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Sorry this is a Little bit oftopick, but does anyone else has problems of finding anything after this website update?
The pathfinder fast link is Empty, the society fast link in empty... so a lot of dead ends?
Hopefully temporary problem?

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You're not alone. Throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and head over to the Website Feedback forums *LINK*

Specifically I think they want feedback in this thread *LINK*

BTW there are two links there, in case you had trouble seeing them.

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Roger, so bugs when making everything new. Thanks! I will wait a couple of days and come back when most pesky Goblins have been washed out of the code paths :)

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I really like the new look.

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I'm a cantankerous curmudgeon, so I'm still cursing the change to the appearance of this beloved site, but probably it will grow on me, eventually.

The landing page paizo.com does look much slicker now, which is probably a good thing.

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It seems to me, from both the look and the comments in the thread about the update, that this is one step in a journey of updating the site. I'd expect more to come. All that to say, hold off on judgement a bit until you see the final product. Much of the design change seems geared towards implementing a good mobile experience.

I already like a few things about it, such as the forums being full width.

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Yep. Change is always hard but the end justifye the journey!
I am optimistic that the end result will be a worth of it!

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There's a grumpy cat meme-- "There's two things I don't like: Change and the way things are"

I left some feedback in the thread. I really do like where this is going, though quite a few things bother me at the moment. Same thing happened on another forum I visit but after a few months they worked out all the kinks and it's now an overall better experience.

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I enjoy the new front page. Easy to look through this months new Paizo products :)

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