How can a ratfolk rogue get a bite attack?


and could I use it at the same time as a sword?

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Trait: adopted (half-Orc) --> trait: toothy (grants a bite attack).

Ring of rat fang: gain a bite attack. (Cost 5k gold).

Yes, you can use natural attacks with a weapon. In this case, the natural attack is always treated as a secondary attack, and as such receives a -5 to hit.

You can check out some of my ratfolk builds here:

rogue and alchemist ratfolk pair

The rogue has a bit attack.

Get the Alchemal Discovery Feral Mutagen, and you will get claws and bite. There are magic items that give you bite attacks: ring of rat fangs?

I think that to get around the -5 penalty for using a sword and bite in the same round, you need to take Multiattack. That makes the penalty -2.

It might be easier to make an Unarmed Strike instead. The Unarmed Strike becomes an off-hand, light weapon, then you could take Multiweapon.

If you took Feral Combat Training and Snake Fang, then you could make attacks of opportunity with your Bite in the same round as you were using your sword. I like that a lot in conjunction with something like a Tentacle, so you can Grab your opponents and get in the extra Armor Spike Damage with every hit.

So, with a level in Monk and Feral Combat Training, Monk Unarmed Strikes can count as manufactured weapons, and you can apply that to your Bite. But if your bite attack were an off-hand manufactured weapon, that would give it a -6. That would make it potentially benefit from either Multiweapon or Multiattack. But I guess FCT would allow you to make your Bite attack in lieu of some other off-hand weapon attack and be treated as if it were an off-hand, light weapon instead of making the Bite Attack like you normally would. But it would probably be better to use 2 weapon to make a sword/unarmed strike attack routine and suck up the -5 Bite Attack. Unless you can get Multiweapon or Multiattack, that is.

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