bludgeoning vs slashing


It's time to choose between dwarven waraxe or dwarven longhammer for weapon focus. We are starting and I'm not sure which critters tend to have DR vs one or the other. Which do people prefer?

I'm guessing you mean long axe vs long hammer?

Regardless, I think I'd choose the long hammer as...hammers are cool.

Well I think most undead don't like bludgeoning damage that much. And they seem to be common in most adventures.

Scarab Sages

Bludgeoning is the strongest damage type, but still carry a piercing and slashing backup weapon.

Scarab Sages

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Also, be aware that the Longhammer is not in any weapon group officially. If you are relying on fighter weapon training, double check with you GM that they will allow it to fit in the hammers or polearm group.

The longhammer does .5 extra damage on average (not counting criticals). Keen edge and the keen weapon property do not work on blunt weapons (nor a whetstone but that only lasts a hit and takes 15 minutes to apply). The slight edge in damage goes away when you increase your size.

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