What kind of class would this Grippil choose


Ability roll Race Mod Final
STR 11 -2 = 9
DEX 16 +2 = 18
CON 11 = 11
INT 14 = 14
WIS 15 +2 = 17
CHA 10 = 10

I just put the higher numbers in his normal best abilities as seemed fitting. I can think of druid, maybe archer warpriest, or cleric, but any advice is cool. you can move stats as seems best if you want.

You don't think this is a natural gunslinger?

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Cleric, Domains: Water, an Alignment Domain.

Choose Neautral and Channel Negative Energy with Extra Channel to create a Grippil that can throw Range Touch attack for Cold Damage and can even do AOE of Damage that wills save only stop half Damage. You might want at higher levels to get something to increase Charisma and take Selective Channel to prevent the AOE's from hurting fellow party members.

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A druid with a giant frog Animal companion would be cool. A Luring Cavalier could take advantage of your high dex too.

Cleric and Shaman are of course possible choices.

Agreed with avr, the DEX/WIS build screams out for a Gunslinger.

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I've got a Tetori monk NPC who's dex based. All you need is agile manuvers and build from there.

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The Prehensile Tongue feat will even assist with reloading.

Gunslinger is a pretty goodchoice.

Sacred Fist Warpriest would be fun.

Empyreal Sorcerer will work well too.

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Inspired Blade Swashbuckler would work and be a cool choice for a Grippli Noble, and you would be pretty effective at it with those stats.

Gunslinger could be combined with Swashbuckler if you swap the intelligence and charisma.

Druid with a frog companion who uses ranged attacks and evocation spells and stays out of melee can be good, and you can always drop your spells for summon spells if you think they will work better than what you prepared.

Rogue wouldn't be the best at combat but would have a decent offense and a bunch of skill points to work with. If the party isn't full of Bards, Investigators and Alchemists this could work really well.

Alchemist! Seriously. Look it up. Very fun.

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I'd say gunslinger's a purdy natural fit.

Gunslinger, or a ranged Inquisitor.

Or even a mix of both, if you want to really make a GM's eyes cross about level 10.

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How about a Hunter with a Giant Frog. Otherwise Inquisitor or Gunslinger.

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