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ok so I know this might seem to some as a dumb question but...

If i have a character with quick draw and more than one spell-storing dagger (lets say they have fireball) since he can throw as many daggers in a fullattack as he could (say lvl 10 TWF rogue) that could possibly be 4 fireballs correct?

spellstoring says its an exception to the rule that each spell takes as long to cast as normal and to activate spell-storing its a free action....any arguments?

if so please reply with something concrete

Spell storing can only store targeted spells, that is spells with "Target one humanoid creature" or likewise in their descriptions. That means area spells like Fireball are out.

Other than that, if you strike with multiple spell storing weapons in a turn, you can trigger multiple spells.

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Note that Ultimate Equipment adds the following sentence to the spell storing description: "This special ability can only be placed on melee weapons." Also, note the requirement "...the weapon can immediately cast the spell on the creature as a free action if the wielder desires." (emphasis mine)

You can only activate the spell storing ability while you are wielding the weapon. As soon as it leaves your hand, you are no longer wielding it and cannot activate the stored spell.

However, you can make multiple melee attacks with different spell storing weapons using Quick Draw, dropping each weapon (free action) after each attack that hits before drawing another (free action with Quick Draw).

ahha!!! i see wat i got confused on...i was reading multiple enchants and got the rule for anchoring (which can be put on thrown and melee) while i was also looking at spell storing...trying to find some unique ways to up damage output if i cant get sneak attack for a round or character is a dagger wielding rouge/assassin

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