Help me with a character build please


Ok so while I'm researching and reading through RotRL so I can be a first time group is about to start a new campaign

We are meeting Wednesday to discuss characters and I need some help with one of my ideas...please help

I made a martial build already so if everyone wants caster I can roll martial, however I also want to have a caster in mind...preferably focused on summoning, necromancy (will be creating undead), and enchantment (compulsion), and be able to heal a bit

So far I have this for an idea but I'm willing to make changes

We will be starting at level 6

Half elf Oracle of bones with the legalistic curse

Level 1: spell focus (enchantment)
Half elf: skill focus (knowledge religion)
Level 3: eldritch heritage (arcane) for familiar (can heal at range)
Level 5: spell focus (necromancy)

Maybe wanting SF conjuration later to build to augment and superior summoning

Any ideas would be I do not play casters much

Two options for you to consider. A Gravewalker witch can do necromancy/enchantment well. You voodoo doll enemies and deliver touch attacks at 20 ft. Lots of versatility. Or you could summon undead instead of creating them. Go summoner with an eidolon with the undead evolution. Take sf necromancy and skeletal summons to call the undead.

Thanks...I was trying to stay with the oracle if possible...though I will read into the witch to see if it works with my concept

Are there any feats that help with enchantment other than spell focus and greater spell focus? Maybe something that would allow mind effecting spells to work on things normally immune?

I'm going to be taking skeletal summoner...however I'm going to see if my GM can work in something to let me always summon things as undead instead of just once a day

i like the oracle of bones, oracles are fun classes with good solid flavor and roleplay capabilities, but i still think summoners, sorcerers, witches, and wizards make the best necromancers.

Shadow Lodge

i would go juju over bones.

juju lets you create 6hd per level in hd and control undead 3+cha a day. it is a super powerful necromancer, with good group utility spells and healing available.

i dont know EXACTLY what your concept is, but it seems to me to be an evoker (blaster) who summons undead, and uses necromancy spells as your primary method of combat.

cleric/oracle is terrible for blasting, but a much better choice over all for this type of character due to the awesome healing, buffing, debuffing, and summoning spell available.

Yes I was staying away from blasting...but I will look into the juju

As for the control undead I was getting that as a revelation in bones :)

The concept I keep mentioning is more fluff and backstory stuff...this is why I was trying to stay a divine caster

Thank you for your input...I'll return if I have more questions

Silver Crusade

if you want an undead summoner/creator look into the necromancer feats. you can find them on google easily.

Be a Cleric, channel negative energy into your minions. Buff them to hell and back, grab leadership, get a necromancer wizard follower, have fun.

I see that someone is going to abuse Paragorn Surge. :) It is fine by me, in order to truly benefit you need a vast knowledge of the available spells, so when you use it right it is rewarding.

Other than that, juju oracles are probably the best oracles for a minion-mancer and better than bone oracles IMO. Matter of fact, a Juju Oracle 15 / Agent of the Grave 5 will be able to control 130 HD of undead! Enter the PrC at 8th lvl, so that you can take the Revelation at 7th.

Also, take the Ancient Lorekeeper archetype so that you can take some necromancy arcane spells. Enervation is the prime candidate.

Focusing on summoning is not a good choice when you can control so many undead and you are a lvl behind summoners and wizards / clerics, and enchantment spells are of limited usefulness too (with notable exceptions like confusion), unless you are a fey sorcerer.

I suggest that you do not specilise in neither of the above as a result, just use them on occasion when they are really useful. Improved Initiative, Dazing Spell, Bouncing Spell, Persistent Spell, Piercing Spell, Quicken Spell, Spell Perfection are all great choices, and the more specialised Thanatopic Spell and Threnodic Spell will serve your cause. Also consider focusing on boosting your Enervation with Empower and Maximise spell, it can become a battle-ender this way.

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