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Is there any rule that says these two spells can't be active in the same area? As in, "The wall if fire will burn away the stinking cloud" in any square they are both active in. Or some such. I have never encountered any rule like that.

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Do they make an image go bye-bye or no? On the one hand, "Every creature within the area of the spell is the target of a combat maneuver check made to grapple each round at the beginning of your turn, including the round that black tentacles is cast..."
On the other hand, an attack roll IS being made. (Grapple check) The figments ARE objects, (see the comments about cleaving images in the mirror image spell listing).
The tentacles don't "see" visually...they basically flail about blindly, and mirror image has no effect on blind attackers... Any input?

I have a character in my party who has Profession: Trapper. I know how much income he can make a week, with his skill check. My question, is there a source/rulebook/reference out there that assigns a gp value to a finished animal pelt, by type? Normal animals...beaver, rabbit, fox, wolf, etc.

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A creature is flying using a fly spell. Said creature becomes paralyzed. (Let's say by Ghoul touch from a spectral hand...or whatever). What happens? First, he stinks. :-) I assume it will come down to fly skill checks...concentration only is required. Anyone?

Ok...a pesky wizard has cast mirror image on himself. If I cast any of the swarm spells on him, (they do automatic damage), how does that affect the images? Do ALL the images take damage and vanish? None? Help!

Does the Stone shape spell work on a petrified creature? Say, A huge crocodile. Or whatever. The spell Soften Earth and stone states it does not work on stone or earth creatures...I take this as gargoyles/elementals and the like. Would Soften earth and stone work on petrified creatures? If you cast either of these spells on a petrified creature, and use them to remove parts. (tail, teeth, a jaw, heart, etc,) that creature would be screwed if it was ever changed back to flesh, right?

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A wizard casts one of the pit spells. Baddie falls into said pit. The wizard casts a horizontal wall of stone over said pit. When the duration of the pit spell ends, fun ensues... "When the duration of the spell ends, creatures within the hole rise up with the bottom of the pit until they are standing on the surface over the course of a single round."

My would gm's handle this situation? Squish? Save? Save details?

Hey there a trait, or any other way a wizard can get perception as a class skill? Obviously multi-classing would do it, but that is not an option...

Hi. If you successfully cast touch of idiocy on an opponent several times, does he lose the ability points for every casting, (down to a score of 1), or for just the first spell you hit him with? Does this spell stack with itself?

A spell like Blacklight effectively gives those within, (except the caster), the blinded condition. The blinded condition states some penalties, however, a penalty to a reflex save is not expressly addressed. Say a fireball was coming at a blinded (in total darkness) character. Or, one of the pit spells was cast beneath it, how would a reflex save be affected? Would the reflex save (being dexterity based), take the same penalty as AC? (Losing dex bonus to AC). Would the -4 penalty to dex-based skills apply? Would both of these figure in, or perhaps just the higher of the two?

Party Barbarian is silenced by party cleric. Barbarian allows the spell, (does not make will save), because he knows to do so. Barbarian runs up to nasty spellcastins foe. Let's please keep the response simple...DOES THE ENEMY CASTER GET A SAVE AS THE BARBARIAN MOVES TO HIM? No spell resistance is involved. Thank you for reading...

Please help...what is the level range for Kingmaker #3, Varnhold vanishing? What level does the module say the party is supposed to be at the end of the adventure? Please, no comments about GM style, etc...what does the module actually say? A pasted quote in a reply would be wonderful... Thank you.

Is there a Druid or Cleric spell that can enable an animal companion (or summoned animal, for that matter), to bypass DR x/good? Align weapon works on a weapon, but is there an equivalent for natural attacks? Help!

Our party finished the first two adventures in the series. We began VV recently. We are 7th level. We went straight to Varnhold, found a map to the Nomens, got the bow from the Spriggans, were informed of the missing Centaur daughter, and got directed to the Valley of the Dead.We are heading West, I assume to where something major awaits us. We have a bunch of quest sheets, and have solved none of them. We have explored (for 100 full day), a total of 7 hexes, on the way to (and including) Varnhold. Now we seem to be on the fast track to the end of the adventure. Out GM posted this:


"If I remember correctly we are on day 15 of the month. If you choose, you need to rescue the Varnhold villagers by day 25. This is not your only option. Resolution of the Varnhold disappearance may not be your highest priority. That is up to you.

However I just want to be clear that events are not held in stasis until you decide to address them. Your choices have consequences"


Does this seem...abnormally abrupt to anyone who has played or GMed VV? Again, we are 7th level, and just beat the Soul eater and Zombie Cyclops...

Ok, the rules say: "Temporary Bonuses: Temporary increases to your Wisdom (or whatever stat), score give you a bonus on Wisdom-based skill checks and Will saving throws. This bonus also applies to any spell DCs based on Wisdom.

Permanent Bonuses: Ability bonuses with a duration greater than 1 day actually increase the relevant ability score after 24 hours. Modify all skills and statistics as appropriate. This might cause you to gain skill points, hit points, and other bonuses. These bonuses should be noted separately in case they are removed."

The example above was for a Wisdom increasing item such as a Headband of Inspired Wisdom. My question would apply to any headband or belt which grants an enhancement bonus to 1 or more abilities.

What happens after 24 hours? The bonus is permanent, and the item no longer affects the wearer? I'm assuming the item doesn't "go dead", so to speak. Do you have to wear the item 24/7, or can you take it off to sleep, etc? Can another party member then put on the item and benefit from it? That seems quite powerful, but after reading it over and over, that is the impression I get.

Won't you please help? (Sally Struthers)

Ok, as a player, we are effectively going into the Varnhold module with 8 hexes claimed. We have taken a total of 28 monthly game turns, both at the table, and online during this overall adventure. (2 modules completed so far). Bad rolls initally, and being unfamiliar with the Kingdom rules in general slowed us down significantly in the early going. As a player, I would like to know how many hexes had been claimed at the start of the Varnhold module, by as many gm's and players as possible. It seems 8 is way below where we should be. I'm looking for an "upper end"...the MAX number of hexes any group has controlled at this point, and a "lower end", which is very likely my group currently. the modules specifically state how many hexes we should have claimed at any given point? Thanks!

Hey all...we wrapped up the second module in the Stolen lands series, and took a break from playing for some 9 months. We just resumed with the Varnhold module. We had slain the owlbear, but didn't play out the return to town before stopping playing rather abruptly. Was there any type of reward or bonus in the module as written for slaying the Owlbear, being the apparent boss monster and climax of the entire module? Please help, and thank you.

As a Druid, can you be affected with a spell that targets an animal, or animals, if you are wildshaped into an animal at the time it is cast? If so, when you return to your normal form, it obviously doesn't function, but would it still be working if you wildshape back to an animal form? (assuming the duration hasn't expired).

Ok, A druid wildshapes into...whatever. The Druid is using the beastshape spell, (as beastshape)... Physical abilities are altered by size...

"Small animal: If the form you take is that of a Small animal, you gain a +2 size bonus to your Dexterity and a +1 natural armor bonus.

Medium animal: If the form you take is that of a Medium animal, you gain a +2 size bonus to your Strength and a +2 natural armor bonus."

That was Beastshape 1...My question, What are my ability scores as the creature I end up being? My own mental, but physical would be mine, modified by the spell? Or...the bestiary animal entry, modified by the spell? Help!

I thought I remembered a rule about summoning creatures that states you can't summon something into an enemy space, but I can't find the rule. If I were to summon stirges (tiny), could they appear in an enemy space and attack, or would they have to appear in an adjacent space, and then move into the target's space to attack? (drawing an attack of opportunity.) Summon Nature's Ally states: "...The summoned ally appears where you designate and acts immediately, on your turn." Where is the rule that says a creature can not be summoned into an enemy space? Thanks in advance.

Can the effects of the "Death or Glory" feat be combined with Haste? As written, it seems they could be used simultaneously. Even combined with the "Vital Strike" feats. Death or Glory CAN be combined with the Vital Strike feats, can the character then be hasted? Any input?

Since a hero point can be used to bolster an attack roll or save by 8 (if announced before rolling), would you, as a gm, allow it to increase the save dc of a spell you are about to cast by 8 as well? You aren't lowering the target's resistance are increasing your own dc by 8 for one spell that HAS to get through. Seems equivalent to an attack roll...

The Cleric casts silence on the burly fighter...The burly fighter (quietly) charges up to the enemy caster who has Spell Resistance. Does the enemy caster get to try his SR against the silence spell, or can he just not cast verbal spells unless he moves out of the radius of the silence?

Hey all...Can you partially recharge a wand? Say you have a wand with a few charges left. Can you divide the cost of a new wand by 50 (charges in a new wand), and put, say...10 charges into the existing wand, for 1/5 the cost of a new wand?

A PC wishes to climb a wall. A caster casts Grease on said wall. What is the DC to climb the greased wall? Is it unclimbable? What if the climber has Spider Climb cast on him?

Let me add...If anyone has other good house rules, please include. Thanks.

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Hey all. I have been reading the description of Mirror Image. It seems to be saying that magic missile with multiple missiles at different figments won't work like in the old days. (1st, 2nd, and all the 3rd editions)of D&D. Since magic missile is not a roll-to-hit spell... Can someone please clarify whether magic missile can still be used to get rid of multiple figments? Thanx

If a monster has damage reduction, how does this work against attacks from creatures, other monsters, or falling into a spiked pit? Can a summoned creature strike a monster that has DR that requires a certain alignment, or magical plus, or whatever? If a Demon, (or whatever), needs a holy weapon to be able to strike and damage it, does this mean a Dragon can do it no harm? There must be a rule that addresses this issue, but I have been unable to locate it...

Here's one for you guys...The detect Magic spell: "...The spell can penetrate barriers, but 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it." Suppose a magic item is under water? You are standing on a dungeon floor, and a magic ring, for example, is under 6" of water in a small pool, or font. Does it glow? Say it's 12" deep? 3 feet? What if the water is dirty? Must you stick your head under water to look for magic auras?... are in a closed 15x15 room, and some shmuck wizard casts a fireball into that room from way above . There is nowhere to dodge to. Can you still make a dex save at all? There was an adventure a few years back in 3rd edition?...that the party was levitating down a large cylinder, and the vampire/wizard cast a cone of cold up the cylinder. The module specifically stated that there could be no save against the effect, everyone took full damage. Is there a rule that addresses this currently? Common sense should dictate, but...

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Help!!! This will come up in my group shortly. Is there any rule that says a caster of Summon Nature's Ally (or Summon Monster, for that matter), can only have creatures summoned from one active spell at a time? In other words, a 7th level caster summons 3 stirges on round one of combat. He used a 3rd level Summon spell to do so. These creatures will last 7 rounds before disappearing. Is there a rule that says this caster can't cast another summon spell on the following round, adding additional creatures to the battle? What about casting this spell 3 or more times in a row? I can't find any rule that prohibits doing so. If there is such a rule, can someone point it out to me? Thank you in advance.