Need some help with Gold and morality


Ok so I'm playing in a group that is running Ptolus...we basically have 2 GMs...they are switching out and when not GMing are playing characters born and raised in Ptolus...the other 4 characters all were transported here from their own worlds/dimensions

The rogue in the group and myself (rogue/alchemist/monk/shadowdancer/assassin) had to sneak into a noble house (house Vladam) and try to locate and steal something for a quest. While doing this we came across about 770000g (mix of silver inguts, gems, and gold pieces). Now this is only because we drew the attention of a guard and only because the rogue is a greedy character had found what we were looking for and was going to just leave. We survived 3 traps meant to outright kill us all at one time...I made great rolls while the rogue had to use his only hero point to re-roll one. The secret room we found had been trapped with Slay Living, Disintigrate (CL 17 I think), and a teleport spell that sends you into the middle of the ocean...all at once mind you

My issue is this...

1. I have no idea what to do worth this money...after getting hit with the traps the rogue and I made a deal to split anything found 60-40 since he was the one spotting and disarming traps...but idk if I should even let the rest of the party know about it

2. Even though the GM showed me the pages from the book that list the traps, DCs, perception of guards, and list of loot...showing that it was all legitimate...I still feel like I kinda cheated and can't shake the feeling

Anyways...some input on both issues would be helpful

... How the heck are you getting all of it out of the building? You have bags of holding and a long, long, long time to fill them?

The Exchange

plan ahead two steps- if you share with the group, you have more swords to defend you when the original owner hunts you down. as in, an entire noble house and what favors they can call in, hunting a thief. a few divinations, and they should be able to make wanted posters. a GM I would make sure this stolen money would bite you in the ass hard. Because I look at it from the standpoint of the owner of that money can spend up to that 770,000 gp to have you found and killed and he's lost nothing more than what he's already lost. As someone else mentioned a few divinations will probably let them know what you look like, and they could hire some high level adventurers to hunt you down. Best to spread the loot around. Besdies which, as a GM I'm very adverse to letting a few players violate WBL guidelines while the rest get nothing.

And as someone else mentioned, how did you manage to get all that loot out? That much would weight several hundred pounds, more than probably both of you can carry.

Your option I think are to either...

1) Make yourself immune to any kind of scrying or divination.


2) Plan an elaborate funeral for your soon to be dead character. :D

I think there are metagame questions involved with this. Namely, is your group cool with player versus player conflict?

Because logically, once my PC found out that your PC was robbing him, that would be the end of our adventuring party, one way or another. Period. You can't trust someone to have your back in lethal situations once you know that you can't trust them.

And outside of in-game rationale, I as a player would not have fun if another player's PC was stealing 770,000g worth of loot from the party. It would feel like stealing from me to some degree, regardless of RP rationale, etc.

That's just me though. Other players might be totally cool with it, both in-game and out. Like I said, there are some metagame questions that need to be answered.

So you stole from someone who's static defenses involve killing you, turning you to ash, then teleporting that ash into the ocean. Your question should be how you survive tomorrow. The answer to that isn't keeping your party weaker while you sit on a death warrant.

Joe Sarno wrote:
Fifteen million dollars is not 'money'. It's a motive with a universal adaptor on it.

- Joe Sarno, Way of the Gun

Liberty's Edge

Ok getting away with it is always tricky; doing the crime is easy.

1. Is it traceable? Are the ingots stamped with anything to identify them? They should have a stamp on them with their purity and usually a trading house that will validate them or who created them. As you and the rogue took the lion’s share of the risks it is acceptable that you take the lion’s share of the profits. But the rest of the team should get a portion of this too as you are a team; I’m sure they took some small part in it even if it’s just advise.
2. If this is traceable you need to get rid of it quickly; you will not get face value as the people who have the ability to convert stolen good on the fly to ready untraceable cash like to take a significant cut for their risks. Get this done quickly and make sure you can’t be traced back to you from these brokers either.
3. Gems and gold are fine unless some of the gems are unique (if you have just stolen the only golden star Safire in the kingdom then you are in trouble). Detect magic on the lot of them to make sure there is nothing active on them. Arcane mark is a very good way to locate your stolen goods and a quick detect will find this and allow you to remove this item or items.
4. Looks like powerful magic is being used to protect this so expect powerful magic to be used to find it again. Extra dimensional spaces are your first line of defense as it makes locating the items more difficult. (though not impossible)
5. Plant some of the loot on un-suspecting victims (even better if they are powerful rivals of the noble house). They will waste time and resources tracking down and questioning them; even better if it is someone they dare not accost.
6. Use several disguises and spend some of it on all manner of non-traceable trade goods around the city; Make yourself visible while doing it so there are many conflicting reports.
7. Make sure you invest in expensive and very fast ways out of the city and never use them. (they will be watching these and will divert attention from the true way out)
8. Sneak back in and replace the loot with a note saying so long and thanks for all the fish.
9. You are pretty much screwed. … Ruuuuun Forest … RUUUUUN!!!

My thoughts on the matter.


770000 gp is i think is 7,7 ton of gold if it is mostly in gp. That is a lo of gold
t. If you count them 1 every second 12 houers a Day it will take you 2 and 1/2 week. That is alot of gold.
Make your decision bases on your characters personallity. And no matter what that kind of gold is gonna make problems. :)

Dark Archive

If you intend to/already have taken the treasure, you need to get rid of it ASAP. As mentioned above, take every precautionary and diversionary measure possible as the proverbial feces is about to hit the proverbial spinning device. If you have the slightest of intentions of not having your campaign end abruptly due to party strife or a TPK, then it is mandatory that you share what wealth is not spent on CYA. Get divination protection, get off of that continent or possibly even plane, live the rest of your days expecting assassination attempts.

Do note that this is assuming you have some miraculous manner by which to transport this loot in the first place.
Good luck in your endeavors, you're going to need it.

Ok to answer some questions...

1. The house is guarded against divination itself...including anything in or out

2. We had plenty of time and space to get everything out...this was a VERY well planned theft...the gold and such was jst icing on the cake because the rogue wanted to search everything (again the only reason we even came across it was him)

3. Out of character I'm fairly certain no one has any issues...and as the whole encounter could only be done by myself and the rogue I don't think in character they will ever find out...the rogue doesn't speak much as it is

4. There is a huge bank-like place in Ptolus where we stores our wares that is also guarded against divination and has so many vaults that its almost impossible to be targeted for theft since not even the owner knows which one is yours (can expand on this if needed)

5. Yes this was a noble house...but what we took was pretty much pocket change to the weekly stipend type money...also putting it out there that someone actually stole from them might be more of a detriment in Ptolus

I guess my next question is whether or not anyone has had this issue in any game before...also when answering please remember this is basically the biggest AP ever made ( basing this on single book APs that I know of)...literally not a day in game goes by without something happening in Ptolus...if you haven't ever heard of Ptolus I suggest giving it a good's a really LONG book though lol ( about 800 pages all together just for the main stuff)

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