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In my group we play that potions like CLW and the like heal the maximum amount...so CLW is 1d8+1...we run that it heals 9 Hp every time

I had thought at one point this was a houserule...and I ccould have sworn that at some point I found it as a rule...but that was like a year ago...I think I might have just been crazy

Is/was this ever a rule or is it a houserule...

I only ask now because I'm about to start RotRL as a first time GM and my group was going to talk about the houserules we use and if we want to abandon some for the AP

Plz help me find if I am crazy or not :)


Not a rule in Pathfinder that I'm aware of.

Usually I've seen ppl take the average, which would be 11 for two potions.

Thanks Nefreet

I have no idea where I thought I read it then...I think I might keep it as a houserule for this AP though...I'm almost done reading it and based on my players they could use the boost

your more then likely thinking of apply meta magic max to potion. you can create them like that, but it change the cost and value of the item.

Tbh it was probably a rule from another RPG or something...I read so much that every now and then I get wires crossed

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The rule is to roll it. Either going with the maximum or the average is a houserule. In the case of taking the average, it's more of a procedural thing that mainly simplifies after combat wand healing. I'm in the same area as Nefreet, and it seems pretty common to use the average procedure, even in PFS. It save dice and doesn't put the less mathematically inclined on the spot.

As others have said, it's a houserule. Our houserule is that all potions made by clerics of our goddess of healing heal for full, though. This is because those clerics always heal for max dice (but cannot deal any directly deal damage or directly harm an enemy, so you basically have to play a buffer/healbot). Potions made by other casters heal for the random value.

The way we fluff that is that, technically, the amount healed is set when the potion is made. Basically the cleric (or whatever) casts the spell as normal, with the target being the potion. Rather than keep track of all those varying static numbers before hand, we just roll the number when the potion is used.

3.5 had an item that let you maximize a cure spell 1/day.

3.5 had an alternate spell that did max healing, but only to those that shared your faith.

The maximize metamagic feat and infernal healing are the only things I am aware of in PF.


In 3.5 I would often see the 'sudden' metamagic feats worked into scrolls or potions.

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