when I first generated Anadyr).

You were accepted to this game before that one started so play on.

We have are six players:

Jason Packer 445

Quatar - Keep an eye on this forum just in case someone drops out before we start.

Go ahead and get your characters completed and posted here by Friday. I would like to have them done by Friday so I can review them over the weekend. I will also be entering them into Hero Lab for my tracking convenience.

Again let me know if you have any questions or need any help with creation.

The background introduction is brief. Play off it however you like in your build.

You are in Absalom, the mighty City at the Center of the World, and you’ve always longed to explore one of the countless ruins of failed conquerors that litter the plains outside the city’s walls. You’ve heard rumors that one of the sealed siege castles has been laid open by a minor earthquake. Word on the street is that no one has yet entered the tower, which folks are calling the “Fallen Fortress.” What better way to start a life of excitement and adventure than by exploring its long-abandoned, dusty halls and perhaps claiming its ancient treasures?

Some information on my GM style. I'm becoming a more experience Pathfinder GM, but far from being any kind of master.

I do attempt to follow Rules As Written, but be assured that I'll botch up some little things here and there. I still suffer the effects of edition clog, having been through them all.

I'll GM this game with digital maps for combat and exploration.

For this one shot you don't have to be too concerned with carrying long term survival supplies as the location is just outside city walls.

I've modified Anadyr's self-told history to reflect that he's in Absalom, and spent only average starting coin for a bard.

At this point, the sheet should be good to go.

organized wrote:
I will also be entering them into Hero Lab for my tracking convenience.

If it makes it any easier on you, since I created my character using Hero Lab, I could just email the file to you once I'm finished with him (I just just have a couple of more tweeks here and there I'd like to finish)...

Up to you...

Is this closed? I'd very much like to get into if not. I'm brand spanking new to PbP and seeing as I DM at home, I don't really get a good chance to play a whole lot. Thus I'm trying to dive into the world of PbP. I'll roll up a character immediately, just let me know. Thanks.

I'll take a seventh player, why not.

I'll be very busy until after July 4th. I anticipate starting the game July 5th.

The party so far:

Jason Packer 445 - elf wizard?
Anadyr - human bard
Gregolyn - half elf rouge
Bondanalloy - human fighter
Arknight - cleric/paladin?
alientude - witch?
SoldierSolidus - ?

If you have herolab go ahead and email your sheet when complete.


rodoubleb (@) hotmail . com

Thanks very much! :D So from what I've seen thus far, I believe the party consists of -

Paladin? (I think)

If this is the case, I think I'll roll up a human ranger, archer. Sound good?

EDIT: Do you have PC Gen by chance? That's what I've been using.

So I finished rolling up the Ranger. In addition to writing the crunch on an alias, I can email you the character sheet. It's layout isn't the greatest, like having a single line at the top of a page, but it's readable.

Don't worry about emailing unless you have Herolab. Otherwise I'll just grab the info off your alias profile.

This is my witch character. I've emailed you the Hero Lab portfolio, also.

OOC Thread is open. Please continue any discussions there.
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