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As a Druid, can you be affected with a spell that targets an animal, or animals, if you are wildshaped into an animal at the time it is cast? If so, when you return to your normal form, it obviously doesn't function, but would it still be working if you wildshape back to an animal form? (assuming the duration hasn't expired).

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I would say not, spell targets are most likely based on creature type and when you are wild shape your type is still humanoid.

Essentially, when you polymorph you don't become the thing, you just look a lot like it.

Edit: You might want to take a quick read through of the Polymorph section in the Magic chapter, there are a lot of quirks to polymorph.

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A wildshaped druid is still a humanoid (or whatever type she is normally). Spells that target animals don't work on her.

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