Remaking my assassin...ideas for help plz


Ok I'm starting a Ptolus game soon converted to play with PF...and because of the story prior to all of the party being transported to Ptolus we can choose any character we have played with this GM

I'm going with my assassin...however I'm also aloud a slight rebuild

The character is going to be a stealth genius...all around able to simply vanish. Now I don't want to change levels up to much but give advice at will. Levels may or may not be slightly changed...starting at around 5-6 or 8-9

What I do want for the character for sure is at least 2 levels in rogue (knife master) which my GM has allowed me to switch out evasion for the ninja ki pool and at least one level in Alchemist (vivisectionists). Would like to start assassin at 5th but may try to hit a level of SD to get HiPS early

My GM has agreed to let me use fractional BAB so even if I multiclass it won't be horrible

Must have feats include: TWF, Master Alchemists, hellcat stealth, and a home brew feat for dex damage for daggers (no name yet so ideas welcome)

Other than that I would live any ideas (please no post about how the assassin sucks)

EDIT: Forgot to say...he's human and that will not change :)

Since you've already figured out what classes you want, what feats you want, what race you want to be, and that you definitely want the assassin prestige class (despite the fact that the only thing it gives you that vivisectionist doesn't get is pretty much completely useless), what kind of advice are you looking for exactly?

With those feats you've already decided on, adding improved two weapon fighting and weapon finesse (which you'll definitely want), you don't have any open feats until level 11 (assuming you spend your rogue talent on vanishing trick). And you might want to add piranha strike as well. Shadowdancer or another level of vivisectionist doesn't really make much difference (thanks to fractional BAB), and your ability score distribution probably speaks for itself (dex>int=con>wis>str>cha).

So, what is it that you aren't set on yet that you want advice on?

edit: Actually, there's no way you can meet the feat requirements for shadowdancer with all those other feats you want. So pretty much the only way to go is 2 rogue / 3 vivisectionist. Unless you want to add something like a level of fighter, which would help get your feats. Level 6 is the earliest you can start with assassin.

Sorry I wasn't as clear as possible :)

The must have feats aren't needed from the get go...hellcat isn't anyway since ill have vanishing trick

Really I'm looking for optimization of levels for feats I did mention fighter...that would definitely help with getting the feats for SD and up my BAB

I am looking for help building him up to at least 11th level...hoping to throw dampen presence in there somewhere as well. Need help with up to 11th because if we start at 9th it won't take us long to get to 11th

The build for my assassin as he is now with no rebuild is rogue 5/alchemist 1/assassin yes ill be starting back a few levels

This is honestly my first time really trying to optimize a character :)

Also Improved TWF isn't a must have for awhile...three attacks worked just fine...and I may be able to schmooze my GM into letting me skip one feat requirement for SD...but that's a longshot...but he's a sucker for backstory reasoning so it's possible

Also starting assassin a level or so later of even breaking up the levels for it is ok...I normally don't ask for advice but I'm currently helping 2 other ppl with their rebuilds and trying to do a decent conversion of artificer for PF for Ptolus

Well, if I started advicing you on breaking up the levels of assassin I'd probably advice you to never get to them as I think it's a really bad prestige class. But since you want it anyway, I'lll skip that advice.

I'd say rogue 2 is a good point to get out of rogue. For alchemist, I'd get out after 2 or after 3, depending on whether you see yourself using poison in combat. If you do, swift alchemy is nice. The problem with shadowdancer is that it requires three feats, none of which are crucial for you. So I'd advice to skip that, and do something like this:

Rogue 2 / Alchemist 3 / Fighter 1 / Assassin X
Ability scores (20 pts): str 10, dex 16+2, con 14, int 14, wis 12, cha 8
1. weapon finesse, two-weapon fighting
3. your homebrew dex to dagger damage feat
5. master alchemist or hellcat stealth
6. piranha strike
7. master alchemist or hellcat stealth
8. improved two-weapon fighting

Yea I really an trying to find some stuff to change the assassin PrC that my GM will go with

I mean my assassin as he is now one hit a CR 15-16 dragon (thanks to BBT letting me know abt dampen presence)...which is the kind of thing I still want to be able to do :) and for that I need death assassin it is

I guess for what I want maybe he is "optimized" as much as possible...I'll see what I can get my GM to agree to...maybe get a few good changes to the class or something...thanks

Actually, looking at my advice again, I build you a character that has no will save and has a ton of attacks that tend to miss. So with that in mind, you should probably get weapon focus instead of piranha strike and iron will instead of improved two weapon fighting. Also, a 4th level of alchemist is probably better than a level of fighter, as you get 2nd level extracts, among which the wonderful alchemical allocation.

I strongly recommend you check out the super genius guide to the Talented Rogue. It turns everything the rogue and ninja can get and turns it into talents and 'edges'. That leaves you alot more room to play AND depending on what you want that 1 level of alchemist for, you might not have to multiclass as much.

I will do that thanks

The level of alchemist is really just for free true strike when I need it, the mutagen is a nice stackable buff...and brewing potions goes along with my character well...getting all that for just one level is nice I think

I make a ton of alchemical items and poisons that I sell or use a lot in the group

No one in the current party actually knows I can turn invisible at will since I use smoke pellets to hide character they just believe I'm that good lol

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