Varnhold Vanishing question...Help please!


Our party finished the first two adventures in the series. We began VV recently. We are 7th level. We went straight to Varnhold, found a map to the Nomens, got the bow from the Spriggans, were informed of the missing Centaur daughter, and got directed to the Valley of the Dead.We are heading West, I assume to where something major awaits us. We have a bunch of quest sheets, and have solved none of them. We have explored (for 100 full day), a total of 7 hexes, on the way to (and including) Varnhold. Now we seem to be on the fast track to the end of the adventure. Out GM posted this:


"If I remember correctly we are on day 15 of the month. If you choose, you need to rescue the Varnhold villagers by day 25. This is not your only option. Resolution of the Varnhold disappearance may not be your highest priority. That is up to you.

However I just want to be clear that events are not held in stasis until you decide to address them. Your choices have consequences"


Does this seem...abnormally abrupt to anyone who has played or GMed VV? Again, we are 7th level, and just beat the Soul eater and Zombie Cyclops...

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I think your GM is trying to hint that there's something else pressing going on.

Now, I don't know what that is specifically, but I would definately look back and see if any townsfolk (in your own kingdom) have been mentioning any rumors lately....

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Stop trying to figure this out out-game, and simply deal with it in-game.. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it'll only make your characters more human ;)

Issue being that the Varnhold Vanishing has a very strong plot, and if your players follow it, then it can be a speedy concluded module.

Certainly figuring it out in game would be the better option in my opinion because that was you can pose it to your group. Ultimately, don't worry about it, just enjoy the game

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I won't sell you on what action to take as I think players should do what they will, but your DM might be one of those who would say something similar if at 1st level you made a beeline for the Stag Lord's fortress. Me, I like the game a lot more if my players do what's right for them. If that means rescuing the villagers ASAP, then go for it.

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