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Recruiting up to five new Pathfinder Society characters for this introductory 3 part adventure arc.

Part 1: Friday 8:00 pm central
Part 2: Tuesday 8:00 pm central
Part 3: Friday 8:00 pm central

I would like to start this Friday (August 26) but if it takes a little longer to muster at least four players we can delay a week.

It is absolutely critical that you will be able to attend all three sessions. Expect them to last about 4 hours each.

These sessions will be conducted live via TTopRPG, which is a free virtual table top.
TtopRPG homepage

This will be my first time hosting a game with TTop. There could be some trial and error but I believe I have the essentials down.

I would suggest downloading and making sure it runs ok. It's a fairly simple program and for the most part I will be using it for combat maps. The game will be played using the built in chat and dice functions.

Characters must be Pathfinder Society legal. This is to be there very first Pathfinder Society adventure. Note that players should not select a faction until the completion of the third part.

Players should be familiar with Pathfinder Society guidelines and the mechanics of their own characters.

My email is in profile. I'll reserve your spot when I receive a copy of your Pathfinder Society character sheet. Herolab exports are welcome.

Assuming the sessions are successful I will continue to run more Pathfinder Society adventures via TTopRPG.

I've got one player locked in with an alchemist.

Still need three more.

well seems I've had bad luck on the forums lately, I'm fairly interested, I'll most likely run a Sorcerer. I just have to find her character sheet, never got to actually run her in a campaign, and alter a few stats. I'll post her later today

The table is now full.

The game will start next Friday.


is there a campaign web site to review rules/info? or will you contact us?

Liberty's Edge

organized: The biggest surprise for people hoping to run a session with TTop comes on the day of their first session, trying to host in a way that people can successfully connect to.

Make sure you test this well before hand (you need to route port 26010 on your router to the hosting machine, however that happens with your equipment. Failing that, any one player in your group that can route 26010 can be used as a proxy host - this isn't optimal, but it works).

this is dead.

just been told gm has new job and cannot do it.

Thanks for the advice Pygon. I did some testing in advance.

I just got a new job that requires swing shift, so plans are on hold.

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