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Hey all...we wrapped up the second module in the Stolen lands series, and took a break from playing for some 9 months. We just resumed with the Varnhold module. We had slain the owlbear, but didn't play out the return to town before stopping playing rather abruptly. Was there any type of reward or bonus in the module as written for slaying the Owlbear, being the apparent boss monster and climax of the entire module? Please help, and thank you.

Nope, not that I could find. When I ran it I don't remember giving out a bonus either.

There is a sidebar on page 49 of the module detailing what you get for slaying the Owlbear. It is all kingdom building stuff, though, so if you are ignoring that part you don't get anything.

Perhaps Wraithstrike overlooked the top right of page 49 in the Rivers Run Red adventure...

Quest: Hunting the Beast
The PCs must track down the owlbear and destroy it.
Source: No one assigns the PCs this quest—the
owlbear’s attack on town should spur them into action.
Task: Slay the enormous owlbear at area V6!
Completion: Either one month after the owlbear’s
defeat (when it becomes obvious that the peril is no more)
or immediately upon displaying physical proof of the
monster’s defeat in public (such as its head or a claw), the
PCs’ kingdom gains the quest reward.
Reward: The destruction of the owlbear brings no
additional monetary gain apart from treasure looted from
its den, but the feat bolsters the kingdom’s morale, the
PCs’ fame, and the safety of all. Increase Economy, Loyalty,
and Stability by 4, and reduce Unrest to 0.

Hope this helps

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