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I sent an email on 7/25 about a credit card charge that I couldn't match up to my orders.

Emailed again on 8/14 after getting no response.

Still have not heard anything back.

I understand cs is backed up, but I'm wondering if the emails were even received.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

Trauma surgeons from the tech team are currently helping me investigate this.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

$91.74 is for the print/PDF bundles that had items in the same shipment as order 3166320
$115.72 is for the other items that were not bundles that shipped on order 3166320

I apologize for the confusion. I did see and take care of another issue I saw which was displaying incorrect store credit for your account. You should now see the $4.44 that you are supposed to have.

sara marie

Scarab Sages

Thanks Sarah. If you check out the second email I sent on 8/14 I had narrowed down the anomaly to a different set of charges.

I just sent a new email with those details. I'd prefer to carry on there.
Some time after the holiday weekend. =p

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