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Just finished running Rise of the Runelords last night and by god am I happy (first time GM)

It is now someone else's turn and we are doing Skulls and Shackles

The GM has allowed certain new rules/classes in that include the advanced classes and I want to play a shaman.

Now I used to be all over theorycrafting and creating characters but with the last 2 years pretty much devoted to running RotRL I've been a bit out of sorts on the new stuff so I'm asking for help

I will be the main healer of the party, 15 pt build, and I'm probably going to go with my main spirit as life for channel and once I get wandering spirit I wanted to try out Lore so I could get those nifty arcane spells as well. The issue with this in a 15 pt buy is that its so MAD its driving me crazy

PLZ HELP with suggestions, yes i want to stick with shaman as I already have story thought up for him and his story, race is semi-set, the story will fit human and most of the 1/2 breeds

Hi all, been gone from here for quite awhile (been running Rise of the Runelords) but I need some help with curse effects and ability drain.

Let's say a character is cursed through a long range ability of a monster. This character will now make one save daily or take wisdom drain. One character in particular in my game is adamant about certain things like being able to tell when there is something wrong with other characters. Like all players (and people in general) he is able to make arguments for his case when its in his favor.

My question is how should I run this? If you are a GM I'm sure you know that even mentioning something about a character acting different or even showing the slightest sign something is wrong instantly makes the other players make any and all checks and cast any and all spells they can to find out whats wrong.

Based on this I don't see why I even try and should just tell them "PC A is now infected with curse A, cast this spell to cure him" and just move on.

Please help me determine how best to go about playing this into the game. Thank you for all your time.

I have an inquisitor of pharasma in my Rise of the Runelords campaign currently at level 10 at the end of the 3rd book

At this point a few of the PCs have been given lesser artifacts that I have created specifically for them but I really need one for this guy

He is mostly melee with a great sword and uses his spells to intimidate and such...Please help me find something fun and interesting for him.

Game is tonight so any ideas are welcome and thank you all in advance

As you might be able to deduce by the title I'm wondering about how much time did you or would you give PCs if they wanted to do some stuff after Catacombs of Wrath. I ask because my players are kind of slacking on the roleplay in town, and I want to give them a swift kick in their RP gonads.

I know I could make it an indefinite amount of time but I also want the world to run fluidly. The PCs will know about Nualia's plans and may not wish to take any time at all, but I really want to push them into the color of the town to create some more feelings. I want them to CARE about the town. 3 of the 4 are veteran players while 2 of those 3 have been great roleplayers in the past. I don't know why they seem to want to railroad the campaign, maybe its because they know its an AP and have some sort of hatred for them, maybe its because its my 1st time GMing and they want to mess with me, but either way I'm open to some ideas...

Thanks again guys

I'm new to GMing and 2 weeks I will be starting RotRL with my group. Now I have been with the same group for 2 years now so I know them all very well and I'm confident in that part of GMing.

The issues I'm having are as follows:

1. In RotRL there's suppose to be a 20% chance of a wandering monster when the PCs go outside Sandpoint. Since I have never GM'd before I'm worried about running this correctly. Any advice/help would be very much appreciated.

2. How much information did you/should I give my players about certain things, such as Nualia's story, the history of Sandpoint and the Runelords, history of some of the NPCs and so on. Again help here is appreciated.

3. I decided to skip XP tracking and just level the PCs around the time the book says I should. Although I will be paying attention to where the book says they could get extra XP and if they do get it, while I'm not tracking it I will have them level maybe a little before the book says, or after if they don't. Given that I'm not tracking XP, what kinds of things can help motivate the party to go out and slay some monsters in downtime they have in the story.

4. In Part 2: Local Heroes, it mentions that most of the following encounters can be done in any order, even after the PCs have turned their attention to the Caverns. The issue I'm having is that most of them say they need to happen within a few days of the goblin raid, while some are best used to point the PCs in the right direction, namely Trouble at the Rusty Dragon.

5. There seems to be almost NO TREASURE in chapter 1. Should I add in some here and there or does this pick up alot in chapter 2?

Thanks again, more questions sure to follow.

In my group we play that potions like CLW and the like heal the maximum CLW is 1d8+1...we run that it heals 9 Hp every time

I had thought at one point this was a houserule...and I ccould have sworn that at some point I found it as a rule...but that was like a year ago...I think I might have just been crazy

Is/was this ever a rule or is it a houserule...

I only ask now because I'm about to start RotRL as a first time GM and my group was going to talk about the houserules we use and if we want to abandon some for the AP

Plz help me find if I am crazy or not :)

My EK is enchantment/buff based and I was looking for another 2nd level spell when I saw this spell



School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level bard 2, inquisitor 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one creature
Duration 1 minute/level or until discharged
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

The target is suddenly beset with unexplainable doubts about the effectiveness of its actions and the righteousness of its cause. The creature takes a –10 penalty on its ability checks, skill checks, and concentration checks, until the duration ends, or until it spends its entire turn doing absolutely nothing (it spends a full-round action gaining focus). Spending an entire turn doing nothing discharges the spell.

Now my question is does the target know that he can just spend a whole round doing nothing to end the spell if he does not ID the spell when I cast it?

Ok so I'm currently playing a kitsune serpentine sorcerer and I'm going to take the EK PrC...took a level of fighter for level 7 and plan EK after

Im looking for ways to help shore up my hit bonus

Obviously I have weapon focus now and my katana is a +1 but about to be +2 or higher

Also anything to help with damage that will not sacrifice to hit since its hard enough getting that up...I planned on taking weapon specialization, arcane strike, and vital strike since my GM has said mythic is a possibility and I like mythic vital strike

Problems stem from the fact that I did not expect to go EK when starting the character so his stats were caster strength is 10 :(

I ask the community for help since there are a lot of books I don't have and I'm always learning new crazy things from you all

I appreciate the advice

I'm making a new character for a future game and I have looking into making an inquisitor

I have a decent background made already that I won't waste your time with...however one important part is his first 2 levels will be monk of the sacred mountain

After that I'm going full inquisitor (my GM uses fractional BAB multiclassing is no biggie)

From my fellow gamers I want some first I was going t go with sin eater because I love the thematically of eating the evil out of something I just killed, however I have also recently looked into some of the domains and inquisitions so I'm torn

I want the character to be good at intimidation, melee combat ( was wanting to go unarmed but I'm not 100% on that yet so feel free to throw out anything) and for casting I want to go with buffing

Now as above I haven't chosen a weapon for sure but using unarmed strikes works VERY well with his story...but I could go with a weapon if need be

Just literally throw out any idea...I will read and appreciate them all and then pick and choose from there :)

Never played with an inquisitor blade one time for a short short time so I'm not very familiar with them

Thanks guys and I hope to build my character using your help

Is there any way to gain access to a bloodline's arcana similar to how eldritch heritage lets you gain the powers?

Ok so while I'm researching and reading through RotRL so I can be a first time group is about to start a new campaign

We are meeting Wednesday to discuss characters and I need some help with one of my ideas...please help

I made a martial build already so if everyone wants caster I can roll martial, however I also want to have a caster in mind...preferably focused on summoning, necromancy (will be creating undead), and enchantment (compulsion), and be able to heal a bit

So far I have this for an idea but I'm willing to make changes

We will be starting at level 6

Half elf Oracle of bones with the legalistic curse

Level 1: spell focus (enchantment)
Half elf: skill focus (knowledge religion)
Level 3: eldritch heritage (arcane) for familiar (can heal at range)
Level 5: spell focus (necromancy)

Maybe wanting SF conjuration later to build to augment and superior summoning

Any ideas would be I do not play casters much

Hey everyone...I'm planning on trying out GMing RotRL for my group (first time GMing period)...we all love our GMs games and his stories are fun and exciting...however the current GM really misses playing a character and I have heard nothing but great things about RotRL

So I request my fellow gamers to please give me any tips both in GMing in particular and GMing for this particular AP

I'm a rules lawyer in game but I also never forget rule I have a very good understanding of RAW and of how my group likes to well as any houserules we generally run with so those things should not be an issue

If you have spoilers please "spoiler" them so others that may be running the game as a character do not have things revealed to them

May or may not have actual duelist level

GM isn't positive yet but we may be starting at level 6 with 25 pt buy (we always play high pt buy, the GM likes high fantasy and dangerous and high powered encounters)


Starting Stats---Str:10 Dex:16 Con:13 Int:11 Wis: 16 Cha:11

Human bonus +2 Dex, Belt +2 Dex, Headband +2 Wis, Lvl 4 +1 Con increase

Stats at lvl 6---Str:10 Dex:20 Con:14 Int:11 Wis:18 Cha:11

Level Progression should work out to Monk (MoMS & Sacred Mountain) 2/Fighter(swordlord)3/Swordlord PrC 1

Lvl 1 : Dodge
Lvl 1 human bonus: Crane Style
Lvl 1 monk bonus: Crane Wing
Lvl 2 monk bonus: Crane Riposte
Lvl 2 MoSM bonus: Toughness
Lvl 3 fighter bonus: Weapon Finesse
Lvl 3: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dueling Sword)
Lvl 4 fighter bonus: Weapon Focus (Dueling Sword)
Lvl 5: Dazzling Display
Lvl 6: Dueling Mastery (from PrC)

As it stands this gives me Dex to damage and the following for AC at level 6 (using the items listed)

Wis to AC from Monk +4 AC, Dex to AC +5 AC, +1 natural armor, Dodge +1 AC, Fight defensive=-1 atk/+4 AC or total defence +7 AC, +2 shield bonus, full attack=+1 AC 3rd lvl, +1 every 4 after, bracers of armor +2 AC, ring of protecton +1 AC, amulet of NA +1 AC

AC at lvl 6=31 fighting defensive (why not?), 33 if full attacking, 32 total defense

No actual armor

Any suggestions for the build are welcome, as well as traits since I have yet to actually look into what I think would fit the character.

Probably won't be digging in much more of the PrC, either going for 2 more levels of monk for Bastion Stance or continue with fighter, may or may not add duelists when I get to level 9

I plan to take the Disarm feats, or at least the improved ones, may switch up and go Lore Warden instead of Swordlord for my fighter archetype.

Also I think I remember reading about some errata or something to do with one of the Crane feats. My GM said he didn't like it so we are sticking with how it is in his current book.

Thanks for the help guys

Ok so I'm playing in a group that is running Ptolus...we basically have 2 GMs...they are switching out and when not GMing are playing characters born and raised in Ptolus...the other 4 characters all were transported here from their own worlds/dimensions

The rogue in the group and myself (rogue/alchemist/monk/shadowdancer/assassin) had to sneak into a noble house (house Vladam) and try to locate and steal something for a quest. While doing this we came across about 770000g (mix of silver inguts, gems, and gold pieces). Now this is only because we drew the attention of a guard and only because the rogue is a greedy character had found what we were looking for and was going to just leave. We survived 3 traps meant to outright kill us all at one time...I made great rolls while the rogue had to use his only hero point to re-roll one. The secret room we found had been trapped with Slay Living, Disintigrate (CL 17 I think), and a teleport spell that sends you into the middle of the ocean...all at once mind you

My issue is this...

1. I have no idea what to do worth this money...after getting hit with the traps the rogue and I made a deal to split anything found 60-40 since he was the one spotting and disarming traps...but idk if I should even let the rest of the party know about it

2. Even though the GM showed me the pages from the book that list the traps, DCs, perception of guards, and list of loot...showing that it was all legitimate...I still feel like I kinda cheated and can't shake the feeling

Anyways...some input on both issues would be helpful

Ok I'm starting a Ptolus game soon converted to play with PF...and because of the story prior to all of the party being transported to Ptolus we can choose any character we have played with this GM

I'm going with my assassin...however I'm also aloud a slight rebuild

The character is going to be a stealth genius...all around able to simply vanish. Now I don't want to change levels up to much but give advice at will. Levels may or may not be slightly changed...starting at around 5-6 or 8-9

What I do want for the character for sure is at least 2 levels in rogue (knife master) which my GM has allowed me to switch out evasion for the ninja ki pool and at least one level in Alchemist (vivisectionists). Would like to start assassin at 5th but may try to hit a level of SD to get HiPS early

My GM has agreed to let me use fractional BAB so even if I multiclass it won't be horrible

Must have feats include: TWF, Master Alchemists, hellcat stealth, and a home brew feat for dex damage for daggers (no name yet so ideas welcome)

Other than that I would live any ideas (please no post about how the assassin sucks)

EDIT: Forgot to say...he's human and that will not change :)

If a PC has 4 spell-storing daggers, quick draw, and a GM that would allow the free actions required, could he/she attack with all 4 daggers in a full attack basically getting off 4 spells?

Situation was this

Glabrezu was pinned by my cat

Glabrezu casts reverse gravity and makes his save to hold onto something attached to the floor

Would the cat be able to make the save since he is basically latched onto the glabrezu with claws and teeth?

My assassin has an easy time get past enemies. Even enemies with scent and tremor sense are ineffective against my assassin at this point.

My question is: Is there a in rules way to get around blindsight/blindsense?

[b]EDIT:[\b]on second thought I guess this should have been posted in Advice or something but its here now so please help :)

I don't have any books at the moment and my phone refuses to load the prd so I was wondering my brethren from the forums could help me real quick

I am playing a Druid now in our campaign ( well Druid 6/Monk 1) and someone I spoke with today mentioned something about a Shirt of Immolation or something along that line, which would be of great use for someone that grapples

Now without my books and no access to the prd I cannot remember if magic items that grant you a special ability (like combusting when grappling and causing fire damage to the opponent) still work or not
Game starts in a few hours so I can get an answer then but I like to have all my stuff together by then so help is appreciated guys

Ok...I have a few questions pertaining to a new character I will be playing soon (as in this week). I haven't fully decided on his starting build but came across a few questions, some of which I will be able to answer myself once I am home (making this guy up in my head right now so cannot remember wording of some things perfectly)

1) If a druid is wild shaped, can they use feats like elemental fist?

2) A druid in humanoid form has greater grapple, he started his round with a creature grappled and can now maintain as a move if he wanted, could he wild shape into say a Tiger (with rake) as standard, and then pin the creature (raking in the process)? Or does shifting into the tiger force him to release the grapple?

3) If someone were a Maneuver Master Monk/Druid with Flurry of Maneuvers and wild shaped into a tiger with grab and rake, could you do a full attack, use the grab ability to grapple, and then use your extra maneuver from Flurry of Maneuvers to make another grapple check to pin? Or does that only count as another full maneuver?

4) Can an AoMF have Bane?

Thank you for any help...again I may have some of these answered once I have better access to my internet at home...just trying to figure this out asap

Also, any fun suggestions for playing a druid where I want to focus on using my Companion and myself wild shaped. Any fun feats or suggestion, not optimized but FUN as well as entertaining, not necessarily in a stupid way though :)

Ok...Paulcynic has a thread going over feats and abilities being exclusive or synergistic...and he makes some really good points on many things but on this I am disagreeing so I want some more input :)

(btw Paulcynic...nothing but respect for not take anything as an insult it is not meant that way)

OK SO anyways lol...lets say you cast Summon Monster VII and summon a Vrock (demon) with the fiendish template ok.

Superior Summoning says:
Benefit: Each time you cast a summoning spell that conjures more than one creature, add one to the total number of creatures summoned.

and Added Summoing says:
Added Summonings (Su): At 15th level, whenever you summon a creature with the demon subtype or the fiendish template using a summon monster spell, you summon one additional creature of the same kind.

As I see would go like this since "Summon Monster" is a full round cast as per the rules

A spell that takes one round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed.

Your CAST summon this point "Superior Summoning" makes a check...are you CASTING a spell that summons more than one monster...if your casting summon monster III and summoning a monster from the lvl 3 list then the answer is NO YOU ARE "Superior Summoning" does not come into play

Now its the beginning of your next turn...turn starts...your monster is summoned with the fiendish THIS point "Added Summoning" makes a check...was a monster with the fiendish subtype summoned? YES IT WAS...POOF another one is summoned with it

please give us some more input on this particular issue with synergy or exclusivity of feats and abilities/class features

ok so I know this might seem to some as a dumb question but...

If i have a character with quick draw and more than one spell-storing dagger (lets say they have fireball) since he can throw as many daggers in a fullattack as he could (say lvl 10 TWF rogue) that could possibly be 4 fireballs correct?

spellstoring says its an exception to the rule that each spell takes as long to cast as normal and to activate spell-storing its a free action....any arguments?

if so please reply with something concrete