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I am having trouble finding any specific feats for critical failure negation on skills to compare it to.

My group and I were finding that the assurance feat seemed too situational to use most the time, and usually only with a few skills. I had the idea for a minor alteration, but wanted to see if it would be too strong or not.

I would changed the feat to when assurance is declared on the action, you use the 10+proficiency bonus as the minimum result, but cannot score a critical result on the check unless the minimum would have resulted in a crit.

For third party, D&D 3.5 had the Frenzied Berserker which got a rage like ability that says it stacks with rage for some big bonuses and penalties.

Otherwise there is the half-orc teamwork feat Amplified Rage that is sort of like stacking rage. Alternatively unchained barbarian doesn't have the same morale bonuses so potentially you can add on the rage spell or other class features in some way.

Many of the hulk like archetypes from alchemist and shifter etc could probably be combined in some way too but I've heard most of those archetypes are pretty bad. You can also just describe buffs like the mutagen etc to just be added on rage in a role-play sense.

Does the Devastating Infusion "act as using kinetic blade" clause also apply to the ranged attacks?

Im trying to see if it's possible to use the Telekinetic Blast's secondary option of using the weapon damage in place of blast damage. So if the ranged option is also treated as kinetic blade then is definitely not possible.

Some of the wording of that archetype's abilities can be interpreted to not do anything, such as the level 6 ability (since characters can already swap attacks with weapons this way). They also don't seem to have a way to attack with both in the same turn and keep certain abilities like slashing grace.

Since your level 11, theres some feats that potentially you could go for to mix in shield bashing with your normal attacks. You could get the Upsetting Shield style feat to allow you to eventually get bashing finish with, so that each time you crit with your high crit range weapons, you get a free bash attempt as well (with precise strike damage). You could potentially even get a couple levels of brawler for the two-weapon fighting part and use something like a wave blade a flurry with most your precise strike levels.

If the GM thinks that archetype's abilities prevent you from getting precise strike/ slashing grace or w/e you can probably get unhindered shield to use the shield on the same attacking hand to maybe bypass the no weapon in offhand requirements.

Seems like using the Semi-Automatic during a turn is like using rapid shot. You take a -2 penalty on all of your attacks during a full attack but make an additional one at your highest bab (haste functions as normal).

However if you also have the rapid shot feat, you can instead take a -6 penalty on all your attacks during a full attack action, but make an additional 2 at your highest bab instead of additional 1 as above.

Looking around at the two things I thought worked like you wanted but turns out they are still a little closer to infusions/extracts then potions though.

Brewkeeper prestige class 1st level ability or Druids picking Druidic Herbalism for their nature's bond lvl 7 ability.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Arcane Striking and Deck of Silvering Fate magic items are very effective with either of the caster builds.

Always wondered if there was a good way to incorporate Bloodrager using these along with the Blooded Arcane Strike feat to multiply the doubled damage with vital strike feats. But I guess most would rule the splashed Arcane strike damage isn't multiplied.

Also would probably want the 3 witch levels to keep your ammo from running out, and some way to increase the card dice size to make vital strike better, so probably to difficult to make worth it.

Meirril wrote:

But to think it works in reverse, that 'rules' applied to monsters should be applied to players is a logical fallacy. Monsters get abilities because the designer thought the stat block fits the image they were going for.

If you want to use the Marilith as a guideline for what players can do, the Marilith is stated up to use every conceivable limb to attack at the same time, other than lacking a head butt and a bite. If you want to use the argument that since Marilith can strike with all 6 arms, so every player race should do the same, you can just as easily argue it also gets a tail strike so every race with a tail should also get a tail strike, and probably 2 kicks as well.

Player characters aren't monsters. Don't try to work from a monster's stat block to justify a PC.

The only reason we bring this up, is that there is obviously a hole in the rules from the developers some where. Every single other ability is stated and written. We are not pulling anything out of our ass since there is a rule for a tail strike if a creature is given one on a stat block. There is still no way the Marilith or any other multi-armed creature is actually capable of using their extra limbs unless a GM makes up a rule for them to do so.

None of whats written or quoted will really change our mind. We are just noting that theres a rule error here, and that it is reasonable for a GM to decide either way. I'm sure most of use even giving this argument are perfectly fine that player's cannot use the limbs this way.

I have just always given my opinion that because every combat rule has been shared between monsters and players that I would fill in the hole in the rules that way. (I would just not allow Kasatha etc in most cases, but some one Polymorphing I might allow)

Derklord wrote:
Ok, I'll play nice one more time, even though I'm sick of people making arguments that I've already disproven, especially when they don't even bother to adress my posts. It's just a waste of everyone's time.

Then you merely need to just state there is no written rule that confirms you get additional attacks with multiple arms. And, you can give the advice that it is up to the GM, but a ruling it that way will often be imbalanced. Then maybe there would be less spiraling arguments.

Regardless, that hasn't stopped you from being able to transform those extra hands into claws or similar for extra attacks anyway, so a lot of the balance is thrown off regardless of the ruling. Which is a comment that I've felt you ignored.

And so while I agree with you that Kasatha can be munchkin'd and should probably only be played with other Kasathas. I have never found your quoting to never prove anything for me as I have never seen Creatures and Players behave differently in rules, its just if an abilities bypass or changes a rule. So in any case there is a hole of the rules for the GM to decide to fill or not, which society play has decided to not allow for players.

Andy Brown wrote:

Weapon focus requires proficiency in the weapon, and by definition you're considered not proficient with an improvised weapon. (Catch Off Guard removes the penalty, without giving profiency)

And remember that you can't enchant improvised weapons as weapons, so you're going to fall behind on damage

The Improvisational Focus feat both makes you count as proficient and considered to have weapon focus with improvised.

They also added Gloves of Improvised Might that sort of are like amulet of mighty fists for improvised.

You could always just go unarmed strike with equipment trick boots for another approach.

I don't see much bigger than a -2 so at most it would probably be that.

Vulnerable to sunlight is a -2 so maybe you can value it similar to that. But if the race you build basically only functions in water anyway then maybe its only a -1 in that case.

I don't know for sure if a divine focus lets its be used for somatic also, but it would still do something for presenting your holy symbol for channel energy or to present it at vampires or similar.

Outside of that, the Shielded Mage feat can let you use somatic with a shield if it becomes necessary that I know of.

You could always give him something like the shadowshooting property to his gun that doesn't need to be reloaded until he gets a better more expensive one later like the pistol of the infinite sky.

There are feats to fix the reloading stuff but most prob need several feats and I'm sure the player cannot afford to have to spend more.

glass wrote:

Third-party stuff would most-likely be OK, BTW.

Theres a fighter advanced training Effortless Dual-wielding to treat associated group as light for two-weapon fighting.

D&D 3.5 had a feat called Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting to make it count as light.

Its probably almost never worth it, but if the companion was able to wield an occultists trappings of the warrior implements they could maybe get the BAB boost.

He is saying that is that if you make an attack with a two-handed weapon, you are considered using your offhand for that attack. This is why you are not allowed use spiked armor or similar to two weapon fight with a 2h weapon. You can hold two two-handed weapons and swap which you attack with during a full-attack action. But in most cases you are not allowed to add off-hand attacks with TWF when you are using a two-hand.

I could be wrong, but I think it is suppose to be just the core book cantrips still and most others are considered rare cantrips that are harder to obtain.

avr wrote:

Doesn't work sorry.

It also says that if you have the familiar class feature, you can make it your familiar to gain all those features as a normal familiar.

The statistics for a mauler crawling hand seems right to me except the claw would probably be a 1d4 instead of 1d6 as per claw monster size (1 dim. >1d2 tiny. >1d3 small. >1d4 medium. Also it is no longer undead, so it is probably suppose to have a con score but I don't see it mentioned. Some might just give it 10 con but I don't know.

The archetype itself requires specific familiar choices, but you dm might allow it. If he doesn't the hand isn't a true familiar and doesn't qualify for mauler.

If he allows it as your familiar, verminous blood could be themed to the blood coagulates into the shape of the hand or hands grabbing at the attacker momentarily.

Steal Breath probably does nothing different with strangle, as it does the same effect of preventing verbal casting and speaking.

You start getting sickened for 1 hour per drink after 1+double your con mod in a day. Unless you don't care for that condition.

Dairfaron wrote:

Don't do it in actual play unless you want to ruin the fun for your fellow players. This is just a proof of concept.

At least it is cleaner and not as exploitive as something dumb like ki leech and coup de grace 6 mounts from communal mount spell or similar.

The amulet of mighty fists grants melee weapon special abilities, so long as they can be applied to unarmed attacks.

A spontaneous caster also doesn't have spell slots for 0 level spells, they would just apply the metamagic for no extra level cost wouldn't they?

You could eventually get the Weapon trick feat for weapon and shield to allow taking 10 on bluff checks to feint and the enemy provokes when you feint them at level 10 if you get the two-weapon feint/improved weapon feint feats for sneak attacking. Though all of that might take more feats than you want.

I don't see if it is specifically mentioned anywhere but it seems that each pre-made form is replacing the base evolutions if its more thematic. Since i noticed ancestor is suppose to mimic player character races and doesn't mention claws, where as the devil and demon mention claws.

Another way to look at it is that it mentions arms and legs in addition to the slam. So if you still retained claws, that means you would also have 4 arms and 4 legs.

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Rapid shot doesn't have a BAB prerequisite, but it needs pointblank shot.

The crossbow style gives you a feat at 2nd and 6th level of ranger without any prerequisites needed. The 2nd level can be deadly aim, focused shot, precise shot, and rapid reload. At 6th level it can be any listed for 2nd and adds crossbow mastery and improved precise shot as choices.

Most of their abilities are just adding flat numbers so they can be effective in combat through that. But they are probably always doing the same thing and fall flat if that is ever countered they don't have many other options.

I agree with Chell in that the archetypes for normal wildshape give it some more versatility and options. But the base class to me still feels like a hollow unchained monk without any abilities ki powers or style stuff to choose from, instead getting a usually underwhelming wild-shape.

Theres the Anthropomorphic Animal spell.

Changeling/Shapeless familiar feats could let it shape change to something that can use wands.

A figment familiar could use 2 point evolution for arms.

Grasping Tail + Mischievous Tail feats, but a normal familiar usually only has 1 feat unless you find an archetype like the witch one that you can give it some feats.

The DM might allow you to pick Evolved familiar for hands if you pick the claw or slam option? Though id expect most wouldn't allow that.

They might have made it with the Idea that there would be more claw blade specific abilities in the future.

The only thing I've found so far this would affect would be the catfolk specific monk FCB to treat claw blades as a monk weapon, use style strikes with it and add 1/2 damage to it. That trait would allow tekko-kagi.

This looks like something related to 5e and not pathfinder?

In 5e you gain the benefit to investigation/perception while in the favored terrain, so it seems yes.

Evangelist says they use their character level in place of caster level for their boons.

Unless specified otherwise a spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities default as charisma based.

I don't remember seeing a rule that you can't for most casters, but a few other rules made me decide that it isn't intended, and I made it a concrete house rule in my games for another reason.

Clerics and several other casters must choose a specific time to regain spells, so allowing other casters to do so would be a bit unfair IMO.

Resting to regain health doesn't work any 8 hours of the day. If you want to heal more you have to choose the entire day instead of another 8 hrs. For that similar reason id expect you can only choose to rest once in a day, so only regain spells once.

And a reason I made it concrete, I some times had players that just woke up from rest, go 5-15 minutes in a dungeon using a bunch of spells, then decide to go sleep for another 8 hours.

I was looking at this Idea for using spell blending arcana to grab ki leech so you can basically refuel your arcane pool throughout the day and use spell recall/improved to keep getting spells back.

It already looked like you weighed the options you found yourself except the Teisatsu vigilante, but they just offer a ki power instead at level 2 and theres not many options there. Go rogue if you need spare feats, ninja/teisatsu if you are looking more at damage, or field agent to dip less.

My group just have it add an extra weapon dice, like vital strike, if your readied attack hits a charging character. I could see us potentially adopting that to AoOs as well, since we nerfed alot of the potential multiplied damage.

Upsetting Shield Style, would be able to make it count as a light shield for most other effects.

Unhindering Shield might be interpreted to allow precise strike for at least the main weapon with this combo?

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You could check if your DM will allow you to add the Glove of Storing ability to Gloves of Elvenkind. The rules for this is to add an extra 50% of the price of the lower costing abilities I believe.

10,000+(7,500x1.5)= 21,250g gloves total or 13,750g to add storing to your current Gloves of Elvenkind.

Just to give a couple other options to check out, though they are probably lower on the magic front are Medium of the Master (Medium archetype) and Elemental Ascetic (Kineticist archetype).

If it has the Flyby feat, it can spend its standard breath attack ant any point during a move action, the area would be the same as normal but it would have more flex-ability with things to hit. Otherwise it would just do the breath at the start or end of flying.

Line breath attacks are an oddity since the dragon would have to get really low I assume? I would personally run a bit of a house rule on some of the breaths myself to follow along under it sometimes.

Since you already have the qualifying feats, the Fast Healer feat is nice and should work well with the boots mentioned above.

Fire God's blessing can heal 1 hp once per round for dealing fire damage, but you must be an orc.

And theres Divine Fighting Technique: Way of the Merciful that needs great fortitude, weapon focus scimitar and heal 10 ranks but allows you to heal 1d6 once per round for dealing nonlethal damage or 2d6 if using a scimitar.

Either of these with Lesser Celestial Totem rage power can heal a nice chunk per round from hitting something as long as they aren't immune. (Neither feat says Su or Ex as far as I know so unsure if Fast Healer would buff or not either)

Diego Rossi wrote:

What is the ability that gives a gargoyle a gore attack without a special ability saying that? It is its statblock.
If a creature statblock has extra, non-iterative, weapons attack it has them, if it hasn't, it hasn't

The reason I don't agree with following this is if you arbitrarily give a a PC the same gore attack, they have the rules to use it, but suddenly If I gave a PC extra arms, let them play as the monster race or they polymorph into something like that then all of a sudden they can't use those arms well unless they were also Natural attacks?

You can't really do any of these without DM letting you anyway (other than maybe a monstrous physique shape or something.) So I don't even understand people arguing it in the first place. Always been my opinion combat rules should be the same.

Theres things like the Martial Versatility feat that can expand a selected weapon feat to work on the whole group instead. And there is the Versatile Design weapon modifications that can make a weapon count as a different weapon group but needs higher proficiencies than normal.

I only know of substitutions for weapons completely involving Ascetic Style with unarmed or Spear Dancing Style and quarterstaves, I haven't come across anything that would really work with the pre-determined list on the Knife-master rogue.

As far as I can tell, the initial enemy would use the shield bash attack roll, each player afterwards uses a separate bullrush attempt at the stacking -4penalty. If all are a success, Player D would be knocked prone and all the other targets would shift towards the wall 1 space and DM would probably have to decide if any players shift to a square to not occupy the same space.

If Plyr A decided to move with the bullrush, depending on their successes they can potentially push plyr C 10 ft to be knocked prone, or plyr B 15 ft and the Enemy 20ft to knock all prone, and the DM would asign which squares people end up in afterwards.

Otherwise Plyr A can just opt to not bullrush at all.

Not that it would change anything for a PC, I am just curious on on those that would only follow the written rule think about the monsters with multi-weapon fighting.

Technically they have no rule or ability written that allows them to gain their extra weapon attacks. I also know of no evidence that a creature follows any different combat rules that aren't written, just different creation rules. So are they miss-prints and multi-weapon fighting a basically dead feat for them?

As a side note, outside of specific callouts like the alchemist's arms, a PC could prob find a way to make the extra limbs natural attacks anyway such as claws and basically be about as strong as most offhand attacks anyway IMO.

No point in arguing about this.

RAW: Nothing written allows a player to use the other arms for multiweapon fighting. There is also no written rule to allow a monster to do it either. (The Kasatha statblock was unfortunately built around the monk and flurry of blows doesn't allow extra attacks so its not really evidence for or against.)

RAI: The statistics and rules for extra arms are easily interpreted so its perfectly reasonable to use in a home game or not.

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Natural attacks don't get extra Iterative attacks from a full attack action unless you have an ability like shifter's Flurry or do something to allow it as a monk's Flurry.

So if his form only has the Bite attack, he can only make that 1 attack, and the damage would do 1.5x strength for having only 1 natural attack. However If he got hasted he would be able to make an extra bite on a full-round at the same bonus as the first.

So apparently an FAQ already allows you to spell combat with a claw as your weapon without that ability, but also shows that normally you wouldn't be able to do the bite.

FAQ: "Yes, so long as the weapon is a light or one-handed melee weapon and is associated with that hand. For example, unarmed strikes, claws, and slams are light melee weapons associated with a hand, and therefore are valid for use with spell combat. A tail slap is not associated with a hand, and therefore is not valid for use with spell combat."

So you would need Natural Spell Combat to be able to use the bite during it. However what I am also not sure on is if you can pick Natural Spell Combat again for claws to use in the offhand that is casting the spell or not.

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Full-round action the bear can do the 2 claws and the bite.

As a standard action can only do 1 claw or 1 bite.

Try to get a training weapon enchant with Crossbow mastery for Heavy Xbow for the reloading eventually. Try to get easy ways of using Gravity Bow, through wands etc. Also should ask if you can use gloves of dueling to upgrade crossbow expert later.

1 human Rapid Reload
1 Point blank Shot
2 f1 Precise shot
3 f2 Rapid shot
3 Deadly Aim
5 f4 Weapon focus - (see if can retrain to heavy xbow later unless already have training one)
5 Overwatch style
7 Vital strike
7 f6 Overwatch tactician
9 f8 Devastating strike
9 Improved Critical
11 f10 Improved Vital Strike
11 Overwatch Vortex

assuming 18 dex and without weapon/stat enhancement bonuses or Point blank.. gravity bow makes light xbow 2d6, and heavy xbow 2d8..
lvl 3.
Normal - 7, or rapid 5/5.. 1d8 dmg.... Deadly Aim 6, or 4/4 rapid 1d8+2
lvl 5.
Normal - 9, or Rapid/Readied 7/7.. 1d8 dmg .... Deadly Aim 7, or 5/5 rapid/Readied 1d8+4 (+2dmg readied)
lvl 7 (assuming training heavy xbow by now)
Normal - 12/7, or rapid 10/10/5.. 1d10+1 dmg .... Deadly Aim 10/5, or 8/8/3 Rapid 1d10+5
Readied 2 Vital Strikes - 10/10 2d10+3 or 8/8 2d10+7 deadly aim
lvl 9
Normal - 15/10, or rapid 13/13/8.. 1d10+1 dmg .... Deadly Aim 12/7, or 10/10/5 Rapid 1d10+7
Readied 2 Vital Strikes - 13/13... 2d10+5 dmg or deadly aim 10/10 ... 2d10+9 dmg
lvl 11
Normal - 18/13/8, or rapid 16/16/11/6.. 1d10+2 dmg.. DA 15/10/5, or 13/13/8/3 Rapid 1d10+8
Readied 4 Vital Strikes - 16/16/16/16.. 3d10+8 dmg or deadly aim 13/13/13/13 .. 3d10+14 dmg

Seemed doable to me up to level 11, but pretty much all feats are taken with only 1 spare if something like human or elf with crossbow training.

1 human? Rapid Reload
1 Point blank Shot
2 f1 Precise shot
3 f2 Rapid shot
3 Crossbow mastery
5 f4 weapon focus
5 Overwatch style
7 Vital strike
7 f6 Overwatch tactician
9 f8 Devastating strike
9 ?
11 f10 Improved Vital Strike
11 Overwatch Vortex

Extra feat at level 9 can be stuff like Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Weapon spec etc or you can be goofy and try to talk a team member into getting Artillery Team with you to occasionally shoot a large heavy crossbow... Can also supplement a build with a Training weapon enchant for spare feat at end of a feat chain.

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