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I think being honest is the best approach. One game I'm playing in has been going on for three or so years and the dm is getting bored of it. Though the players all still love it including me. He told us he's going to stop after finishing off the story in a reasonable manner and by then we will have another game lined up. I would recommend you do the same thing. Tell them all you want to stop, but tell them you're going to stop after resolving the story in a reasonable way. It helps if you can tell them how many sessions you think it will take to finish the story/campaign. Then try to get someone else to dm a new campaign afterwards or maybe you can start a fresh one if no one else wants to dm.

Personally I know from experience that if the dm is not having fun for multiple sessions then the quality of the dming will go down quick. Well at least that's how it was for me.

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Rolled a 1 and a 37. A dwarf wizard huh? You don't see those very often!

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Two I'm thinking of. One, the dual wielder with a one handed weapon and a one handed ranged weapon in the off hand. Such as a longsword and a crossbow combination. This style would be pretty fun but you'd have to invest into so many feats to keep up at all damage wise with other martial styles. I suppose one way you can do it is get slashing grace, then focus exclusively on ranged feats like rapid shot and stuff.

Another style is the character who uses many different kinds of weapons. I suppose this is the same thing as the one above. I suppose what I'm trying to say is I'm not a huge fan that Pathfinder really pushes you to specialize in one weapon for martials. I've always thought it was fun in movies when the hero fell back on using alternative weapons than his go to weapon in an action scene depending on the situation. Like Arnold in Commando when he hides in the tool house and takes out dudes with an axe and buzz saws as opposed to his guns he was using for most of the fight. If this was the Pathfinder system that change in tactics probably wouldn't work well for him.

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This is my opinion, but hey it might be yours too: It's not so much about making the best character and winning it all, but about making a character that you and the rest of your group will remember fondly.

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How I like to do it is 4d6, drop the lowest. If someone is unlucky, have them reroll a new spread of stats until they get an array they like. If they're still unsatisfied, you can have them reroll ones and twos, and/or volunteer someone else to roll for them if it makes them feel better. If all else fails, you can give them a point buy of 5-10 to give their under 10 ability scores a bit of a boost. Granted this will probably result in op characters, but I think it's much better to have op characters than weak ones. Especially if you're running a home brew game. Because then you can make the encounter as hard as you want.

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Maybe not the greatest thing I've done as a player, but definitely my favorite.

It was one of the guys' turn in the initiative order and he didn't know what to do immediately. So he goes "uhhh" for about two seconds. And I realize that his "uhhh" kind of sounded like a note in a song. So I then sung "uhhh" in a different note and held the note. Another guy realized what I was doing and sung "uhhh" in another unique note. Pretty soon the others joined in and we were all holding out "uhhhs" in some sort of karaoke apacella string. One guy remained silent though, and when we were a second or two into the uhhhs he went all like "No stop! I can't take it!" And he left the room laughing. Right as he left we all burst into laughter ourselves. Ah man good times!

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Did I just stumble on a thread of people saying "this nice thing for casters really isn't a nice thing?" Woah, this never happens! I think I stumbled into the bizarro world of the paizo forums!

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A hobo in the street. Technically we weren't supposed to kill him, but things got out of hand.

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138: Taking at least ten minutes on your turn to decide what you're going to do. This happened with a guy I played with every single time. It was agravating.

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In the games I play, rogues are nightmares. One often outdamages a barbarian in a game I'm playing right now. Granted we flank all the time, but why wouldn't you flank all the time? Casters are not considered overly powerful, heck they aren't even really considered necessary. They just make miscellaneous activities much easier, also healing makes the game run smoother. But that's it.

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For me, when I dm I try to emulate the style of the game to be a mix of LoTR and the 80's Conan movies. Though much more on the Conan side, like 70% Conan and 30% rings. I feel like those old films really capture what it feels like to be an adventurer with a party and delving into dungeons and quests. Especially the second Conan, that one really feels like an adventure path when I watch it.

As for video games, structurally I take inspiration from Zelda. The "Find 8 things and kill Ganon" formula is something I have shamelessly copied before. It's such an easy way to make your game longer. I also take inspiration from anime style action scenes when players do killing blows. When they crit or kill an enemy I like to really describe them doing the kill as a Jedi or anime hero would. Especially when making a sweet comeback in a fight.

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Because DEX is probably the best attribute in the game. And overvaluing it as such may eliminate STR's usefulness entirely.

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Phalanx fighter is my favorite. Grab three levels of this archetype and then you can hold a polearm in one hand while holding a shield in the other. So go two weapon fighting (preferably via two levels of ranger so you don't pump a lot of points into Dex) and the shield slam feats. Then when you hit with your shield and free bull rush the foe, you get a free attack with your polearm in addition to your other attacks. And even if you don't bull rush him, you can 5 foot step away and still spear him. And if you're cornered, you're fine because you can still bash that dude with a shield.

Very fun fighting style, I'm having a ball with a hellknight that rolls this way.

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Still not as insane as fighting a blue dragon at level 1 in Rise of Tiamat. 5th Edition you so craaaazy.

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A character with low wis and int, but high cha? Sounds like Derek Zoolander to me. Should be hilarious!

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Oh woah there you had me worried for a moment! I thought you were going to describe your character being a rapist, pedo or at least a crazy alcoholic. When you said racy, you had me braced for the absolute worst. Honestly any character can have problems with certain tables, some in some tables more than others.

That said, you'd be hard pressed to offend anyone with that picture you found even when edited. The only people I think that would be uncomfortable would be feminists or SUPREMELY conservative people. I describe them as supremely conservative, because I consider myself reasonably conservative. (Heading left down that scale.)

Though really, I would think a lot of feminists would not like RPGs for many reasons. And supremely conservative types would also not like RPGs for many reasons. Because of this, both are unlikely to be in your game.

If someone does bring it up and be like "really? Skin showing character?" Just tell him/her what you told us, you searched the whole web for this pic and even edited it to make it more modest. And if he/she is still raw about it, then well, come back to us?

I'm actually more concerned that you might have a PC in the party that tries to woo your PC. In all reality I think it's more likely that a bard would try to go for it. And that is a slippery slope to make you feel uncomfortable, unless you're cool with that.

Or bash his face in. An easy choice for most.

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Because how could heroes kiss women's arms? By taking off their gauntlet first to avoid prickling her arm? Oh please, don't be absurd sires! The sheer tackiness of the thing!

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Best topic since the succubus thread. Carry on.

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If you have training in stealth and hitting vital points like a rogue, I think you wouldn't have to even think about doing it when you're an expert at it. Ie, the barbarian rogue would just fluidly sneak about stabbing people up without concentration. And even if a DM doesn't allow you to sneak around, you can still smack up flanked enemies anyways. Conan the barbarian beheaded a lot of dudes in the movies. (At least from what I remember.) That's definitely striking a vital part of the body and he didn't even have to think about it.

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The third one sounds like a win-win situation all around really. A free wish for three people? Can't think of many PCs that would say no to that.

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House elves in Harry Potter maybe

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How about it being a monk? It could be a barn with incredible touch AC, so no one can hit its broad side. Ever.

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When it's his turn, he takes a good ten minutes till he know what he wants to do.

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I'm thinking Liar's Pants would be a thing if there ever was a magic pants category. It could be a cursed item that bursts into flames whenever you lie. Scandalous.

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Everything is Awesome

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Dm says: This merchant has every magic item in the game. But he is an ancient golden dragon. I designed him so that if you manage to kill him, you deserve all the stuff he has.

Dm means: Had to make a way so that you couldn't easily steal everything in a magic shop of magicness. If you want to, good freaking luck.

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I used it once, it had a sack of animated hands and amoebas. At first, it cried in a child's voice to lure in the pcs and then they listened to it. It then touched a PC and said "tag you're it!" and ran off. The pcs did not pursue it. What's interesting is that it stole the wizard's voice when he tagged him, so he couldn't cast a lot of his spells. Wizard got mad that his voice was gone and so he went after the thing. When it eventually came to blows, the whisperer unfolded his bag and let out the hands and amoebas. Now the party had to fight him and his hands/amoebas.

Overall it was an extremely fun fight for me to run, it's probably my favorite fight I've run ever. It was one of the few times I've creeped out my players and a couple of them went down a few times due to sleep and hp loss. Man that was a good time!

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Kirito from Sword Art Online. He strikes me as a barbarian type with the dual wielding feat tree. He doesn't get angry in every fight sure, but when he does get angry nothing short of an infinite angel army can kill him.

Link from the Zelda series, as a bard/paladin/ranger. Depending on which Link he is based off of.

Maleficent would make for a very fun witch, especially in dragon form!

I've always thought Ezio Auditore as an assassin would be hella fun to play.

Thor (as a cleric?) and Loki as a trickster would both be amazing!

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I'm with Saigo on this one, with those stats you should put your highest one into strength or DEX. Depending if you want to do ranged or Melee attacks of course. You only need 16 in Cha in the long run to cast level 6 bard spells.

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He reminds me of Morgan Freeman

....……I am ok with this

Great story too. I like this guy!

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All the back stories of the characters are filled with tragedy and such. Which is nice. But just for funsies I want to see Paizo's take on a joke character. Would be awesome!

Jirelle is pretty cool though

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I do run a ye old magic shop kind of thing. But I've got a story behind it to justify it. Long story short, I knew that I wanted to give players anything they wanted in the books for stated price. But the problem is that if they kill the shopkeeper then they can just get 100,000,000 gp worth of magic crap right? Sure they probably would not have done this, but I didn't want the possibility to be there anyways.

So my solution to this is to make the shopkeeper a CR 20 monster. So if they somehow are able to kill him, then they do indeed deserve all of his stock. Cause he's just that tough. If they do kill him on an even level of 20, then by then the game is probably almost over anyways so who cares at that point?

In any case, the shopkeeper is a LN Ancient Gold Dragon. He has portals in many bustling cities in Golarion leading to his shop. The rich warriors/collectors go there to buy anything found in ultimate equipment. The idea is that the golden dragon flies out and collects all these magical things around the world. He also makes a lot of his merchandise.

I thought it was a fun and flavorful way to make a magic shop viable in game. Also I'm a fan of the dragon npc.

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The succubus in a grapple thread was a pretty big hit while it was alive....

Also ravingdork's emporium-esque threads. Or any thread bringing up an interesting character from fiction saying "what class is he?" Like for example, what class is Gandalf/Link/Ezio/Avengers ect.

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KutuluKultist wrote:

One might want to consider that the issue is not whether anyone is offended or not. It is how certain cultural stereotypes are reproduced and how that influences a general, often subtle emotional prejudice towards whatever we identify as belonging to that stereotype in actual life.

Offensiveness has nothing at all to do with the problem. This problem would be there even if no-one ever took offence.

Also, Necromancy is da bomb!

Ok I hear where you are coming from. But I still think that when one is crafting art, whether it be a game, movie or whatever, they should be able to put into it whatever they wish.

On the subject of Ocarina of Time, which I freaking adore, the Muslim references and the changes made always interested me. Another thing that used to be in the game is a different song for the Fire Temple.

In the original version the Fire Temple song featured a Muslim chant. A lot of Muslims were offended by this because you aren't supposed to listen to the chant unless you are in a place of worship and are not distracted by anything worldy. In other words, a few Muslims felt like they were sinning while playing trough that Temple because they were listening to the chant while playing a game.

I'll admit that is a pretty extreme mistake on Nintendo's part. Though they were probably just trying to make the Fire Temple (and the Gerudo thieves) feel more exotic. And as a family friendly company they sort of had no choice but to remove those references.

Though if Nintendo didn't make that game and instead it was made by say, Rockstar or Activison, those companies would definitely keep those things in. And as a form of art that's ok in my eyes. Nothing is enjoyed by everyone after all.

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Yeah I've seen it happen in a couple of sessions. It's quite a sight to behold. Though mathematically, it's just as likely for the dice to roll 3 twenties in a row as it is to roll any other combination. Like say, a 5 a 12 and then a 9. That's the thing about probabilities, unlikely combinations come up every game if you think about it that way.

Chance is such a fickle thing.

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I don't have bestiary 4, so if he's in that then ignore this post.

I'd love to see the eight headed dragon Orochi from Japanese mythology.

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Going with the Edward Cullen example, of course I despise the guy but for the purposes of psychological discussion he is a good example to bring up. I'd say he's neutral or even good depending on who he targets. By all means he's just hunting to survive.

And heck, if all he kills are people that are say, going to die of old age in a week anyways, then I'd argue he's going out of his way to hunt in the least damaging way as possible. This in my eyes would make him good, or as good as a vampire can be. Or, perhaps he snacks on Nazis exclusively? That would make him good also IMO. Especially if he's hunting for the cause of good.

However, if he instead relishes in killing and his victims suffering, then he is evil.

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Amazing thread is amazing.

Gotta say, I'm curious about those who would assist the Bear Druid break free from this scenario. And who, in fact, would be the most successful to do so?

A bard perhaps? His rapier skills are formidable, flexible and speedy to be sure. Yet the weapon itself is skinny and leaves much to be desired.

Perhaps the barbarian? His great sword cleaves much meat with but a single swing. Though his style is very rash and quite prone to accident.

I suppose it would depend entirely on the succubus' defenses, but we can't be sure without running some tests.