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Greetings future Pathfinder! The Dwarves of Forgeholm bid you “Welcome!” and invite you to join us in building something big in the River Kingdoms!

Pathfinder Online is a game with a long time horizon, and planning for the future is critical to the success of any settlement, alliance, or Kingdom. The Dwarves of Forgeholm, and their friends of all races, invite you to join us as we build a successful settlement with the intention of expanding our presence and power in the hills of the River Kingdoms.

Settlement Construction! We Dwarves are a tight knit group that will defend Forgeholm and each other. Armor-smithing and weapon-smithing skills are being honed and the nearby hills are being mined for iron ore, silver, gold and lodestone. Great things are happening and you can be part of it! In the coming months we will be tasked with rebuilding our settlement from the ground up with resources from the local area. Skilled craftsmen and craftswomen will plan, design, and construct our keep, cathedral, fighter school, paladins’ temple and other buildings using our trained architects, carpenters and stonemasons. You could be one of these builders and make something great where there was once nothing.

Formation Combat! In the future large armies will be forming up to fight for riches, power and glory. Be a field marshal and direct masses of troops in formation combat, lead a skirmishing party to wreak havoc on enemy archers, or operate siege equipment and batter down the walls of enemy settlements. Individual heroes are needed as well to fight in glorious hand-to-hand combat, wield the power of arcane magic, heal troops in battle or assassinate enemy leaders.

Adventure! Soon we will begin exploring the mysterious caves and cavern complexes in and around the Echo Wood, seeking out powerful enemies and ancient treasure, and rumor has it there are riches beyond belief in the Emerald Spire, a very dangerous place to adventure and only for the brave, or foolhardy.

Diversity! Dwarves are known for their patience, toughness, craftsmanship and long-term planning, and are friends of the Elves and Humans, Gnomes and Halflings. (Orcs and half-orcs need not apply.) Many members of our settlement came for solitude, repentance, or redemption, but we all have the same goal; make Forgeholm great!

Come join us!

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