Hand's Detachment, Mauler Archetype, and Putrefactor?

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I was investigating a bizarre thought I had with interactions between Putrefactor and Hand's Detachment, because I realized that this would imply the grotesquely hilarious image of a witch whose body is full of crawling copies of their own hand. First of all, not really a mechanics question, but how would you reconcile the verminous blood ability with this peculiar familiar? Secondly, are familiar archetypes valid to put on the possessed hand? I don't see why they wouldn't be, but I've never used one before. And lastly, if the hand can have the mauler archetype, what kind of a stat block would this result in? The familiar is a living version of a Crawling Hand, which is a diminutive creature with 13 strength! All of the other diminutive familiars I found had 1-3, and a base of 13 makes the battle form mauler ability ridiculously potent, especially in combination with grab.

As far as I could tell, the hand ends up with these stats, in medium form (at level 6, with a base hp of 48 for the purposes of the character this hand is attached to)

HP (24+6 due to toughness) = 30
AC (10+3 natural armor-2 dex)= 11?

Str (13+2 mauler +6 polymorph +2 also polymorph) = 23?
Dex (11-4)=7?
Con ??? (no score, due to being previously undead?)

CMB (3 BAB + 6 Str +4 for grapple)= +13
CMD (10+ 3 BAB + 6 Str -2 Dex) =17?

Attack (3 BAB+ 6 Str)= +9 1d6+6 with grab (extrapolated from Lead Blades because it doesn't include diminutive)

These stats, on top of grab, strangle, and potentially wearing rings seem to make the mauler hand incredibly potent, for a familiar. Not to mention, a small putrefactor could ride this hand as a mount, due to its size being fixed at medium, and then swallow it, because putrefactor makes no mention of familiar size in its disgorge familiar ability.

And one last thing, how does Steal Breath affect strangle? Is it an easy 2 action knockout?

The statistics for a mauler crawling hand seems right to me except the claw would probably be a 1d4 instead of 1d6 as per claw monster size (1 dim. >1d2 tiny. >1d3 small. >1d4 medium. Also it is no longer undead, so it is probably suppose to have a con score but I don't see it mentioned. Some might just give it 10 con but I don't know.

The archetype itself requires specific familiar choices, but you dm might allow it. If he doesn't the hand isn't a true familiar and doesn't qualify for mauler.

If he allows it as your familiar, verminous blood could be themed to the blood coagulates into the shape of the hand or hands grabbing at the attacker momentarily.

Steal Breath probably does nothing different with strangle, as it does the same effect of preventing verbal casting and speaking.

This sounds... impossibly creepy.

". She treats the infestation as her familiar, and she communes with the infestation to prepare spells. She still selects a familiar, which must be a house centipede, rat, scarlet spider, or toad; the familiar crawls within her among the other vermin. "

I feel like this archetype specific line prevents you from choosing the hand as a familiar right?
I mean yeah possessed hand also has a line too.

So it really hits an issue of two specifics.. But the archetype I feel calls out more specific.
The familar allows it to be a wizard's familir.
While the witch restrictsion familiars specifically to those choices.

I don't know the answers ot the questions though.
but it sounds hilarious and creepy.

So I would hope a GM will let it fly--
but I woul note that the other creepy crawlers are vermin, it wouldn't make them all small hands, there would still be only one hand-but it would be creepy crawler all over you.

OtherwiseWasabi answered about the same as I was going to

Hand's detachment wrote:
The hand acts as a wizard’s familiar, using your character level as your effective wizard level, except it doesn’t gain the alertness, share spells, deliver touch spells, spell resistance, or scry on familiar abilities.
Mauler wrote:

...This replaces deliver touch spells.

...This replaces spell resistance.

Doesn't work sorry.

avr wrote:

Doesn't work sorry.

It also says that if you have the familiar class feature, you can make it your familiar to gain all those features as a normal familiar.

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