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Hey everybody.

I had a character I played in a mythic game which would make higher level potion than level 3. I wanted to mimic that ability in a non-mythic game.

Is there any prestige class, feat, etc that anybody is aware of to make potions of higher than level 3 beyond extracts?

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I think there was a Prestige Class in the 3.x Edition Forgotten Realms books that allowed it. Master Alchemist, maybe?

I remember that one. I might have to ask my DM if he'd mind using the ol' backwards compatibility rule.

If you really want it, I wouldn't stop you. I don't think higher level potions would break the game. I consider potions to be expensive scrolls (they cost twice as much and have limits that scrolls do not have). I've considered letting there be wands for spells greater than 4th level. Staves used to fill that role back in DND 3.5. They had 50 charges, multiple spells, and no option to recharge them.

I might require you to do something like spell research to figure out to make higher level potions.

Looking around at the two things I thought worked like you wanted but turns out they are still a little closer to infusions/extracts then potions though.

Brewkeeper prestige class 1st level ability or Druids picking Druidic Herbalism for their nature's bond lvl 7 ability.

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Which makes them work like Extracts, not Potions.

"These special concoctions do not cost her anything to create and function like extracts created by an alchemist with the infusion discovery."

Yeah, I wouldn't have a problem with it. A 100% premium in exchange for anyone being able to use it at all seems like a fair trade. Smoke bomb-obscuring mist potions, grenade-fireball potions, monster-in-a-can-summon monster IV potions--why not, I say?

I allow all of this, plus drinking normal potions as a move action, and people *still* barely use the things.

Yeah, I think allowing higher level spells to be potions assuming you keep the same cost structure means nothing is going to break.

The cost double scrolls as someone pointed out, and the main deference is that you don't need to be able to cast spells to use them.

And considering that unless you have the potion in hand you'll need a move action to retrieve it and then a standard action to drink it...

Yeah, I don't see it being a problem. Really it would just allow non-casters greater parity with casters. Which I see as a good thing.

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