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Session 1

1 Pharast 4710

-rescued Dale, Annie, & Clyde

Goblins 135x5 = 675
Rescued farmers = 400

Total: 1075 / 5 = 215 per

10 gold
15 rations (turnips & cornmeal)

Session 2

2 Pharast 4710

- Arrived at Oleg's Trading Post: Informed of Olgeg and Svetlana's harassment by an organized group of bandits.

3 Pharast 4710

-Defeated a small group of bandits who came to take valuables from the post.


Happs (bandit sergeant)= 200
3 bandits = 135 x 3 = 405
Defended the trading post = 600

Total: 1205 / 5 = 241 per


2 potions of cure light wounds (quest reward)
1 potion of shield of faith (quest reward)

Composite Long Bow (+2 strength rating)
2 vials of alchemist fire
silver stag amulet

4 suits of leather
3 long bows
1 long sword
3 short swords
80 arrows
8 rations
50 gold
50 gold (quest reward)

6 light riding horses w/ saddle bags

Hex exploration info:

Each hex is 12 miles across (19.3 kilometers).

150 square miles of total area per hex.

Crossing a plain hex will take 8 hours on foot, or 3 hours on horseback.

Other terrain (mountains, hills, forest, swamp) takes 12 hours on foot or 5 on horseback.

Exploring a hex on foot will take 2 days for plains, 3 for forest or hills, and 4 for swamps or mountains.

On mounts hex exploration takes 1 day for any terrain type.

Unless you are planning on riding your mount into combat, we'll be leaving them in the background, as we have been.

Speaking with Tyr and Cathran, "The draw of that fine bow is nothing to sneeze at. Let's take turns drawing it, and it shall go to the strongest of us."

Rummaging among the five vials of potions and oils, Kasimir selects two (cure light and shield of faith), and stows them in his belt pouch.

He hands two quivers of arrows to Tyr, and keeps two for himself.

((Gold tally thus far is 250))
((-10 for a riding saddle))

= 240

3 Pharast -

Sold excess equipment to Oleg before tracking bandits to a nearby camp southwest of the trading post.

4 Pharast

Defeated bandit lieutenant Kressle and 4 bandits.

Buried bodies w/ rights performed. Destroyed bandit outpost. Camped for the night.

Kressle = 400
Bandits = 135 x 4
XP = 940 / 4 = 235 XP each
XP Total = 691 each


4 leather (20 gold)
4 short swords (20 gold)
4 long bows (148)
80 arrows
8 rations
2 masterwork hand axes (306)
studded leather (12 gold)
5 daggers (5 gold)
potion of cure light wounds

215 loose gold
321 silver (32.1)

silver earrings (75 gold)
music box (45 gold)
8 bottles of vegetable liquor (8 gold)
hides & pelts (60 gold)

Gold Pool Total = 487.1

Kasimir Kasimov looks over the gear claimed from the bandits. "Hmm. Looks like we can sell most of this to Olaf. Oak, how about you carry that potion...hopefully you won't need to use it, but better to be prepared."

Kasimir open the leather map case and removes a blank sheet of parchment. Using his pencil, he sketches out the location of the bandit camp and the are they traveled between it and Oleg's.

He ponders the events of the last few days...

With the defeat of the bandits, and with the wedding band soon to be returned, the family bonds of Oleg and Svetlana will be strengthened. Erastil will look on them more favorably.

There's not much of a community out here yet, but with the bandits out of the way, it'll be safer for farmers and hunters.

While camping at the destroyed bandit outpost, Kasimir speaks his mind to the others...

"I realize our charter is to explore these lands, but I believe our first obligation should be to return the wedding band to Svetlana, and to let both her and Oleg know about these bandits. Their peace of mind is important.

"Also, I think we are--in some regards--ill-prepared. Even if not for riding as a mount, we should have brought another horse to help with carrying supplies. And speaking of supplies..."

Kasimir turns to Tyr'Athel.

"I don't mean any offense, but perhaps we could find you a more accurate bow. There might be something amiss with that one. That composite bow isn't doing you any about you trade it for a more accurate longbow? I imagine that composite bow might even fetch you a longbow of fine masterwork quality! If Oleg can't procure one, I know some priests of Old Deadeye that might be able to help.

"After you get a more accurate bow, it would be remiss of me if I did not suggest some target practice for you. And not just standing still hitting a still target. Everyday archery is not so easy. Our affairs with these bandits have not been thus. It would behoove you to get used to the constant movement and chaos of combat. Maybe Finn could join you for some target shooting."

Kasimir pauses and looks down at himself.

"For exploration and traipsing through the woods, this studded leather is practical. However, I must admit that if Old Deadeye has it in mind for me to charge bandits daily, it lacks certain desirable qualities. Maybe we can see about Oleg ordering something stouter. An agile breastplate would be more solid, yet not that much heavier than this leather. If we can find an agile breastplate of masterwork quality, so much the better!"

He sighs.

"It won't be easy exploring these wild lands. However, we can handle this if we just use a little more common sense."

The ring has not been recovered at this time, and I believe the composite bow was left at the trading post. Otherwise nice post.

Session 4

5 Pharast
Encountered a pair of stray bandits returning to the river camp. They surrendered and provided invaluable information about the Stag Lord that was mentioned during the previous day's combat:

“Our boss is a monster of a man. Calls himself the Stag Lord. He’s a deadeye with the bow, and I saw him crush a prisoner’s hand to mush in one fist. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen him without his creepy stag helmet on— some of my friends think he ain’t got no face under it, but not me—I think that creepy helm is his face!”

“It’s hard keeping track of who’s working for the boss, so we use a master phrase as a sort of password to get in to the fort on the northeast shore of the Tuskwater. Unless it’s been changed recently, the current phrase is, ‘By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?’ And no, I have no idea who ‘St. Gilmorg’ is.”

“The Stag Lord is a bloody drunk. All that booze under the platform’s for him. He's half of what he used to be, and ain’t never been right in the head. A few weeks ago he punched my horse for spittin' in the yard. Personally, I wouldn't care if he dropped dead tomorrow, but even drunk out of his mind he's still got a fair amount of fight to him.”

“The Stag Lord keeps a strange old man locked up in the basement. I suspect the old guy might actually be running the show, using the Stag Lord as a puppet, you know. I got a look into the old guy’s eyes once, and it terrified me. He ain't someone I'd want to cross.”

Hex Explored.

6 Pharast
Began retracing your route back to Oleg's, and discovered a sizable vein of gold in a hillside crag.

Hex Explored

7 Pharast
Stumbling upon a large amount of corpses, the party found a hole and was ambushed by a giant spider.

8 Pharast
Returned to Oleg's Trading Post. Brevoy noble Kesten Garess and a small troop of soldiers had arrived to provide the security that was badly needed and long requested. Kesten and his men set their small tents up just south of the stable, in the shadow of the palisade.

Kesten offered a reward for the capture of Falgrim Sneeg.

Claimed reward on the bandit bounty.

Loot recovered:
short sword (5)
leather armor (5)
silver stag amulet (10)
10 gold

Items sold:
5 leather (25 gold)
5 short swords (25 gold)
2 masterwork hand axes (306)
studded leather (12 gold)
5 daggers (5 gold)
=363 gold

Items purchased:
saddle (10 gold)

Stray Bandits 270
Giant Spider 400
Explored Thorn River Camp 200
Explored Gold Mine 200
Explored Spider Nest 200
Bandit Bounty 400
Total XP = 1670 / 4 = 417 XP per
Campaign XP total per = 1108

Party Gold Pool = 850
Additional 400 gold reward to be delivered by 14 Pharast

Unsold/unclaimed loot, stored at Olegs (prices set at resale value)
4 long bows (148)
silver earrings (75 gold)
music box (45 gold)
8 bottles of vegetable liquor (8 gold)
hides & pelts (60 gold)
2 silver stag amulet (20)

Session 5

8 Pharast - noon
Svetlana asked for Moon Radishes. Party departs in search of them, based on Oak's intimate knowledge of them.

Party finds Moon Radishes southwest of the trading post. They also find four kobolds gorged on them, and they defend the patch with their lives.

Returned to Olegs for Moon Radish Reward.

9 Pharast

Party meed a priest of Erastil, who has arrived at the trading post to offer Oleg his services. Jhod reports that news of the parties good deeds is beginning to spread. Jhod also mentions an abandoned temple in the deep woods, something that has been on his mind day and night.

Party heads west. Hex explored.

10 Pharast. Party continues west, and stumbles onto a network of iron claw traps. Kas takes a grevious leg wound, but 25 traps are collected and disarmed in the hex. Hex explored. While camping that night the party is ambushed by a group of bandits, who almost manage to overcome the good adventurers. They discover a bounty on one of the bandits. It seems the Stag Lord wants their heads.

300 gold - Moon Radish Reward
1 long bow (37)
5 short swords (25)
5 leather armor (25)

Party Gold Pool = 1150

Moon Radish Reward 400
4 Kobolds 400
Explored 2 hexes 400
5 bandits 675
Disarmed Array of Traps 400

Session XP = 569 per. Total character XP = 1677

Session 6

11 Pharast. Explored west. Found an ancient Cairn, and honored it with a prayer.

12 Pharast. Explored west.

13 Pharast. Explored south-east.

14 Pharast. Explored East. Tricked by Fey. Encountered shambling mound and found a dead trapper. -1 gold (offering).

15 Pharast. Explored East. Befriended Perlivash and Tyg Titter Tut.

XP Summary:

Explored Hexes 1,000
Honored Cairn 200
Befriended fey 600
Memorable Role Play 100
Session total = 1,900 / 4 = 475 per
Character total = 2152

Loot summary:
masterwork hand ax (153)
2 scrolls of cure light wounds
1 scroll unidentified
scroll pouch

Gold Pool = 1149 Gold

Session 7

15 Pharast - Evening - Party dines with the fey and sleeps peacefully under the stars.

16 Pharast - Parts explores east, where the moon radish patch was found.

17 Pharast - Party returns to Oleg's Trading Post. Unites with new recruits sent from Restov, on the same charter contract.

400 gold reward arrives for full filling bandit quota.

Party moves east and meets Bokken, and hermit potion maker. Bokken offers discounted potions if the party can bring him Fangberries.

18 Pharast - Bokken's Hex explored.

19 Pharast - Party explores east. Encounter with boar family was adverted.

20 Pharast - Party explores east. Ambushed by a worg. - Afternoon-

XP Summary:
Explored Hexes: 800
Boar encounter: 600
Worg: 600

Total XP = 2,000 / 6 = 333 XP per

For simplicity the new players can start with the same XP as everyone else.

XP totals at: 2485 each

Gold pool was divided by the original party member. Everyone should now be tracking their own gold/loot. (494 each for the original 3, before anything was purchased.) Nothing was sold.

Session 8

21 Pharast - Explored southwest

22 Pharast - Explored southwest
Attacked by worgs.

23 Pharast - Explored southwest
Discovered Nettle's Crossing - Asked to throw the Stag Lord in the River by a decomposing corpse.

24 Pharast - Explored west - Giant Sycamore
Ambushed by mites.

25 Pharast - Explored southwest
Discovered shallow river crossing.

26 Pharast - Explored West.
Discovered Fangberry Thicket
Attacked by chew spider swarm.
Acquired Fangberries for Bokken.

XP Summary:
Explored Hexes: 1,000
Worgs 1,200
mites 500
spider swarm 400
RP/Adventuring bonus 600

Total XP = 3700 / 4 = 925 per

Kas, Finn, Ahren, Garn = 3,410

Oak, Lhar 2,485

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Kingdom building turn 12

Stability Check
1d20 + 16 ⇒ (2) + 16 = 18
1d4 ⇒ 1

My Taxes Roll:
this is without unrest: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (8) + 19 = 27

turn 12 Event check 1d100 ⇒ 64

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

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