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The PvP full loot aspect of PFO was never something I relished but accepted as part of the overall design, and I think most of the players (at least in Forgeholm) wanted not only the social aspect of playing a game with like-minded fans of the whole D&D genre, but hoped to be able to create something really cool together, as a group that we chose to game with.

Stuff that is cool: Being able to change the landscape with stuff we built!

Having to make a long-term commitment to a craft or skill, making your character different and interesting

Earning experience even when I am not playing the game.

Building stuff. Living in a place "I" built (sort of, we are close to that). I love the idea still that I am responsible for the maintenance of my settlement. "I help keep this place open for business!"

Getting to play and socialize with like-minded gamers, forging friendships, and working with these same people to achieve a common goal that is impossible to achieve as a solo player.

Stuff that is not cool, at all: Random PvP. I think 75% (totally made up number based on the feedback in early threads after the PvP aspect was announced) of the potential backers walked away from the PvP style. There was no way to turn PvP off, and PvP is a very personal thing. Even if there was a bucket the player carried to put the gathered raw materials in and that could be stolen, that is somewhat less personal than being attacked and killed by some asshat ganker. Some organized PvP? Sure thing? Random PvP all over the entire map? No thanks.

The lack of actual content. Golarion is a rich world with thousands upon thousands of characters from hundreds of cities, dozens of cultures, varied landscape, page after page of lore, awesome and terrible monsters large and small. We saw none of that.

The pace of new patches. Yes, I know that is dependent of programming man-hours. But ugh! The slow pace has made me only log in maybe once every two or three days to see what was going on. I could queue up some smelted goods, chat with my fellow Forgeholmers, and maybe finish off an escalation, but that was about it. Content baby!

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Here's the blog post Lisa put up on the Goblinworks website:

Basically, the potential investors pulled out and cash flow went to almost zero so all but the skeleton crew staff was laid off. Lisa Stevens, CTO Mark Kalmes, Art Director Mike Hines and Designer Bob Settles are the only remaining staff while new funding is sought. Patch 10.2 is in the can and ready to deploy, Patch 11 is largely complete and ready to test, and after that they will be winging it.

Have had fun, and hope to keep the social aspect as I love the group that has coalesced here. We shall see what happens.

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Hey Jeff! Here is the link to Lisa Stevens' post about the University moving to a hex known as Old Kindleburn (there used to be an NPC settlement there, but it was moved a bot further south, leaving a vacant settlement hex in the wilderness).

Pathfinder University is Moving!

There are many places we can post now (here, in the GW forums, and in PFO chat) so hopefully this gets you where you want to be!

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A lot of the folks in Forgeholm jokingly call it "Playing Pathfinder Offline" (Durin Steelforge uses that the most and coined the phrase for our group). We log in to TeamSpeak, strategize about future settlement construction, work the forums, do bank and spreadsheet maintenance, all sorts of non-adventuring type stuff. But we are still planning and strategizing often, both in and out of game. Nice to chat with friendly people who share the same goals, even if the goals are in a make-believe world.

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Someone posted a PSA on Reddit about a supposed phishing attempt. This might be related to that message, as the email address posted was . Might need to address that post.

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Gol Tink wrote:
The achievement gates don't mean anything, at least to me. I haven't had to worry about them since my third day playing. Those ability gates though, those are nasty little buggers.

I agree with that for sure. Most of the achievement gates are pretty natural if you take that character out of town once in a while. The ability gates will stop a character from advancing completely until the research is done to figure out how to level that attribute and clear the gate, and that can take some time, or require an entirely new direction until that gate is cleared.

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Sometimes the heal just doesn't have the gusto to rez a viable victim, I have found (totally dead is not eligible). Not sure what that is from...a real bummer to not be able to heal a party member when they have plenty of time, but sometimes the heal just doesn't hit the mark.

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Thanks to PFU for hosting this discussion. It went well and we had a good crowd. Everyone was cooperative and civil and we addressed some of the things many players were probably wondering about. Keep up the good work PFU and staff!

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And, I would encourage other settlements to do much the same thing (see my post above) so we may all reap the benefits of things like the Golarion Mumble. Nothing onerous, and totally voluntary. But it would be a great help to the community at large.

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For what it's worth, Forgeholm is working on a fund for the use of the greater needs of Forgeholm. We have not solidified the plan yet but are considering a voluntary amount of $2 per month per player (not per character) to allow us to do things like use TS , Mumble, Ventrilo or whatever we need, maybe buy a community Small Holding, help fund things like PFU or the Golarion Mumble,and purchase items from the (still pending) cash shop later on when more items are introduced. We are still working out the details, how purchases are decided, who manages the account (likely a PayPal account), etc...

So, Forgeholm willlikely assist (I want us to), but the details are still being worked out.

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We agree naming would be very helpful for everyone, especially for things that are more or less permanent (significant mountains, peaks, or ranges, monster hexes and monster homes, passes, points of interest etc). That would make referencing locations SO much easier!

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We Dwarves have been admiring aussiedwarf's work for the last two weeks or so, but he asked us to keep quiet until he could get some tweaks put in. It looks great and has tons of useful information! Thank you sir for all the hard work!

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Deianira wrote:
Deianira's idea of camping is an inn without room service, but still, good to know!

This is "Glamping", and I approve! I will go rustic when needed, but prefer a nice place to relax when I can afford it! The Elves of Kyonin know how to be hospitable, but the Halflings are the ones that have Innkeeping and hospitality down to an art!

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I have had 7 blue screens since EE3 went in. All resolved at the top of the next hour. A bit spooky though if you are in hostile territory. The UI remains in place, but there is no way to interact with the world.

Not a big deal, but very inconvenient.

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There are two near Blackfeather Keep that are so deep you disappear completely into them.....for us Dwarves at least. I suspect they are deep enough to make a human invisible as well. Ticket sent.

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The values of items in the list(s) are a guess, based on my personal experience gathering and selling items. The values vary across the map, as they are designed to do. Coal is cheap in the northwest where it is abundant, and very expensive in the southeast where it is rare. Yew saplings are cheap in the south and pricey in the north, again, as designed. Once carts/wagons/caravan tech is in materials will begin to move, and the prices will, over time, level out across the map as rarities lessen.

The key thing though, is to generate a baseline value for a character's labor. If you are transporting lots of T2 raw materials, should you not have decent guards? T2 armored bandits are more likely to hit a caravan than a bunch of recruits from Rathglen, so it seems obvious you would want decently trained and equipped T2 guards with some combat experience and the willingness to fight. That will not be cheap, but what will it cost? What else could the guards do to make some coin? (Hint: Not gather, as they are investing in combat skills.) But the opportunity cost for the guards is they spent their XPs on combat skills and not gathering skills. Good for the caravan, bad for the guards if there is no guarding to do. The expense of hiring caravan guards makes the merchandise cost more of the caravan master wants to cover his costs. A sloppy caravan master might try a few times to run product without guards, and he might get away with it a few times, but will lose the entire load eventually and he will have to re-evaluate his business plan.

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I wonder who at GW is working of formation combat? That job was posted ages ago and we have not heard a peep in a long while on that issue.

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Same toon as previous, second run:

"Only killed a few bandits and wolves when they got in the way of me accessing nodes. (local 30, Nature 30). Dwarf with Scavenger 3 (40), Forester 7 (90), Miner 7 (90, but no mineral nodes where I was). Ignored sparks because I have no dowser training.)"

18 copper coins (18 coppers)

1 Unresearched Prophecy (5 coppers)

1 Perfect Tigereye (5 coppers)

19 Potent Belladonna Berries (205 coppers)
22 Potent Neversleep Sap

1 Smooth Beast Pelt (5 coppers)

24 Smooth Pine Logs (480 coppers)

16 Solid Silver Ore (675 coppers)
29 True Iron Ore

11 Superior Wool (44 coppers)

Recipe: Piecemeal Brigandine (500 coppers-a guess)

Tier 2 gathers

47 Smooth Oak Log (470)

49 Potent Ground Ivy (780 coppers)
12 Potent Woad Leaves
17 Potent Yellowcap Mushrooms..........Grand Total is 3187 coppers for one hour of work.

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Received a PM from an ally who wants to share their experience as well.

"Dwarf with Scavenger 3 (40), Forester 7 (90), Miner 7 (90) but no mineral nodes where I was. Only killed a few bandits and wolves when they got in the way of me accessing nodes. (local 30, Nature 30)
(And I ignored Sparks because I have no dowser training.)"

19 copper coins (19 coppers)

10 Perfect Tigereye (50 coppers)

41 Smooth Pine Log (820 coppers) (Note: Many places, including Forgeholm, simply trade pine for yew)

34 Superior Wool (170 coppers)

30 Solid Silver Ore (450 coppers)

28 Potent Belladonna Berries (140 coppers)

1 Introductory Holy Symbol (5 coppers)

1 Steel Light Mace (10 coppers)

1 Lesser Token of Riposting (2 coppers)
1 Lesser Token of Striking

Dead Prey (Animal) (10 coppers)
Target Marking Paint (Bandit)

Tier 2 gathers

33 Potent Coriander Fruit (33) (1010 coppers, if priced at 10 coppers each)
41 Potent Woad Leaves (41)
27 Potent Yarrow Flowers (27)

46 Smooth Oak Log (920)........Grand Total is 3606 coppers for one hour of work.

Now Tier 2 changes the whole ball game. If you could gather Tier 2 raw materials, or do one hour of escort duty, you would probably gather. Easier, less chance of getting attacked for the goods on the wagon, but a higher chance of getting ganked in the wild. And the attackers will soon all be Tier 2 attackers requiring Tier 2 guards, which, as this shows, will be far more expensive since their opportunity cost is so escort duty

Would be helpful to fire up the thread in GW about "Your friend the token" if you want them to change. I have found them useful on occasion, sometimes they saves my ass, sometimes not. But priceless when they do!

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The values depend on where you are on the map. Coal is relatively cheap near Talonguard or Ozem's Vigil, but expensive near Canic Castrum or Keeper's Pass. Iron Ore has been selling for 15c regularly in the south, but Forgeholm need not buy it at all, we have tons of it. (We know, we carry it around all day at 0.5 encumbrance per unit)

Regardless, it is an experiment. Ho out for one hour and see what you get. List it and post a reasonable value. See what your hour is worth. Decide what you will be willing to pay another player to guard your merchant caravan for an hour of escort duty.

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Another member of Forgeholm, a rogue using Footpad's Leather +2, Hunter's Shortbow +1, 2 Steel Daggers +1, Rogue Kit +1. Had 2 deaths losing an estimated 25% each time.
100 copper coins (100 coppers)

3 Freshwater Pearls (80 coppers)
2 Tigereye
8 Moonstone
3 Onyx

14 Pine Logs (280 coppers)

8 Beast Pelts (45 coppers)
1 Animal Pelt

7 Esoteric Essences (7 coppers)

1 Wool (4 coppers)

1 Buckthorn Berries (70 coppers)
1 Chickweed
1 Dragoon Leaves
5 Foxfire
6 Laurel Leaves

2 Spellbook (5 coppers)

1 Steel Short Sword (20 coppers)
1 Steel Spear

3 Tokens of Awareness (20 coppers)
3 Tokens of Curing
5 Tokens of Dodging
5 Tokens of Freedom
1 Token of Parrying
1 Token of Riposting
1 Token of Striking
1 Token of Mindblanking

1 Torn Peasant Clothing (Humanoid) (15 coppers)
1 Dead Prey
1 Knockout Gas

1 Unresearched Book Page (5 coppers)

Recipe: Pine Pole +1 (200 coppers).........Grand Total is 847 coppers for one hour of work.

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Correct Thannon. So, in statistics, to get a 3% variation (+/-3% when you see a poll number) you need 1000 samples. This is just an idea, and over time it will tell a story. So, a sample only. Do not be alarmed.

Second run: A rogue started from day one, but with 45k unused XPs. Loose Warriors Shirt, 2 steel daggers +0, Hunter's Shortbow +0:

Items on the left, estimated value to the right by category, estimated total at the bottom.

88 copper coins (88 coppers)

3 Bloodstone (105 coppers)
7 Moonstone
10 Onyx
1 Tigereye

10 Pine Logs (300 coppers)
5 Yew Sapling

17 Beast Pelts (85 coppers)
2 Animal Pelts

26 Esoteric Essences (26 coppers)

1 Wool (4 coppers)

1 Buckthorn Berries (130 coppers)
1 Chickweed
3 Dragoon Leaves
9 Foxfire
3 Lamp Oil
8 Laurel Leaves
1 Neversleep Sap

1 Holy Symbols (25 coppers)
2 Rogue Kit
1 Spellbook
1 Trophy Charm

2 Hunter's Longbows (70 Coppers)
1 Steel Battle Axe
2 Apprentice's Charged Wand
1 Apprentice's Charged Staff
1 Acolyte's Battle Focus

3 Tokens of Awareness (34 coppers)
2 Tokens of Curing
5 Tokens of Dodging
6 Tokens of Freedom
5 Tokens of Parrying
4 Tokens of Riposting
7 Tokens of Striking
2 Greater Token of Healing

1 Bag of Bitter Stuff (Goblinoid) (25 copers)
1 Bag of Dreamy Stuff (Goblinoid)
1 Blood Crystals (Animal)
1 Dead Prey (Animal)
1 Basic Armor Scraps (Humanoid)

1 Unresearched Book Page (5 coppers)

Recipe: Silver Iron Light Hammer (400 coppers)
Recipe: Sepia Crystal +1..................................... Grand Total is 1293 coppers for one hour of work.

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The Dwarves of Forgeholm are trying to determine a fair value for our goods, whether they be raw, refined, or crafted, as well as our services. Services may cover many things, but include transporting materials (more on this later), escorting another player, gathering, guarding a tower, fighting an escalation or any other activity.

I'll list the first results of some testing below, but Sspitfire came up with a standard measure of the transport of goods of any type on the map, from one point to any other point. Hopefully he doesn't mind my sharing this standard measurement. His idea is "Copper Per Encumbrance Hex" or CPEH, or CPX, meaning the labor it takes to move one unit of encumbrance one hex should be valued at one copper piece. Or, moving 10 units 10 hexes worth 100 coppers, or hauling a full pack of 100 true iron ore (50 encumbrance) 20 hexes would be 1000 coppers, or 10 silver. It seems like a good standard measure to begin to use for calculations for transporting goods, cost of crafted goods when moving raw materials to an area with none of that resource type or simply moving refined or crafted goods to another site. Time is money!

So what's one hour worth? What should you pay another character to stand boring guard duty, or to watch a tower so it is not taken? To answer this you must know what that characters "Opportunity Cost" is, or, "How much could this character make is he/she were doing something else?"

The Dwarves of Forgeholm invite you to help us conduct a public experiment. Set a 60 minute timer, go out and do something (gathering, grinding, escalations) and when the 60 minutes is up stop what you are doing, list what you get and post it to this thread so we can all come up with a base value for an hour's labor.

He is my first result. A rogue started from day one, but with 45k unused XPs. Loose Warriors Shirt+0, 2 steel daggers +0, Hunter's Shortbow +0, mostly a gatherer:

Items on the left, estimated value to the right by total category, estimated total at the bottom. Debate the values as you see fit.

183 copper coins (183 coppers)

4 Bloodstone (105 coppers)
1 Freshwater Pearl
4 Moonstone
12 Onyx

16 Pine Logs (340 coppers)
1 Yew Sapling

5 Animal Pelts (100 coppers)
15 Beast Pelts

38 Esoteric Essences (38 coppers)

3 Iron Ore (45 coppers)

5 Wool (20 coppers)

5 Buckthorn Berries (195 coppers)
1 Chickweed
1 Coltsfoot Leaf
3 Dragoon Leaves
7 Foxfire
1 Lamp Oil
20 Laurel Leaves
1 Neversleep Sap

3 Introductory Holy Symbols (20 coppers)
1 Introductory Spellbook

2 Steel Greatswords (70 coppers)
1 Steel Light Mace
1 Steel Dagger
1 Apprentice's Charged Wand
1 Apprentice's Charged Staff
1 Acolyte's Battle Focus

3 Lesser Tokens of Curing (38 coppers)
9 Lesser Tokens of Dodging
7 Lesser Tokens of Freedom
3 Lesser Tokens of Parrying
3 Lesser Tokens of Riposting
7 Lesser Tokens of Striking
6 Lesser Tokens of Mind Blanking

1 Blood Crystals (Animal) (60 coppers)
2 Dead Prey (Animal)
1 Crude Knockout Gas (Bandit)
1 Target Marking Paint (Bandit)
1 Bag of Dreamy Stuff (Goblinoid)
1 Bag of Fiery Stuff (Goblinoid)
1 Basic Armor Scraps (Humanoid)
1 Nonstandard Silber Bits (Humanoid)
3 Torn Peasant Clothes (Humanoid)

1 Unresearched Book Page (10 coppers)
1 Unresearched Journal Entry

Recipe: Golden Crystal +1 (200 coppers)...............Grand Total is 1424 coppers for one hour of work.

NOTE: I did not include the adjective on the items gathered (smooth, perfect, intact, true, etc), as that only changes the encumbrance, not the quality, per se.

This seems insanely high and I would not want to pay another player anywhere near that for guard duty for one hour, nor could I afford to do so at this early date. Coin will change in relative value as faucets are turned on, drains are patched into the game, and the economy gains velocity.

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There were many control mechanisms that have been debated on these boards, including be allowed to prioritize who gets access to crafting queues (preference to settlement members, fees for non members, etc), training fees going to the host settlement, settlements being allowed to charges addl fees and taxes, among other things.

PoIs should be a big game changer! Their construction, the transportation and selling of materials generated at PoIs, further skills needed to construct them, raids, escalations attacking PoIs and players having to beat the attackers back into submission. All sound like a lot of additional fun to me!

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Greetings future Pathfinder! The Dwarves of Forgeholm bid you “Welcome!” and invite you to join us in building something big in the River Kingdoms!

Pathfinder Online is a game with a long time horizon, and planning for the future is critical to the success of any settlement, alliance, or Kingdom. The Dwarves of Forgeholm, and their friends of all races, invite you to join us as we build a successful settlement with the intention of expanding our presence and power in the hills of the River Kingdoms.

Settlement Construction! We Dwarves are a tight knit group that will defend Forgeholm and each other. Armor-smithing and weapon-smithing skills are being honed and the nearby hills are being mined for iron ore, silver, gold and lodestone. Great things are happening and you can be part of it! In the coming months we will be tasked with rebuilding our settlement from the ground up with resources from the local area. Skilled craftsmen and craftswomen will plan, design, and construct our keep, cathedral, fighter school, paladins’ temple and other buildings using our trained architects, carpenters and stonemasons. You could be one of these builders and make something great where there was once nothing.

Formation Combat! In the future large armies will be forming up to fight for riches, power and glory. Be a field marshal and direct masses of troops in formation combat, lead a skirmishing party to wreak havoc on enemy archers, or operate siege equipment and batter down the walls of enemy settlements. Individual heroes are needed as well to fight in glorious hand-to-hand combat, wield the power of arcane magic, heal troops in battle or assassinate enemy leaders.

Adventure! Soon we will begin exploring the mysterious caves and cavern complexes in and around the Echo Wood, seeking out powerful enemies and ancient treasure, and rumor has it there are riches beyond belief in the Emerald Spire, a very dangerous place to adventure and only for the brave, or foolhardy.

Diversity! Dwarves are known for their patience, toughness, craftsmanship and long-term planning, and are friends of the Elves and Humans, Gnomes and Halflings. (Orcs and half-orcs need not apply.) Many members of our settlement came for solitude, repentance, or redemption, but we all have the same goal; make Forgeholm great!

Come join us!

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The night sky, sun and clouds, orange sunset are indeed beautiful. And I would think something in the last patch tweaked the campfires, as they look super realistic at night...a very cool effect.

I would like very much (later, I know) to be able to change my appearance, get a braid instead of a ponytail, put on a little make-up (we Dwarves are not properly represented...I KNOW I look better than this). If a barber shop/salon is on the list for construction, Forgeholm will have one.

"There's lots of us womenfolk up here in the Echo Peaks and we'll be gettin' a little surly if we can't clean up once in a while!"

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Like most others here, you would be a welcome addition to our settlement of Forgeholm, but we wish you well where ever you land, and look forward to working with you, Cal, no matter where you choose to call home. Best of luck!

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Wow! That's a bummer! Your good cheer will be missed! Take care and we may see you in the River Kingdoms!

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I am shocked! By Torag's flamin' beard! An declared evil settlement had someone stand beside a building for 83 minutes! (Mostly I am shocked that an evil person stood beside a building for 83 minutes. Other than that, I am not shocked.)

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We Dwarves have been around since the beginning, and will be here long after it's over. Dwarves like to believe they helped plan the creation, and in Pathfinder Online, we are right!

The funnest part for me is not what is, but imagining what it will be. Building strong settlements, exploring new territory (the current map is only a fraction of the game area that will be available when the retail era begins (called Open Enrollment).

It has some rough edges right now, but like others have said, it's early...2nd year in to a 5 year plan. Still, it's fun to plan out your XP expenditures, chatting with other members of your settlement to decide who does what, what you can and can't manage to do without outside help, and working out those issues amongst yourselves, and calling in friends for help.

So far, so good. The development team is remarkably in-tune with the players, and take the player feedback right back to their desk to work on solutions. Nihimon above suggested reading the blogs. That's a good idea, and old school table toppers were quite put off by the PvP nature of the game mechanics as described in the early days, so most of those players are either sold on the current state of the game, or bailed long ago. Most of us here are in for the long haul. While we might not agree on some of the finer details of the game mechanics, we all seem to think getting in on the ground floor is pretty damn cool.

Fanndis Goldbraid

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I'll be on Friday evening. Other Forgeholmers will be on for the Saturday group.

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Two Pathfinder Society groups were involved in the Land Rush, Georgia PFS (Open Road) and Michigan PFS (never got enough traction to get on the settlement list). But they are out there, and paid for the KS in one form or another.

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Jakaal wrote:
Yeah really disappointed in the future of BFK with the way they are completely indifferent to getting in game and getting some production going.

BFK is now in the game.

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I'm in, but work Saturday. Forgeholm will have a representative present once the date is set.

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I'd like to cast my vote for longer auction house listing times. 48 hours is almost useless with the amount of running we have to do to get anywhere. Seven days would be much more appropriate. Forgeholm will largely be using BFKs AH once we have the goods we need and develop some surpluses (not too many at this early date though).

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Guurzak wrote:
I think it's pretty rude to copy Proxima's guide text verbatim without explicitly acknowledging the quote. "I used this guide as a reference" is not at all the same thing as "I copied this text word for word".

I think being an orc is pretty rude. No guide needed.

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Forgeholm has a pretty regular (so far, but it's really early) core of 8 players, with 4-5 more who are on and off. We expect a few more (people who play Dwarves might be more Dwarf than we realize).

In time the crafting settlements with the auction houses should do well. It is my opinion that the sooner the various NPC settlements go away the better for the economy, as that will force more coordination between players and settlements (fewer places to store goods and loot). I have loot and crafting mats in 2 or 3 NPC settlements now, since it is convenient to dump your pack in the bank "to pick up later". That might be dangerous, as I have not read what happens to stuff in an NPC bank when that settlement goes "poof!".

I can see the higher raw material requirement for tier 2 and 3 goods using surplus up very quickly, and eventually, unless your settlement has many dedicated gatherers, crafting will slow to a snail's pace and higher end gear will be fairly rare, and very costly to produce or buy.

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I used my whole name, as my dear old Dad would want...but it won't be an issue after they work in some chat shortcuts (right clickies...). I'm keeping mine. My other toon has a name just as long.

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Errr...I wish to properly represent myself with a braid, or at least a ponytail. However, I can't see which hairstyle is the braid. I am guessing the Nordic looking crown or hair is a braid hairstyle, but can't be sure.

Anyone know which hairstyle is a braid/braids?

Not styles 1-4, but 5, 6, 8 and possibly 7, but I can't see what 7 is in the back.

(OK, 15 minutes if fiddle-farting around wit creation tells me creation needs the ability to rotate your character. I chose style 7. Maybe if it is hideous I will be able to change it later.)

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I would be happy to participate!

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Fanndis will be happy GW can add a leader to a company. She was working on editing the description for Deepforge the other day and hit "Leave" by accident, and is not currently in Deepforge. Fanndis was a sad Dwarf, and Deepforge has no leader.

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I would agree with the OP. The Dwarves, on the other hand, have indeed turned out to be quite beautiful. (Just like my dear ol' father always told me!)

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Settlement: Forgeholm
Settlement Leader: Gorim Goldhammer

Fanndis Goldbraid will work out any issues.

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
Yeah, tried to manually attach Deepforge Company to Forgeholm. Get error message "forgeholm does not exist". You're not set up.

Thanks for checking into that! We appreciate it!

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Still not seeing the ability to link Forgeholm to Deepforge Company, or Lightbringer. Not sure what the issue is there, but it makes EE a no go for our settlement. That needs to be fixed.

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Here in Golarian Dwarves hold no grudges against the Elves. That is a myth. We have a respect for Elves and let them go about their business, as they let us go about ours. After all, life is too long to hold a grudge. Who wants to be bitter for eternity?

We also know well we deeply owe a debt of gratitude to the Humans for bringing us dwarves to our senses and convinced us to stop the infighting we carried on about for centuries. Thanks to the good folk of Kerse and Macridi for all the trade between our people!

And the short folk are welcome in Forgeholm. We look forward with great anticipation to the eventual arrival of the Gnomes and Halflings. Their unique character will bring much needed color and variety to the River Kingdoms and the skills of the Gnomes in the mines and Halflings in the mountains and fields are renown! And Halflings are known to be excellent stonemasons, a skill close to the heart of us Dwarves.

Orcs are a different matter however. We bitterly resent the taking of Koldukar some 70 centuries ago, and spit at the thought of it's still being held by the filthy Orcs. Barely can we bring ourselves to think of it as "Urgir", and surely can't speak of that place without sadness and regret. Someday a great Dwarf will lead us to reclaim our lost Sky Citadel and redeem our brethren who lost it! Do not expect Orcs or Half-orcs to be welcome in Forgeholm any time soon.

As for our acceptance of outcasts, while we are known to judge our fellow Dwarves somewhat harshly, we understand our customs are different, and welcome those of other races who require solitude or time for reflection, redemption, or solace. You are welcome to come to Forgeholm to recover your spirit and help us build our great city in the hills!

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Hi Diella!

Sent you a PM about Forgeholm and how we operate. Please give us a look. We'd love to have another member!

Fanndis Goldbraid

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KoTC Edam Neadenil wrote:

Has anyone actually got this to work.

I tried to use the /settlementapply command to allocate my towers to keeper's pass and it kept saying "No such settlement" regardless of what combination of capitals and apostrophe I tried.

The leaders of each settlement must have replied to GW. Settlement UI is a manual start up apparently and the next "batch" of settlement applications (or responses if you will) should be input Monday. Try after that. (Same problem with Deepforge and Forgeholm...neither exist as the moment.)

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Just so you have a variety of information available here some information on Forgeholm, Home of the Dwarves in the River Kingdoms. We have three (3) companies active, but if the members wish to form up another company they are free to do so.

Deepforge Company is primarily a mining and metalsmithing company, but all members will be proficient in combat skills and will participate in PvP regularly. PM Gorim Goldhammer or Fanndis Goldbraid (that's me!) to join Deepforge.

The Lightbringer Company is dedicated to escalations, engineering and construction, and stonemasonry, although again all members will be proficient in PvP and will engage when needed. Contact Durin Steeleforge (or Giorgo) to join the Lightbringers.

Stonebrew Clan will not be crafting, but will be performing PvP and settlement defense exclusively. Contact Zaran Stonebrew or Maldimar Stonebrew to join the Stonebrew Clan.

Forgeholm is the home of the Dwarves, and encourage Dwarf friends and others, except half-orcs, to join Forgeholm.

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I agree Elder Days. I am pleased to be able to choose my Dwarf body (and quite a body it is!). But later after critical systems are in place a wider variety of body types and proportions, faces, hair styles, beards and beard decorations (we Dwarves do love to decorate our hair, the men moreso even than the women!).

Right now I have to use the nickname Goldponytail instead of Goldbraid, as braids are not yet available. I am a patient Dwarf though, and know all the character models will be shown additional love in due time.

(NOTE: My hands are HUGE! Maybe I'll take up handball.)

Lord of Elder Days wrote:
Also the models appear to be somewhat top-heavy. Broad shoulders and big guts sit atop fairly spindly legs. I would like to see the length of the legs increased slightly. They should also be thickened to give the impression of and sturdy and well-balanced creature. On the same lines I think the feet should be made broader to better support the stocky frame.

You can't perform the "Stance of the Xorn" with a topheavy Dwarf on spindly little legs. A Xorn would not have it!

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