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I'm making a new character for a future game and I have looking into making an inquisitor

I have a decent background made already that I won't waste your time with...however one important part is his first 2 levels will be monk of the sacred mountain

After that I'm going full inquisitor (my GM uses fractional BAB multiclassing is no biggie)

From my fellow gamers I want some first I was going t go with sin eater because I love the thematically of eating the evil out of something I just killed, however I have also recently looked into some of the domains and inquisitions so I'm torn

I want the character to be good at intimidation, melee combat ( was wanting to go unarmed but I'm not 100% on that yet so feel free to throw out anything) and for casting I want to go with buffing

Now as above I haven't chosen a weapon for sure but using unarmed strikes works VERY well with his story...but I could go with a weapon if need be

Just literally throw out any idea...I will read and appreciate them all and then pick and choose from there :)

Never played with an inquisitor blade one time for a short short time so I'm not very familiar with them

Thanks guys and I hope to build my character using your help

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If you stick with unarmed strikes, you might want to consider 3 levels in monk to get Still Mind, then take monastic legacy, so your unarmed strike damage improves over time. I've played many monks, but they all used weapons... I've never really been able to do an unarmed combat monk that I like. Also, when you can, you can get a Monk's Robe. With 3 levels + the Robe, your unarmed goes up to 1d10 + whatever the Monastic Legacy adds to that.

If you go with a weapon, you might consider a reach weapon. Your unarmed combat will fill in the gap for opponents at 5' (within your reach). You can use your reach weapon to hit opponents at 10' and your unarmed strike to hit opponents at 5'.

On the Inquisitor side, domains and inquisitions are good, but its hard to recommend one unless we know what you're going for. If you're going mounted, then the Chivalry Inquisiton is awesome. If you're more concerned with Intimidation, there's an Inquisition for that. And lots more possibilities.

Yea I've looked into the inquisitions and domains...for domains I like strength and that's about it...sub domains there are a few more there I like

For inquisitions there are quite a few that let you use your Wis to intimidate...some for the character like a custom made shark skin suit...and some have some amazing powers

I don't like mounted combat...and ranged com at will be covered by others

I will look at that feat and the monk robes and see if I like it...thanks

Think of anything else please feel free to add

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Since you will only be dipping a few levels into monk, I would look at an archetype that gives up flurry. Sensei, Master of Many Styles, or Zen Archer have the most synergy with inquisitor IMO. Sensei will let you use wis to hit, MoMS is great for giving early access to style feats, snake and dragon are most useful to you. Zen Archer is awesome if you want to make a ranged inquisitor.

My suggestion in regard to unarmed is to get lvl 3 monk and then a monk robe as it will bring your unarmed damage to a d10 which is pretty nice especially when you flurry. A domain with an attack (ex. Air gives a ranged electrical attack) can be very useful with feats like domain strike where you can add it by using a swift action to any successful unarmed attack.

If you have a feat to spare, pick up one of the exotic monk weapons with reach. With that you can flurry at reach and up close.

Thank you both...

I didn't want to give up flurry but i still have my option open there...i like the idea of being able to get an extra attack as if I had TWF on a full attack

As for weapons...if I don't go unarmed I planned on burning a feat or speaking with my GM for one of the reach monk weapons :)

I did not know about domain strike...I will look back through the domains and stuff and see if that fits my style...thanks again

Keep me coming people...this is all very helpful

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I play a Sin Eater in PFS...the eat sin ablity has saved my life a handful of times and is super sweet

I'm making one with a level of sohei to act in the surprise round which lets me cast a buff spell and enter snake style fast followed by two levels of ninja for pressure point strikes plus out flank and precise strikes for teamwork feats.

Sohei also lets you keep light armor since you don't have the monk scaling armor bonus.

Well I was going to go unarmored if I could swing it...I will keep the style feats in mind...although I was really never a big fan of snake

Keep it up...this is really helping me pin down some things for guys are great

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If you do go unarmed, light armor can be nice as you can use the brawling enchantment. But as an inquisitor, your wisdom will likely be high anyway, and the majority of the monk ac bonus is from wisdom, so it can be better for you depending on how high your Wisdom goes.

I will repeat the Sensei idea though. Using Wisdom to hit on Unarmed Strikes and Monk weapons and adding Wisdom based Bardic Performance rounds to your Judgements and spells is very nice. far I have it leveled out this way...we usually start at level 5 or 6 going with 5 for now

Half-orc monk/inquisitor (MotSM and MoMS/ Sin Eater

Inquisitor 1: lvl 1 feat TWF
Inquisitor 2:
Monk 1: Lvl 3 feat Boar Style, bonus feat boar ferocity
Monk 2: Bonus feat boar shred
Monk 3: Weapon Focus (unarmed)

Str: 10 Dex: 15 Con: 13 Int: 12 Wis: 17 Cha: 10

Bump Wisdom at level 4 to get 18...headband for 20...belt for Dex to get 17 (or Con)

Guided AoMF

With fractional BAB I have a my full attack is +7/+7 (1d6+5) can do B,P, or S damage and if I hit with both I do an extra 2d6 and 1d6 bleed

...was considering going Tiefling or Drow and getting Nightmare Fist


Any ideas on domains if I decide against sin eater?

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Drakkiel wrote:
Any ideas on domains if I decide against sin eater?

Tactics Subdomain. Win at Initiative and have a floating combat feat. Take Barroom Brawler as well. Then you can tailor yourself to most threats with a round of prep.

You need heroism, demon, madness, or tactics domain for this. Each is the best for accuracy, damage, debuffing, and group think respectively. I think tactics is best because of the 2 level drop an lack of domain spells.

Would not recommend sin eater but to each his own.

Two years and change late on the answer, guys.

I love the darkness domain with the Night subdomain.
You get the blind fighting feat for free.
Just with that alone, with the deeper darkness spell has destroyed encounters.
Then you get the invisibility when in shadows and ability to see in any type of darkness as throw ins.

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I've seen a dwarf inquisitor with the Dorn-Dugur (sp?) that was fun. 1d10 damage with variable reach. Monks can give you bonus Combat Reflexes.

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