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Say I have a party crossing a bridge with a large ogre, ettin, or cyclops type on the other side. I'd like the enemy to ran into the party and knocking some of them off the bridge to the creek below. however bull rush only pushes someone directly back and overrun says knocks them prone, not necessarily off to the side. Is there some maneuver to push them off the bridge?

so, a party of 4th vs a single harpy. They are going along a cliff side trail and encounter the harpy. when she sings there may be a couple to lose their saving throw.

1. what if they are already at the brink of the cliff. will the first saving throw failure drop them off the cliff since they don't have to move to the edge in the first place? I'm thinking not, that they get two chances to save regardless.

2. how deep a ravine should I have. I don't want to kill them on a suck or save concept. I'm thinking 4d6 for 4th levels, or something like what the harpy would be doing if she were to attack. which would be no more that 2d8 + 2d6, which still seems way to much because normally all 4 attacks would not hit. so maybe 2d6 falling damage?

I have an idea for my party that would add some color to their game. A magic trap that gives them something like rabbit ears, monkey tail or such for role playing. but other than baleful polymorph I don't see much to accomplish this. they would either get slipped a magic draught, drink from a magic spring, or such. other than 'just make it up', is there some spell to do this?

is terrifying croak a free action?

The boggard will attack from the water. Sneaks via swimming in, waits. Croaks, Attacks and swims away. Rinse and repeat.

this is the plan anyway, :P

I'm designing an encounter with a magma elemental at the bottom of a mine ending in a volcanic area. There is thick lava everywhere,with areas of small rock islands. It will take the party a few moves to get to the elemental and I thought surely it could have a range weapon of throwing gobs of thick lava at them as it moves towards them. I'd guess 2d6 damage on a hit with the 1d6 afterwards for a round or two.

I have a party of level 6 and I want them to encounter goblins. If I go by the xp chart I need 18 goblins. Yet, only about 3 of them could hit AC20 doing 6 pts of damage, not hardly a threat. I thin I'd need about 60 to get probability of to hit and damage equal to a level equal encounter, say like a woolly rhino.

so, any advice on how many goblins it actually takes to be a level 6 encounter?

and then there is the how many hobgobins would it take or bugbears. I don't want to overwhelm the party but 18 goblins doesn't seem like even a speed bump.

hey, as a DM i've a question. if the party is walking down the passageway all the monster has to do is roll a DC10 perception to hear them. yet if someone is sneaking ahead of them it is a perception vs stealth roll. and at level 1 it's stealth + roll, so if he rolls low, say 2 + bonus say, 5, the monster could hear him easier.

am i seeing this correctly?

I have the party facing a hydra. it looks like they are not to hard to kill if everyone goes for the body. but i thought if it was in a tunnel only as wide as it was they couldn't hit the body and would actually have to hit the heads. the question is what if they could enmasse bull rush it back into it's cave so they could get to the body. it says bull rush is only 1 size larger, and this is huge. so, if they get desperate to push it back as a tactic, could they do it enmasse. i like the idea of them working as a team. they are not rules sticklers, but i'd rather not take to much liberties with the RAW.

So the intrepid party enters a room only to find the wall is closing to squish them into goo at the end of the room. Fighter starts to push against it and calls for help. say the DC str check is 20. He pushes and rolls a 16, and +3 str gets a 19. the three companions all roll to aid and two get a 10 adding their str modifiers to achieve this. for a total of a +4 which meets or beats the DC20 so the wall is stopped that round. I'm guessing this is how the rules work.

the question is, if the fighter blows his roll and gets a 5, his feet were not set well on the stone floor I'd guess. but one of the others roll a 16, 11, and 12. would you then say that the 16 is the main pusher and the other two are aiding him for a total of 20 or was it a failure since they all said they were aiding the fighter.

and if the wall is wide enough for all 4 to push on their own is it a different matter on how this plays out?

or is this not a str check at all and a 'bull rush' or such with a CMB vs a CMD?

I know they level up at 7. I can't see any reason to start with a small cat when you could start with a big cat to start with.

Ability roll Race Mod Final
STR 11 -2 = 9
DEX 16 +2 = 18
CON 11 = 11
INT 14 = 14
WIS 15 +2 = 17
CHA 10 = 10

I just put the higher numbers in his normal best abilities as seemed fitting. I can think of druid, maybe archer warpriest, or cleric, but any advice is cool. you can move stats as seems best if you want.

and could I use it at the same time as a sword?

If my players met one of these and as far as they know they could all have the curse of lycanthropy, and send them to the local cleric for a cure?

and if they met a cleric of less than sterling alignment, he's sell them a 'cure' for 800 gp that they didn't need?

and could a player tell if ones of these animals was indeed a lycanthrope without running a lab test on it? lol. Or would they get a knowledge nature to tell it was a lycanthrope?

as in, how could a player know if a regular animal was cursed or not.

Suppose I have a DC20 for a medium character to fit through a small cavern tunnel. What kind of DC would you advise for a small character to make? Or a large creature? I can't seem to find info on this.

As young characters grow up, we all know they start low and grow up. Old school an 18 was rare indeed, and if you put a +2 on it for a 20 that was phenomenal. Using a couple of famous guys, Schwarzenegger and André the Giant, I'd guess a Str of 18 and 20 respectively. Trying to put realize to fantasy is always a trap for me.

Also, would you actually allow the numbers to exceed 18 or 20 as they level up?

The question is, would any GMs out there limit the lvl 1 stats to 18 for their party?

Somehow it always seems mind boggling to me to have a party of basically teenagers starting out with such incredible numbers. True, they are heroes, but I'm sure even Hercules wasn't as buff as some of the guys at my table. :P Which makes me wonder what his stats would be like as a demigod.

It's a no brainer to say an arcane lock on your front door keeps people out of your house. But if they enter through a window, can they open it up to leave?

And can it be an either/or if the wizard wishes?

What size is a wererat in its animal form? rat size, dire rat size or something of a medium size? and what stats would go with a medium sized one?
And for the werebat, it's either diminutive common bat or large for dire bat?

and when a player morphs into the animal size, how big is he?

If you are on a 2 foot ledge, the acrobatics is a 5 and is considered negligible unless under certain conditions to make it dangerous. What about if you are fighting on a ledge? I'm guessing maybe a +5 as if it were slippery to make the player need a acrobatic check of 10 to stay on the ledge. Does this sound right?

can a gnome catch lycanthropy from a medium or large were-beast? what does "within one size category" mean?

I have a small keep with a werewolf in charge, however the staffing would be a problem with all the guards worried about being attacked once a month.

Does wearing wolfsbane keep werewolves away?

How would the guards stay safe when their liege lord became a werewolf?

or is it a case, that they all ran for it and the keep is now abandoned?

and would silver holy symbols do the job or is that for vampires only?

um, with the 3 forms of lycanthropy, human, hybrid, and beast form. can a player catch it from any bite or scratch from any of the three? say, John Q Citizen in human form is a brawler in a bar and ends up biting the player in a tussle, but however he is a werewolf unchanged in the day time. Is the party member in danger of contracting the curse?

And on a side note, during a full moon and the man is in wolf form, when would he ever be in hybrid form? just for the short round while changing into a wolf? I wonder what I am missing.

Hi, I'm looking at some reason a bad evil guy would steal a virgin, maybe to use in some evil rite or such. Is there actually any rule or reason a virgin would be useful? So far I've only run across the word in context to a unicorn.

Vaguely there was something where an evil bad guy had put his heart in box and kept the box in a mountain far away, and as long as his heart was safe, he couldn't be killed. This is different that how a lich works, as I see it. So, is there some spell that would do this?

hi, I'm looking at making a large dungeon without the party being able to get back to town. I hear that after 4 to 5 encounters the party should be tapped out for spells and such. So,how do you design it so the party isn't sleeping down inside of it day after day after day in order to work their way through it. It's easy enough to leave healing potions to keep them alive, but the spell casters would suffer without their nightly beauty sleep. is there a standard way to deal with these issues? the GM guide is silent (or i over looked that part). what is the norm when designing encounters quantities?

hi, if I have a lvl 1 fighter with a heavy flail and 18 str, my CMB is 7+(my roll) and I have to beat a (say) 14+10 to disarm. That means I need at least a 17 to disarm. But if it has an AC of say 15 I only need to roll a 10 or more to hit to do damage. The odds are always better to hit than disarm.

So, when is it better to try disarm? is it mainly for monks or lore wardens? should I try it mainly on those non-melee foes like a wizard to get his wand out of his hands? or is it when I start getting more than one attack and try it first and if I fail, then continue on hitting?

A friend said there was a trait to sell stuff at 85% instead of 50%, but I can't find it anywhere. Was he thinking old rules from 3.5 or such?

It's time to choose between dwarven waraxe or dwarven longhammer for weapon focus. We are starting and I'm not sure which critters tend to have DR vs one or the other. Which do people prefer?

The elephant is a huge animal, but if you look at animal companions there are medium ones and large ones. Could I wild shape into a medium elephant and then two levels later opt for the large elephant, and then two levels later ratchet it up to the normal sized huge elephant. The stats are already laid out for these other sized elephants, it seems that it should be ok.

It doesn't say, (as far as my limited knowledge nature tell me) that you can't take smaller types of creatures. Say I wanted to play a young version of an elephant, as that way I could fit into a 5' hallway or such.

Is it mainly all for combat and should be designed that way? Some people mention that the pet dies because they keep being used as meat shields. I thought the 'role' of your pet was for combat. Other than the occasional 'fetch me a beer". I've no intention of treating my pet in a cavalier way.

If I start out as a elf reincarnated druid, and I die and come back as anything other than elf, can I still take a racial feat like "attuned to the wild" or one of it's follow ups like "guardian of the wild"?

We are seriously looking at Mummy's Mask. Using a spear could I keep a mummy from laying hands on me while the others attack at range? Hoping it wouldn't walk up the spear shaft like in the movies, lol.

And if there is a spear running through it's body, would it have a lower attack bonus? I'd think it kind of hard to fight normally with a spear stuck in you.

if a mummy slams me i have to save vs mummy rot, but what if I unarmed attack it and make a hit. do I need to save then too? would gloves be a safe alternative? what if I wore a robe and burnoose? maybe why they are popular in the desert.

I look at a few of the brawler types, bruiser, brutal pugilist, and wonder how they could fare at high levels. I don't see Fezzik using a +5 weapon or wearing mithral armor. throwing rocks or using ox yokes as weapons sounds neat, but in the long run, could you do enough damage without having a strength of 40 or survive? overcoming some heave DR seems impossible to me. I don't know the rules and all the bits and pieces of archtypes to know how to pull it off. Is it even possible? I can't see Fezzik ever using great axes or swords even, he's more a rock, club kind of guy with a lot of combat moves to boot. No combat expertise for him though with a subpar intelligence. he's no monk or unarmed fighter using monk weapons. any clues?

from a reincarnated druid
Cheat Death (Ex)
At 9th level, once per day, a reincarnated druid may reroll a save against a death effect, energy drain, or necromancy effect before the result of the roll is revealed, or reroll a failed stabilization check while dying. She must take the result of the second roll, even if it is worse than the original roll.

how does this work
1. roll and hide the result from everyone, and then decide to reroll
2. roll it and hide from even myself, have a bad feeling and reroll

just what does "before it is revealed" mean?

It looks like we will play Mummy's Mask. I did roll 4d6 drop lowest, man. A 2 1 1 1, right off the bat. I can only think of int or cha, but both seem risky with Mummy's curses and such. I rolled my race, half orc, and I have a 15 high score, a 17 does sound nice with the +2. but should I raise up the 4 to a 6, or keep the 4 and just where would I put the thing.

I'm looking at a druid and it seems it's either mainly a spell caster or a wild shape options. I don't see much on using a weapon as a druid, is it just not done? I was thinking of going teamfeat trip for both me and my animal companion. and later on riding it. so just looking at options.

Hi, somewhere I thought I had run across something that let a druid double his time in wild shape, but now for the life of me I can't find it. Was it a feat, trait, spell or what? dang memory

we may be playing the 'way of the wicked' so i thought of a vampire type character without actually playing a vampire. i have to go tiefling for the fangs. (1d6) I'm guessing an unarmed fighter for class. i grapple and bite. not to sure of what feats to actually take to a degree.

the weapon has me stumped. the creature vampire uses no weapon, not even a bite. odd I thought, just a slam. I'm not even sure how to achieve a slam for me, lol.

feats as i imagine, i took the prerequisits for the unarmed class features, drag, grapple,trip and dirty trick and threw in a couple more.
I guessed the 18 roll is for strength for cmb

1 Improved Grapple
2 Power attack
3 Greater grapple
4 Chokehold
5 Body shield
6 Combat expertise
7 Improved dirty trick
8 Improved trip
9 Pinning rend
11 Improved drag

so, do you think i have the race/class correct?
what weapon makes sense?
what other feats do i need?

I'm not so concerned about actually getting a bonus from the blood like a damphir. that whole negative energy concept caused to many problems with a cleric trying to heal the rest of the party. and a whole party of negative energy affinity won't be happening.

this is all for role playing, not min/max uberizing.

I like the concept of a small mounted character on a medium mount starting at level 1. is that possible? i like the idea of a beetle, ant, or such as a mount, race is secondary. it seems ranger would have to wait until lvl 4, unsure how a fighter or barbarian could pull it off. and i don't know that much about druids to know it it would be feasible. i know he wouldn't be uber, just looking for non-gimped.

the only reason for small character on a medium mount is the idea of a large mount in a dungeon being non viable. i can't see a horse climbing through a cave to well.

Trying to figure out how they do things. I took a few PC types and subtracted the bonuses to achieve a stat block of 8,9,10,11,12,13 where they then added a couple of +2 and a -2. but some races are 8,10,12,13,14,15 quite a lot more. and the stats on monsters say all lvl 1 seem to have no rhyme or reason.

Is there a guide line on what the total stats add up to per level or some such? I'd think a lvl 1 monster with 18 down the row is not to happen, but where is any of this written? do you just add 1 pt per every 4 levels like a player when he levels up? something is not adding up here.

I'd like to make a few monsters to throw at the guys who know the books backward and forward and sure could use some rules to go by.

is it possible to make an improvised weapon fighter good all the way to lvl 20 without multiclassing? i don't have wisdom to be a monk or dex for rogue. basically looking at an orc for the way of the wicked with nice str and 13 int. the other stats suck, lol. anyway, i have read about needing magic weapons down the road and unsure if a magic oxen yoke of smiting or such random item is viable down the road or is it all flavor early on and then every fighter must end up with magic weapon this or that. and what kind of build is possible? the unarmed fighter archtype seems what i have in mind or possibly cad.

any thoughts would be welcome. even if it's "don't try it"

what skill is needed to allow players to map out a maze, instead of just hearing the verbal description of left or right? I'm thinking either knowledge dungeoneering and geography but survival skill is mentioned in the map making kit.

and should you allow someone to map it out without the kit?

As a wizard, a friend said I should be Lawful instead of chaotic, because it's actually meaning I would be disciplined of mind and not basically scattered brained. I perceive lawful as obeying the law, and many laws can be not good or down right evil, therefore to have no issue in disobeying the law I should be chaotic. Part of my back story is of the Bellflower faction to help escaping hobbits get away from the evil Cheliax slavers. So I thought I'd be CG, but then I want a CE familiar later on "ratling" so I chose CN to cover both the faction and familiar issues.

So, how do I interpret the lawful and chaotic titles with a wizards mind?

with a first level eidolon it says 3 max attacks. if i were to only have a bite as an attack,

would that be he could bite 3 times a round?

or would i need to have a bite and two claws?

and what difference does it make between primary and secondary?

could i have an eidolon with two secondary attacks and no primary (for the sake of learning what means what)?

hi, early in life there are not alot of spells to case, so the question is asked. our group has never run a real wizard/sorcerer type. the perception is blam, one spell shot, wait for the next day to do it one more time. there are those spells that are 3+modifier, but still, one fight could use that all up, and then what for the next room in the dungeon? i think we are missing the big picture for the arcane casters. the cleric has armor and a weapon to smack the evil guys with. a weak caster? gnome? 1d4 if he even wants to get up close with no armor on? a bit of basic advice would be nice.

this time around i drew the straw and will be trying a ratfolk wizard or gnome sorcerer. and ask.

Hi all, just a bit of help coming up with a neat name. and no, Mickey Mouse won't work, lol. I thought of Misqueak, but not quite a guy name. I typed in "wizard mouse" in a google image and found a neat photo, now I only need a name.

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