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In previous years Know Direction has done a good job recording seminars.

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So sorry to hear this news. TSA played in my Kingmaker campaign a few years back. We'll keep him in our thoughts.

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I would like to see (more) flip mats that combine with existing ones. Being able to add on to Hill Country or Falls & Rapids would be awesome.

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I was thinking about running Arrested Development the RPG, with Bluth family pregens.

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Hey Jon you might want to merge this thread into official feedback, or reference it if not.

Gencon Society GM Shout Outs

Needless to say my experience was excellent.

The Sagamore is a great room with thick carpeting at all. I'm fairly hard of hearing and had very little difficulty hearing any one. That's not my experience in some of the other rooms.

Negative Feed Back: The only complaint I have is that there is not a 1:00 AM-6:00 AM time slot. I realize that is probably not likely to happen, but one can hope.

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Based on the other D&D movie, I'm sure I'll stick with Zombie Morpheus/Dead Gentlemen. They've been making the best gaming movies out there for quite awhile.

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Wanted to say thanks again to my two great Society GMs.

Something must have slipped through the cracks and my Friday morning 8:00 am slot for We Be Goblins Too didn't have a GM scheduled for it. Cody from Texas ran a fine game on short notice. The game started a little late, and I think the conclusion chewed up at least half of his 1 hour lunch break before he was due to run the next slot. Cody was also more than happy to help me get my chronicle replaced after it accidentally got used as a napkin when a spill happened later that night. Cody, you went above and beyond man. I hope you were able to get seated at the Saturday special.

Chris from San Diego ran the Saturday night special for my home group, and it was an absolutey glorious. You did an awesome job bringing the NPCs to life, and we were intensely delighted with the conclusion.
We'll be buzzing about that one for a good long while.

Both of you were amazing and a credit to the Society. Hope I get you next year.

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This sounds like the Battletech game I've been dreaming of since 1991.

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My advice in regards to not missing anything->

Take Thursday afternoon or evening to just walk around the Con. Not just the convention center, but the surrounding hotels and sidewalks. Amazing how every hotel has their own halls filled with events, and the many games going on in lobbies and even hallway floors. Check out the Veteran's Memorial at the city circle a few blocks away. Spend a little time on one the benches near Elf Park. That's were I usually chat up strangers and always enjoy a bit of time relaxing.

for the curious:
Elf Park

Can't wait till I arrive tomorrow AM. :)

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->forget something, miss something or worse.

All of that will happen at Gencon, but it should balance out. You will also find or experience some great things you didn't plan on.

The only things you can permanently forget are forms of currency, government identification, and character sheets/records. Everything else is theoretically replaceable, especially at Gencon. Might also want to grab your life sustaining medications and/or devices, as the local pharmacy down town has some really lame hours.

Unfortunately it's impossible to do it all. I lie awake at night wondering things like do I attend the zombie parade, or another Society special? Late night gallivanting with who knows what game, or should I be true to my 8:00 AM slot? Scottys or the Ram? These are the truly difficult questions at Gencon.

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nogoodscallywag wrote:

Wes, well said.

I hope fellow con-goers feel welcome and know the entire state isn't represented by the government currently in power.

Most Hoosiers no longer support Mike Pence as governor: Recent Poll

I will stand up for anyone I see being discriminated or harassed, especially at Gencon. Fortunately that has never been my experience in Indianapolis.

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Why did it have to be snakes?

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Let's put some music to those lyrics.

Monkey and the Engineer

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Hire Pygon. Ttop is awesome.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation Perram.

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Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:

Skeets, your point is understandable.

...but it's also a matter of perspective. Offer the HL files as a for sure thing and I'll do my part of the heavy lifting, right here...

....At this point, check the hours spent at cost for HL file creation, markup with your desired profit percentage, and post for purchase on the website....

...Slumbering Tsar was a particularly expensive learning lesson for us. We kept thinking 'somebody will eventually have to create HL files for this thing, right?' Well, it never happened, we never ran it and now we're gun shy of it happening again.

I'll just comment as someone who helped FGG with Herolab files for ToHC, and Rappan Athuk. They are not at all easy to create 'correctly', and many many hundreds of work hours go into them.

If it were just a matter of putting in a few weekends I'm sure there would be Slumbering Tsar Herolab files. I'd guesstimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 work hours to convert it cover to cover.

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rouge rogue

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I thought the series ended the only way it could have ended.

Ka is a wheel after all.

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Rogue is probably one of the toughest words for those with dyslexia. I'm glad you feel superior if it's not a problem for you.

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It's a total bummer to purchase a $50+ book and have it arrive damaged.

My Slumbering Tsar arrived with a ripple in the cover.
My Rappan Athuk arrived with a ripped cover (Bill replaced for me).
Razor Coast arrived in perfect condition.

I will gladly pay a little extra in shipping to ensure a mint copy gets delivered the first time.

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I’m recruiting one or two players for a Kingmaker campaign I’m about to launch. I already have 4 players lined up.

Games will be held 2-3 times on month, on Friday or Saturday night in four hour blocks. Time is flexible depending on group needs from week to week. Ideally we’ll run from 7-11pm central time.

The game will be hosted using Ttop RPG, a free virtual table top. Ttop RPG incorporates text chat, and we will not be using mics or webcams.

I’ve found that text chat lends to an exceptionally deep role playing experience. Role playing will be a major element of the game.

There will be a brand new player in the game, and several players with deep 3.x experience, but limited in Pathfinder. There will likely be a good deal of teaching going on as we play.

Please respond here, in full, when you have the time. I won’t be making any decisions until next Monday (Aug. 5th). Order of applications will have no impact so please take your time.

Character Creation Guidelines
15 point build
Max HP at first level
150 gold
1 trait (campaign)
Races limited to core (human, dwarf, elf, Halfling, gnome, halforc, half elf)
Any other Paizo materials ok, minus alt rules (words of power, called shot, ect).

Please read over the Kingmaker Players Guide.

You don’t need to post your entire character sheet but this is what I do want to see.

1. Player Background (when did you start playing, favorite systems, anything you want to include.)

2. Availability

3. Knowledge of Golarion on a 1-10 scale. 1= I know nothing/ 10= Paizo developer

4. Race/Class/Alignment/Ability Scores/Campaign Trait

5. Character Background/Personality/Aspirations

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes to the time to apply.

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If you missed out on the RA kick starter, you can now purchase the Herolab files HERE

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Ttop is extremely simple yet impressive.

I recently used it to for a scale combat map that covered several square kilometers. (city of Savith-Yhi)

On that one map I've added nearly 2,000 tags (one for each building on the map) and placed well over 500 creatures. No choke, no lag, no crashes.

Needless to say it still works great if you have a standard size map and just a dozen PCs and Critters to deal with.

Hide/Reveal, lighting, chat, dice rolling, and effect templates. I'm not sure what else anyone would need.

Totally free, not a trial or limited version.

Thanks again Mr. Pygon

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Kingdom Turn #27


Stability Check: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Income Check: 1d20 ⇒ 4

Random Event Check: 1d100 ⇒ 75

event type: 1d4 ⇒ 3 Leadership Event

1d12 ⇒ 11

Time of Faithfulness: The High Priest calls for
all followers to be truer to the tenants of the faith
and the people respond. Decrease Unrest by 2.
This event does not occur if the High Priest role is

Good event!

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I don't want to plug this guys particular dice, but I think every one who is interested in the fairness of dice rolls should take the time to view this video (and part 2). It's a little long winded but provides an impressive analysis on the true randomness of most polished dice.

Colonel Louis @ Gencon 2008

Yes I do use sharp edged dice, almost exclusively. I really wouldn't expect any one else to but I'm a firm believer that they offer the best truly random dice role.

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I've ordered dozens of Pathfinder books from Amazon and 95% have arrived in perfect mint condition. With the other 5%, well I can deal with a dinged corner, but have returned the smashed broken miniatures they've sent me. Which just ends up being a hassle.

I will say with great confidence that Paizo consistently takes a lot more care with how they pack your orders.

My Paizo orders have all been received in 100% mint condition. It's amazing how much using a properly sized shipping box helps.

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One does not simply walk onto the cover of the Advanced Race Guide.

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I'm going to vote for Jessica the Gray Maiden. The costume is spot on.

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Thanks Vic, you the man. For the record I would never laugh at your signature.

I will however present some nominations:

Classiest Autograph: #1 F. Wesley Schneider - That sig is full of classy zing.

Best "John Hancock": #4 James Jacobs - Put that thing on the Declaration.

Most Illegible: #13 Chris Self - No explanation needed.

Coolest Sig: #6 Wayne Reynold's has enough cool to make the rest look fool.

Best Overall Autograph: #23 Sara Marie - Sharp and stylish, I admire the mixture of cursive and script.

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Lisa Stevens wrote:

Yep, sorry, but we don't give tours of the offices. There is all sorts of super top-secret stuff pinned up on the walls and on people's desks. Plus, there isn't much to see. Lots of office furniture. :) Sorry about that.


How about erecting some kind of shrine in the parking lot? A sort of spiritual mecca for gamers. Maybe fans could light a candle, meditate the grapple rules, and make offerings of pizza and baked goods.

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My copy arrived a few weeks ago, and while I've got it tucked away safely I got curious about the signatures and decided take a couple snap shots to work from.

I'd appreciate any help in getting these blanks figured out.

Top Half
Bottom Half

1. F. Wesley Schneider
2. Mark Moreland
4. James Jacobs
5. Erik Mona
6. Wayne Reynolds
8. Sean K Reynolds
9. Vic Wertz
10. Stephen Radney-Macfarland
11. Rob McCreary
12. Liz Courts
13. ?????
14. Jason Bulmahn
15. Sarah Robinson
16. Judy Bauer
18. James L. Sutter
19. Crystal Frasier
23. Sara Marie

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Neverwinter Nights can provide a pretty decent table top game experience in pc game form. The DM client and the easy to use tool set are the key elements.

Any PCRPG without a DM capabilities provides weak and hollow role play opportunity at best.

Neverwinter Nights 2 messed up by increasing the complexity of the toolset. The average user was put off by the learning curve.

I'd love to see a Pathfinder game, but man I hope it's more table top RPG and less MMORPG.