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Ok...I have a few questions pertaining to a new character I will be playing soon (as in this week). I haven't fully decided on his starting build but came across a few questions, some of which I will be able to answer myself once I am home (making this guy up in my head right now so cannot remember wording of some things perfectly)

1) If a druid is wild shaped, can they use feats like elemental fist?

2) A druid in humanoid form has greater grapple, he started his round with a creature grappled and can now maintain as a move if he wanted, could he wild shape into say a Tiger (with rake) as standard, and then pin the creature (raking in the process)? Or does shifting into the tiger force him to release the grapple?

3) If someone were a Maneuver Master Monk/Druid with Flurry of Maneuvers and wild shaped into a tiger with grab and rake, could you do a full attack, use the grab ability to grapple, and then use your extra maneuver from Flurry of Maneuvers to make another grapple check to pin? Or does that only count as another full maneuver?

4) Can an AoMF have Bane?

Thank you for any help...again I may have some of these answered once I have better access to my internet at home...just trying to figure this out asap

Also, any fun suggestions for playing a druid where I want to focus on using my Companion and myself wild shaped. Any fun feats or suggestion, not optimized but FUN as well as entertaining, not necessarily in a stupid way though :)

Bump :)

Nothing yet? Man I should have put "Vital Strike" in the title, that would have gotten some attention :(

1) Yes. Unarmed strikes are not contingent on form, however they cannot use feats that work with unarmed strikes on natural attacks without feral combat training.

2) Nothing in the polymorph or grapple rules indicates that shapechanging releases a grapple so if you maintain as a move action this should be valid.

3) The check to pin is a combat maneuver so it should work.

4) Yes. It can have any melee weapon property that makes sense. (pretty much anything but transformitive and the throwing related properties I think)

Ah yes...I had forgot abt feral combat training...thank you

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