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I remember the rule of typed bonuses not stacking (there are exceptions) and bonuses from the same source not stacking. However other than the numerical bonus from the +1 not stacking I cannot find the rule for or against this.

You mention "General stacking rule" but I only remember it as I said above. If you can find and quote it or know the book its in that would memory of it may just be fried lol

Also I cannot find where Flame burst says it does not stack with flaming.

In the case again is a ranged weapon with one shooting an arrow of the other.

Could you also point out where you found the bit about ranged weapons used as melee retain the enchantments? I know that in certain class abilities or feats it states that it works this way, but I didn't understand it to be general.

Again I just want to say I'm not arguing it, just trying to find where its at.

I agree its poorly worded, and easily could have been worded better. I would go with Hewick's say. Changes from Nth fighter levels to Nth HD or class levels

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While it seems I have to agree with the others that no you cannot. I wouldn't see alot of GM's having a big issue with it. I mean you can take weapon focus (grapple) and weapon focus (blast) (for kinetisist) so I would allow it.

I would say no it does not allow you to.

One allows you to use Wis in place of Str or Dex to attack with unarmed strikes or monk weapons.

One allows you to use improvised weapons (but not "as" monk weapons)

So if they stack, which upon reading the FAQ (been out of the game a long while so had to catch up) I would say they do not (but for the question you asked we are saying they do) you could use your Wis for unarmed strikes but not with improvised weapons

I don't know for sure where that part is found in the book, however, I would not have an issue allowing a +1 flaming bow to shoot a +1 flaming arrow and receive 2d6 flaming. While the weapon itself cannot have the same special ability, the weapon and ammo can. The rules (as far as I remember, quote them if not so I can be lead to the right path) state that only the enhancement bonus does not stack.

This is actually no different then a +1 flaming bow shooting +1 shocking arrows yes?

Again if this is technically incorrect please let me know the rule associated as I have been out of the game for some time and may be remembering incorrectly

get "Master Alchemist"...saves alot of time

the rod of splendor says that one must "hold or carry" the if I were GM in that instance I would allow you to just have it on your belt or strapped to you somewhere.

meta magic rods must be "in hand" when you wish to use them

when you perform actions in RPG's like pathfinder they are suppose to be very thematic...activating a wand is a standard action, so mechanically you can only activate one wand at a time (once per round unless you somehow get more standard actions). Thematically you are concentrating on the specific action/words used to activate that one wand

Also from a mechanics/balancing standpoint its ridiculously OP to allow someone to activate a bundle of wands at once.

Thanks guys...we start in a week but those were very helpful :)

Monk is probably my absolute favorite class dip EVER so I will probably go with that

I thought about going a little old but my GM has certain ideas in mind about the campaign so no old ppl :(

I'll have to look into the gods and stuff to see if Hei-Fang fits my character

Again thank you guys

Just finished running Rise of the Runelords last night and by god am I happy (first time GM)

It is now someone else's turn and we are doing Skulls and Shackles

The GM has allowed certain new rules/classes in that include the advanced classes and I want to play a shaman.

Now I used to be all over theorycrafting and creating characters but with the last 2 years pretty much devoted to running RotRL I've been a bit out of sorts on the new stuff so I'm asking for help

I will be the main healer of the party, 15 pt build, and I'm probably going to go with my main spirit as life for channel and once I get wandering spirit I wanted to try out Lore so I could get those nifty arcane spells as well. The issue with this in a 15 pt buy is that its so MAD its driving me crazy

PLZ HELP with suggestions, yes i want to stick with shaman as I already have story thought up for him and his story, race is semi-set, the story will fit human and most of the 1/2 breeds

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People on here will give you the Rules

The Rules do not say that you can have your familiar take class levels as they advance as you do in your own class.

Now if you want your familiar to take class levels, that is between you and your GM since he is the final arbiter as to what will be allowed. At this time however, there is no basis for it

Yes you can find rule-breaking things in adventure paths, I just finished (literally last night) running Rise of the Runelords and even in the anniversary edition was able to find rule issues. NPCs/enemies (especially humanoids) are not always written by someone with explicit knowledge of the rules, they write them up as they want them to be and what best fits the story. This is also what a GM does.

So again, its up to your GM as he/she will have to figure out/decide how to keep track of your familiar and change the game based around that. Does the familiar get an equal share of the XP? Does the familiar get equal share in gold? Does your familiar get to decide RP wise that he hates your PC and now leaves of his own accord? Do you continue to gain all the associated benefits from this familiar even though now he is more of a full NPC?

These things are not in the rules so the answer is no, but your GM can easily say yes :)

See thats what I agree problem mostly stems from veteran players when I'm a new GM. That and I pretty much memorized the GM's Guide and Core Rulebook and any other books that I have to have for what they are playing. This causes multiple rules issues to arise when one or more players question the rule or confuse it with an old rule from D&D 3.5.

Thanks for your time sir

There are boots that allow you to bypass Tremorsense if you move at less than half speed.

Boots of the Soft Step
Source Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 26
Aura faint transmutation; CL 7th
Slot feet; Price 1,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.


These bronze-riveted boots have thick leather soles that compress and expand as you walk. This reduces the force of your footfalls, making you more difficult to detect with tremorsense. If you are walking at half speed, a creature with tremorsense can only sense you at half the usual distance. If you walk at one-quarter speed or slower, a creature with tremorsense cannot detect you at all.

Construction Requirements

Craft Wondrous Item, feather fall; Cost 500 gp

If you have the feat Master Alchemist you basically get a 10x speed increase on making alchemical items. It allows you to use gp value instead of silver for the purpose of how long it takes to make.

I understand that...and was going to go with just not telling them. However I know my players and I know that they will argue wholeheartedly that they should have gotten a check to notice it right off...especially if the person cursed is losing 1d6 wisdom a day. (i am blessed to always roll high so its usually 5-6, my players hate me)

Hi all, been gone from here for quite awhile (been running Rise of the Runelords) but I need some help with curse effects and ability drain.

Let's say a character is cursed through a long range ability of a monster. This character will now make one save daily or take wisdom drain. One character in particular in my game is adamant about certain things like being able to tell when there is something wrong with other characters. Like all players (and people in general) he is able to make arguments for his case when its in his favor.

My question is how should I run this? If you are a GM I'm sure you know that even mentioning something about a character acting different or even showing the slightest sign something is wrong instantly makes the other players make any and all checks and cast any and all spells they can to find out whats wrong.

Based on this I don't see why I even try and should just tell them "PC A is now infected with curse A, cast this spell to cure him" and just move on.

Please help me determine how best to go about playing this into the game. Thank you for all your time.

I have an inquisitor of pharasma in my Rise of the Runelords campaign currently at level 10 at the end of the 3rd book

At this point a few of the PCs have been given lesser artifacts that I have created specifically for them but I really need one for this guy

He is mostly melee with a great sword and uses his spells to intimidate and such...Please help me find something fun and interesting for him.

Game is tonight so any ideas are welcome and thank you all in advance

Yes, you provoke when "leaving" a threatened square, so you would only provoke from #1

blur gives you a 20% miss chance flat out. Nothing says that it stacks with other forms of concealment

if someone without DV is looking at someone in dim light that has blur casted on them its still 20%

does heartseeking in the book say "any concealment" or just "concealment"?

Usually with something like that its very specific as to what it overcomes...i do not have the book its out of and do not use pfsrd when i comes to exact wording

i think by magical effects he meant more like the assassins HiPS

you mean level 11 or 12

Geas is a 6th level spell...meaning prepared casters get it at 11th level and spontaneous casters get it at 12th

gain a familiar with the valet gets


Deliver Touch Spells (Su)

At 3rd level, when delivering a harmless touch spell to a willing creature, a valet can move before and after delivering the spell, as long as its total movement does not exceed its speed.

This ability modifies deliver touch spells.

make sure it can fly and has a good movement speed...or cast spells/equip it with magic items to increase it's speed

you have to find where it says that it IS permissible

Lore warden does not get bravery at level matter what...if we follow the rules

if you get combat expertise at level 1...knowing that you are getting it at level 2 from your archetype...that's on get nothing at level 2 now :)

again when you want to do something with the rules, you have to find where it says you CAN do it...if the rules were a list of everything you couldn't do it would be unending

lots of dead horses being mercilessly beaten lately

some GM allow imbedding them into parts if the body...I'm running RotRL and have told my players it is allowed...certain NPCs have them that way

don't worry about GTWF...the third attack will almost always miss...better to just get Improved and stop

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let's all take a moment of silence for the dead horse...for even though he is no longer alive...people continue to beat him mercilessly

*sheds a tear*

the pigeon is soon to suffer the same fate

as a player you shouldn't actually know how much damage was dealt...for all you know if you cast fireball and you roll up 40 damage

as a player you don't know how much of that damage was dealt to the target(s)

let's say you cast it at a group of 3 humans

x = human, o = space, k = invisible guy, f = centr of blast


again you roll 40 damage for the spell

you do not and should not know the actual damage dealt

the humans had fire resistance 15 and the invisible guy took no damage because of improved evasion....but again you should not know this...and thereby have no clue as to how much damage was actually dealt

what point but was used? the AP was written for 4 15 or buy pt buy characters...changing this changes the difficulty (or lack of)

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Tsuto almost caused a TPK by his lonesome in my game...he surprised 2 of the players and stunning fisted one...then beat him in initiative and hit him 2 more times...then using acrobatics got around to the Druid of the group and almost took him down

in fact if I hadn't forgot that he had sneak attack the first character would have just flat out died

look a dead horse....

journeyquest did was hilarious

thanks guys...I'm wondering how my players are going to try to get to thistletop...some of them are quite clever

on that note it seems that if the PCs go through the woods to get to thistletop I see almost no way for them to do so stealthily...especially with the Druid goblin patrolling and being able to rub trough the briars

but they are yummy :)

As you might be able to deduce by the title I'm wondering about how much time did you or would you give PCs if they wanted to do some stuff after Catacombs of Wrath. I ask because my players are kind of slacking on the roleplay in town, and I want to give them a swift kick in their RP gonads.

I know I could make it an indefinite amount of time but I also want the world to run fluidly. The PCs will know about Nualia's plans and may not wish to take any time at all, but I really want to push them into the color of the town to create some more feelings. I want them to CARE about the town. 3 of the 4 are veteran players while 2 of those 3 have been great roleplayers in the past. I don't know why they seem to want to railroad the campaign, maybe its because they know its an AP and have some sort of hatred for them, maybe its because its my 1st time GMing and they want to mess with me, but either way I'm open to some ideas...

Thanks again guys

maybe I wanted to see if someone would put words in my mouth even before it was opened :)

(the above is meant in jest...don't take it seriously)

Weirdo wrote:
Gauthok wrote:
Gamewise, yes those bonuses are for an animal companion, but why would he suddenly lose a lot of Str/Dex and Nat armor? That's the part I'm struggling with, and I don't see any rules support either way.

The strength, dex, and natural armour bonus of an animal companion represents that animal being invested with the mystical power of nature through its connection with the druid, just like the familiar's higher Int represents its magical connection with its master rather than an innate property of the animal. When the connection ends, the mystical power of nature leaves the animal companion, causing it to become weaker.

Drakkiel wrote:
also I ask this anytime ppl bring up Awaken...did your AC have an Int above 2?

Why do you ask that? Animal companions can have an Int above 2. It is not the intelligence boost, but a specific feature of Awaken, that prevents awakened creatures from being companions.

"If an animal companion increases its Intelligence to 10 or higher, it gains bonus skill ranks as normal."

Blog Post on Animal Intelligence

I ask because awaken cannot be used if you bump your AC to 3 INT

Awaken wrote:
This spell does not function on an animal or plant with an Intelligence greater than 2.

I have noticed that many miss that part of the spell

he loses all the bonuses from your class feature but can now take his/her own classes

also I ask this anytime ppl bring up Awaken...did your AC have an Int above 2?

I think it is meant to be the abilities that your level of wild shape (beast shape) grant...such as pounce, grab, rake, darkvision, ect.

it's not your shadow coming summon A shadow...yes the one from the beastiary

1) RAW you get the shadow as is except for any exceptions listed in the class feature

2) they are both I typed so I think so...I'm sure the class feature gives them that so they are not insta-goo if your party healer channels

with this I would probably just give them negatives in the town itself

people being curt or rude to them...certain shops not allowing them to buy things from then on...increased prices openly made higher only for their characters

it doesn't always have to come down to physical violence to punish PC for bad choices

(first thing one of my players did during the festival was try to steal a longbow from one of my festival games)

Rikkan wrote:

I thought the penalty from two-weapon fighting only applied to attacks made with those attacks?

So the bite would only get the -5 (being a secondary attack) but would not be affected by the two-weapon fighting penalty?

the penalties for TWF apply to all attacks (unless natural attacks) and differ greatly depending on

A. If you have the TWF feat
B. If you are using a light weapon in your off-hand
C. If you have the combination of A+B
D. If you have the Two-Weapon Warrior fighter archetype

I have always played it as Remy has said

if it's on you spell list of whatever mix of classes you have then you can use the wand if that spell

Use a Wand, Staff, or Other Spell Trigger Item: Normally, to use a wand, you must have the wand's spell on your class spell list. This use of the skill allows you to use a wand as if you had a particular spell on your class spell list. Failing the roll does not expend a charge.

N N 959 wrote:
Drakkiel wrote:
I may know that skeletons have DR 5/ bludgeoning but my character may for me to decide to use my normal mace over my sword that I ALWAYS use is metagaming.

Believing that your character couldn't see and feel the difference between a weapon doing full damage and one that was being less effective than it normally was is implausible.

I've played with GMs who have no concept of intuitive knowledge and isn't fun nor immersive. My character isn't my character, it's some set of numbers which lack any sensory perception and ability to understand the world around them.

Stupification (yes, I made that word up) of characters through cries of "meta-gaming" is rampant by GMs.

damage in game is itself metagamed

if you are playing a barbarian with 24 STR and you hit an enemy 4 times and do 52 damage...then I come along with my sorcerer/EK with a STR of 16 hits the enemy once for 6 damage that kills would you argue in character that you did more damage? if your character started spouting numbers of damage in game he would be called insane and locked up.

It has nothing to do with "stupification"...the point of knowledge checks for creatures is to see for your character knows such things...saying that your character "feels" the difference between the blade and the mace in damage is metagaming

this is no different than a player knowing that a certain monster has 135 hp to start...tracking it himself...and then trying some stupid move or using a low damage spell to kill it when he knows it's only got 4 hp left...your character has no clue unless he has a special ability or spell that allows him/her to gauge hp mechanically

if your GM allows these things then that's fine...I'm not arguing right or is metagaming if it's outside knowledge the character doesn't know that the player does

Mage armor and shield spells

that's debated heavily due to people thinking its OP

also to stealth as a simple 5 ft step you usually have to have some sort of HiPS ability or abilities that function similarly

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I would toss this to metagaming

The actual damage done is something calculated and tracked outside of game...using that knowledge IN game is disingenious to the game itself

I have played with many that metagame and it is not my cup of tea and not fun me at all

I may know that skeletons have DR 5/ bludgeoning but my character may for me to decide to use my normal mace over my sword that I ALWAYS use is metagaming

I don't see a difference between that and waiting for a damage roll to decide my save...if my character actually sees a fireball go off and decides not to react (save) then he's not my character anymore...he's stupid and probably deserves the damage he's about to recieve

Human Fighter wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

It is really a terrible idea.

Penalties, are not in your favor.

Like I said, I have no desire to do this, but maybe one day if I ever choose to run this archetype, and for some reason this is vital to my survival, then I'll know that this is a thing that works.

Believe would be far more vital to your survival to NOT do it

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