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My order of Pathfinder Scenarios from August is still pending. And I noticed only two of the four scenarios in the order are in my downloadable contents. Any reason why this is so? I'll hear from you. :)

Hey, could you please cancel my Starfinder Society subscription?

Thanks :)

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MagicJMS wrote:
It looks like for some reason Paizo didn't include the three levels of the Tanessen Tower maps in their "Tomorrow Must Burn" PDFs. Has anyone made these on their own?

I see that they're not in the interactive maps, but they are in the adventure.

The first floor (or sixth floor) is on page 41 and the other two floors on page 43.

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Darrell Impey UK wrote:

Page 59, Ghlaunder: "Cleric Spells 1st: goblin pox, 2nd: vomit swarm (Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide), 3rd: insect form"

Oh yes? Is this preperation for the forthcoming APG in August, or a mistake referring to the 1E version?

In the appendix you'll se even more references to the APG, and I'm pretty sure it's the upcoming one.

It turns the ground slippery with wet plants. I guess the terrain will be difficult til it's cleaned up or the area dries up. But the first one who triggers it will be so surprised and slips and falls prone if they don't pass the Reflex save.

Troodos wrote:
why is this in the February releases on the front page if it isn't out until late March?

The front page is kind of buggy, if you click March, and then February again, you will get the right releases for february.

TwilightKnight wrote:
Forgive me, but this thread is too long to review in its entirety. I am wondering what the reasoning was to include all the stat-block info for each of the primary deities except their preferred weapon? Seems like an obvious omission. I know I can look in the CRB for that info, but the same could be said of their domains, etc. Just seems odd to leave that one item out

Um, they left out everything that's in the core book for the 20 core deities? Not just weapons. They just added new "stats/info" to be used with new rules from this book.

Mosnster and Hazard creation guide for PF2 is free to download here: Linked

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The Mechanical Carny on page 86 says it's possible to replace some of its Berserk-abilites (Berserk and Berserk Slam) to other listed abilites.
But the stat block does not show any Berserk-abilites.

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Fumarole wrote:
Jorsalheim wrote:
The Bida can grab people. But how do you guys calculate the DC to escape from it's grab when there is no Atheltics in the stat block to use? Assume it's Expert or Master in Athletics? Use the same DC as it's Constrict? :)

From the Bestiary, page 5: "Skills The creature is trained or better in these skills. For untrained skills, use the corresponding ability modifer."

Athletics isn't listed in the bida's stat block, and its strength is +6. This means the bida's athletics DC is 16.

Thanks, sometimes the answers are there, right in the book. Just not the ones I was looking in :-)

The Bida can grab people. But how do you guys calculate the DC to escape from it's grab when there is no Atheltics in the stat block to use? Assume it's Expert or Master in Athletics? Use the same DC as it's Constrict? :)

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Valantrix1 wrote:
Ok, early in the adventure you come across a piece of treasure called a staff of marvelous medicines. I haven't come across this anywhere before. Am I missing it somewhere, or did this get cut for space? Any suggestions on what I should replace it with

Not presented as a staff, but it could have these properties:

CRB p 574

And give it the staff traits maybe?

lazar wrote:
Can anyone explain the value of this item. Does it hold multiple kits or something, or just one?

Here is what I read:

The mechanical benefit: You get artisan's tool at 1 Bulk instead of 2 Bulk.

It transforms objects (not really specified which other than up to 1 bulk objects) to tools used in a spesific trade (i.e. hammer for carpenting), and enough objects (number not specified) transformed, makes the belt useable as an artisan tool for the trade (i.e. carpenting).

I think those objects doesn't ad to the Bulk and the Artisan's tool is therfore 1 Bulk (the Bulk of the belt) instead of 2 Bulk (in CRB).

If I'm wrong, I don't get the value either :D

Colette Brunel wrote:
What is the range on the seedpods?

The Leaf Leshy in the Bestiary has a seedpod range of 30 feet. The other Leshies also has ranged seed/pod attacks with 30 feet. It would make sense if this had a similar range.

Zaister wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
We want to start "Age of Ashes" in november and i don't want to start without it.
...if your players want to look into the new archetypes, they're all up on Archives of Nethys.

All the rules stuff from the book are at the Archives of Nethys at this link

Bookdepository has it's release date at 10th of September. So I guess we'll just have to wait an extra couple of weeks over here. :)

GM Ash wrote:
Is there an email for customer service having a problem with my subscription?

It's on the bottom of the page.

But I think they respond quicker to posts in the customer service part of the forums.

David knott 242 wrote:
Jorsalheim wrote:
Cruel Illusion wrote:
Are there any new ancestries and/or heritages in this book?

I think it's only new thematic Backgrounds for the regions, and a new Archetype for each region.

But in October you'll get the Character Guide, and that's going to be filled with new heritages and four new ancestries and nearly 100 new ancestry feats.

Just three new ancestries: Hobgoblin, Leshy, and Lizardfolk.

My bad, I don't know where I had the four from. Multitasking can be a hard feat to master. :)

Blave wrote:

I don't remember the details (and I don't care enough to look them up), but in the Focus Spell section of the spell chapter, there's something along the lines of "If you get a Focus Spell, you also get a Focus Pool." There's also a sidebar explaining that if you get a Focus Pool when you already have one, you get +1 FP for your first pool instead. The Example is in a sidebar and gives some Multiclassing as an example, but fails to sate that this is ONLY true for multiple Focus Pools from multiclassing.

So some players said that you always get a Focus Point when you get a new Focus Spell (up to 3, of course).

Again, don't quote me on the details, I haven't looked it up lately. But it was something like that. As I said, I don't agree with that interpretation.

It's probably this from the sidebar that get's them:
p302 wrote:
"If you have multiple abilities that give you a focus pool, each one adds 1 Focus Point to your pool."

And yes, the Druidic Order gives you a pool (=1 point), but the Wild or Wild Shape doesn't give you a pool or a point. Just a spell.

Edit: Or if I read from the start of the sidebar, I can probably get the mix up. But it still says you get points for things that gives you a focus pool, not by getting more spells...:

still 302 wrote:

"It’s possible, especially through archetypes, to gain focus spells and Focus Points from more than one source. If this happens, you have just one focus pool, adding all the Focus

Points together to determine the total size of your pool. If you have multiple abilities that give you a focus pool, each one adds 1 Focus Point to your pool."

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Cruel Illusion wrote:
Are there any new ancestries and/or heritages in this book?

I think it's only new thematic Backgrounds for the regions, and a new Archetype for each region.

But in October you'll get the Character Guide, and that's going to be filled with new heritages and four new ancestries and nearly 100 new ancestry feats.

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Blave wrote:

Before I answer, note that this is my interpretation of the rules. The rules on gaining Focus Points aren't exactly written very clearly, and some people will argue that you start with 2 Focus Points because you have two Focus Powers (Wild Morph and Wild Sape). I however, do not think this is the case.

Is this really an discussion out there? Yeah you get two Focus spells, but neither the Wild-order or the Wild Shape feat says that you increase the Focus pool. Leaf and Storm says that you do increase the pool, so that should also point to how Wild should be read. I thought that the text was clear, but then English isn't my first language ;)

I'm amazed! Four characters on one person under a timed session, and doing that good. Really amazing accomplishment!

Mechalibur wrote:
Sorry if this has been brought up elsewhere, but I'm looking at the interactive maps, and there doesn't seem to be a "Player View" option like there was in other Pathfinder interactive maps. It's causing the "S" for secret doors to show up no matter which options I select. Anyone else running into this issue?

Got the same issue here.

I ordered the PDFs of the Bestiary and the Rulebook, but it says it's pending. I got the Core Rulebook in my downloads, but not the Bestiary yet. Is this an error?

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Voss wrote:

Huh. I imagine that claiming a Hellknight fortress as their own (abandoned or not) will never cause the party any grief, or cause any hard feelings or antipathy among other groups anywhere on the continent.

It's fine, it's all fine here.

Given that it's the Order of the Nail (who are all about bringing civilization to savages) and it's currently abandoned to what they likely regard as savages, taking it over and fixing it up (and thus 'reclaiming it for civilization') is almost certain to win their friendship more than their dislike. This is particularly true if one of the PCs is interested in becoming a Hellknight (which one of the player's guide backgrounds suggests).

Plus, even if they objected, as long as the PCs claim is legal by the laws of the land they're in the Hellknights have their hands tied.

I also think that the player guide background you're probably talking about also hints on why the Nail will accept it.

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One wild guess on why one would select to show liveplays of their stuff on Geek & Sundry: Their 2 million subscribers on YouTube. It's going to reach a lot more people than doing a liveplay on Paizo's own YouTube-channel.

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To the 2nd point. Though they don't have any story element, I would think it's possible to use the random scenario templates as stand alone scenarios or "side quests".

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BR Dinketry wrote:
I'm still hoping that we actually get physical cards one day!

The last line of the blog:

"And in the near future, they’ll also be available as a print-on-demand card set from our friends at DriveThru Cards. (After they go live, we’ll mention it in a future blog.)"

cdietschrun wrote:

Can you point me at these Class or Character decks that would let us play the Dragon's Demand with 5 or 6 players, without needing to open the Curse of the Crimson Throne yet? Or is that not possible?

There is a bunch of Class Decks here and Add On decks here

You'll need to use the Transition guide in the rulebook when using them.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Now I want to see an AP in which the PCs are in a band that tours Golarion (or at least the Inner Sea region) . . . .

The band-thing is pretty close to the theme of the second AP if I remember what was told on PaizoCon correctly

It's a link to the list in the "Downloads" section of the product description:

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In the Example of Play in the rulebook the first player plays blessings and uses the hour on the same check.

Longshot11 wrote:

I hope there's a lot more to "Chase the Quarry" in the book itself than the screenshot up there, because half the things Keith claimed about that scenario cannot be inferred by the text shown.

I got most of it except choosing the theme for the locations part. But I guess there is going to be some kind of general "How to play random scenarios" rules before the scenarios in the rulebook?

Fumarole wrote:
Was a week skipped for episode 3 of Oblivion Oath, or was the YouTube video for episode 2 uploaded early?

Hmm, episode 3 is allready on Twitch. So it's not skipped a week. It looks like they streamed it Monday, April 22?

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Rysky wrote:


The mention of "Core Rulebook" made me think it was for 2e.

Oh, I wasn't thinking about that. Sorry if anyone got things in a mix :) But since this was a question about the adventure path box, I thought it was nice to refer to the core box rules. :)

The mention that there will be brief conversion notes in the rulebook in this blog post.

CajunAtx wrote:

The existing characters from previous releases will all work with the new stuff? Will there be a conversion guide for the old terminology and text?


It's the intention that the old stuff will work with the new stuff. I think they announced that the Core rulebook will have some conversion guide in it.

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th3razzer wrote:
Athenos wrote:

Is it just me or are the maps in the PDF, lower rez than usual?

Especially the ship interior in the back of the PDF is low-rez for me. I can barely make out any details.

I am seeing the same thing, too. It's not just you. Why are they so low-rez?

It looks like they had an issue with the maps in the PDF this time, because I just bought the PDF and have the same problem. And some people in the Costumer Service forums also has it.

I'll hope they upload a better version soon :)

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Reading and loving it :)

The theme is appropriate to use in any AP, and would be very easy to link with the theme in this adventure.
Sorry, I don't get your second question.

Master_Grabnar wrote:
Definitely feels like I made a mistake now. I just have to cancel before May right?

Yeah, you'll get a mail that tells you when they're handling orders for subscriptions, so you can wait to react until then.

I'm probably opting out too since I'm also in Europe+. But I'll wait for some news on the subscriptions.

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sweetestsadist wrote:

First of all, the word proficient by itself is meaningless to people unfamiliar with the game.

Um... You'd think that would be explained in the rules? I would think many of the words is meaningless more or less for people unfamiliar with the game without reading the rules/learning the rules from someone familiar with the game.

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While I do like the layout of the cards, I also find the background kind of busy and those curly lines in some of the art strange. Why draw those over some of the fine art. But I'm looking forward to more of PACG, and it will probably make sense as I get the cards in my hands this spring/summer :)

darth_borehd wrote:
Bit weird it starting at level 7. Will this AP go all the way level 20 then?

It's a three part AP, so it will only have three adventures, and I think it will stop on level 12 or 13.

Nice to see it's a problem for more people than me. Looks like an issue on Paizo's side.

I enjoy the new front page. Easy to look through this months new Paizo products :)

I haven't had time to play them all and I play mostly solo, but my first loves was RotR Kyra and Valeros.
Then in S&S I kind of almost got a party wipe with some of the new characters, so I went into the box and got S&S Valeros to help out. But I got to say that my whole crew of Valeros, Damiel, Feiya and Alahazra was fun gang. And Alahazra was a lifesaver in the last couple of adventures, with her gazing at the stars.
Getting to know the characters in the other two sets still.

But usually when I look for favorite characters, it's the looks/flavor that get's me. Here's a list of character's I'm going to play some day based on this (In no particular order):
Darago - The first Necromancer.
Zetha - Walking the Shadows.
Emil - Pitborn Assasin!
WU Shen - Gloomy
Wrathack - The reason why we can't have nice things.
Angban/SKizza - duo. The flavor of those is a nice match.
Heggal - he reminds me of me.
Meliski - he reminds me of me.

Also looking forward to see how the Mesmerist, Ninja and Shapeshifter works.

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It's out.

Big Spoiler!:
And a new playable race :)

Codcake wrote:

I was trolling about on coolstuffinc and came across:

PACG Ultimate Magic Add-on deck
PACG Ultimate Combat Add-on deck

Supposedly to release in March of 2018...

I had not heard any news about these, and it has my full attention.

Edit: oh yeah... plus Hayato the samurai!!

These where announced in July:

and a design article in October:

and a extra Ultimate-deck announced in November

I'm so looking forward to these :D

Started subscribing today, after listening to all the episodes yesterday (slow sunday). And what do you know, a new episode! Thank's for the great content :)

Yeah, I have same question as Frencois. If she's going to be included in a future subscriber shipment, I really don't need to get her right away. But if not, she's going in the next order I put in.

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