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Lately I've found myself running low on space, time, and money. (I blame Bill Webb for this with his nasty hard covers that I must own.)

To accommodate, I've got a rather large retro game auction going on. Please note that I am not a profressional E-bay seller, just a dude trying to pass on some cherished items to a good home. Pro sellers will probably hawk much of it, but I can hope for good homes.

Link to My Auctions

I've got a few 3rd edition books, a few 2nd edition books, Heroscape, and tons of Video Game stuff including NES, SNES, N64, Turbo Graf-x 16, Sega, Game Cube, GBA and more.

Walking Dead Comics as well. Trade Paper Backs #1-10 and issues 61-69. More to come.

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