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Rapid shot doesn't have a BAB prerequisite, but it needs pointblank shot.

The crossbow style gives you a feat at 2nd and 6th level of ranger without any prerequisites needed. The 2nd level can be deadly aim, focused shot, precise shot, and rapid reload. At 6th level it can be any listed for 2nd and adds crossbow mastery and improved precise shot as choices.

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You could check if your DM will allow you to add the Glove of Storing ability to Gloves of Elvenkind. The rules for this is to add an extra 50% of the price of the lower costing abilities I believe.

10,000+(7,500x1.5)= 21,250g gloves total or 13,750g to add storing to your current Gloves of Elvenkind.

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Natural attacks don't get extra Iterative attacks from a full attack action unless you have an ability like shifter's Flurry or do something to allow it as a monk's Flurry.

So if his form only has the Bite attack, he can only make that 1 attack, and the damage would do 1.5x strength for having only 1 natural attack. However If he got hasted he would be able to make an extra bite on a full-round at the same bonus as the first.

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Full-round action the bear can do the 2 claws and the bite.

As a standard action can only do 1 claw or 1 bite.

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Our first edition games we have been trying a system like this slightly based on the 3.5 spell point system where a level 1 spell is 1 mana, level 2 is 3 mana and level 3 is 5 mana etc. But as you said it had the potential problem of too many higher level spells so we have been trying a split mana for higher level spells. We also gave spontaneous another spell per level usually and restricted prepared to only prepare based on the classes spells per day without adding the attribute. Im not sure how well that would work for 2e yet.

If the lesser and greater mana pools seem like an idea for you to try we do it like this;
1st level spells cost 1 mana.
2nd level spells cost 3 mana.
When you get 3rd level spells they require greater mana instead of lesser, costing 1 for 1.
At 4th level spells, they become the new 1 greater mana and 3rd level now cost 5 lesser instead.
At 5th level spells, 4th cost 7 lesser instead and 5th cost 1 greater.
At 6th level spells, 5ths still cost 1 greater and 6ths cost 2.
At 7th level spells, 5th level are now 9 lesser, 6th spells cost 1 greater and 7th costs 2.
At 8th level spells, 6th level are now 11 lesser, 7th level costs 1 and 8th costs 2.
At 9th level spells we started a 3rd pool costing 1 to 1 legendary mana or what ever you would want to call it and all the earlier spells would cost the same... but as 2e has 10th level spells there would need to be some alterations here as well.

We allowed greater mana to convert to 3 lesser mana, and the level legendary mana to 7 lesser or 2 greater mana.