How does one go about killing *and* healing all at once?


I've decided to roll up a Gestalt Character who's a Unbreakable Fighter/Invincible Rager for the sole purpose of being a true "unstoppable force". He's built well, and can withstand a lot (especially with a Defiant weapon). However, what I'm looking for is a way for his damage output (or amount of kills racked up) can net him some HP. Fighting for so long can be tiresome and really tax his HP, despite the negation. He is an expert in dealing with wave after wave of enemies. While he won't kill everything the fastest, he will most assuredly be the last one left standing.

So, besides a Vampiric Weapon, how else can I heal from damaging or killing foes? Buff spells from allies will work for this as well, though I don't want a Life Cleric basically rammed up his behind the entire time. Looking for magic items, spells, feats, etc.

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I doubt you want to be an evil scythe wielder, but if you could find a way to make that work, the divine fighting technique "Way of Hunger" is really good for that.

Boots of the Earth are pretty nice, and work 25/7.

Since you already have the qualifying feats, the Fast Healer feat is nice and should work well with the boots mentioned above.

Fire God's blessing can heal 1 hp once per round for dealing fire damage, but you must be an orc.

And theres Divine Fighting Technique: Way of the Merciful that needs great fortitude, weapon focus scimitar and heal 10 ranks but allows you to heal 1d6 once per round for dealing nonlethal damage or 2d6 if using a scimitar.

Either of these with Lesser Celestial Totem rage power can heal a nice chunk per round from hitting something as long as they aren't immune. (Neither feat says Su or Ex as far as I know so unsure if Fast Healer would buff or not either)

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A +1 Cruel Weapon enchant gives you 5 Temp HP whenever you land a killing blow. It's not actually healing per se, but it does shrug off 5 dmg from whatever you get hit with next.

It would synergize well with Invuln Rager's redonk DR.

I'm kinda wondering why you're going Unbreakable Fighter instead of something else that's similar but gives you far more benefits from Gestalt synergy. Like, you've already got a d12 HP, Good Fort Save, and full BAB class, so the Fighter BAB, Fort Save, and HP/lvl is essentially wasted, and the only thing Fighter is giving you is extra feats. You could go with a class like Oracle of Battle and have 9th level spellcasting and spontaneous Cure spells as swift actions, as well as getting Die Hard and really nice Saving Throw bonuses and rerolls, as well as a Good Will Save from Oracle levels (very important), and an Immediate Action Charge up to 3/day for good measure. If you get the Combat Healer Revelation, you'll attack and heal in the same round (which is pretty much exactly what you're looking for). Add the Fast Healer feat to make your healing even more, but it's not really needed.


Also, consider this DM nightmare: Boots of Haste + Fast Movement + Greater Beast Totem (Pounce) + Surprising Charge (Immediate Action Charge)

That's 70ft move speed with Haste and Fast Movement, so you could Immediate Action Charge up to 140ft with a Full Attack up to 3/day.

Also consider going half orc with sacred tattoo + fates favored for +2 to saves, and this will synerize nicely with the +luck bonus to attack from Divine Favor and Divine Power spells.


DM: You see two ominous figures in the distance, about 100 ft. away from you, and they raise their weapons as if they're ready to attack.
You: I roll Initiative 3 times and take the best result.
DM: Okay, You win Initiative, you go first.
You: I activate my Boots of Speed as a free action and charge 140ft and make 3 Attacks + 1 extra attack from Haste for a total of 4 attacks.
DM: Okay, you charged him and killed him. Now it's his friend's turn. He begins casting a spell. Go ahead and make a Wi...
You: I charge him again.
DM: It's not your turn.
You: It is now. *Activates Surprising Charge*


Another thing to consider is that Oracles can pick up the feat Dreamed Secrets when they're level 13, which can allow you pick up 2 spells from the Wiz/Sorc list every day when you prep your spells. So I think level 15 or 16 is the earliest you can start choosing Giant Form I as one of these spells, which gives you Regeneration 5 and makes you become Huge-sized. Righteous Might increases your size by one step, so you could become Gargantuan-sized if desired.

I mean... Regen 5, DR 8/- and DR 10/evil, +5 Temp HP every time you kill something, Greater Vampiric weapon heals 5x HD, Diehard, plus you can trash every spell you know for spontaneously casting Swift Action Cure Spells every round? You're essentially immune to death by HP damage at this point. Nothing is going to eat through that.

Thank you all for the posts, this is super helpful!

I will say that I chose the Unbreakable Fighter Archetype partially in part because this character needs a *lot* of feats to do his job effectively, and also for fun. For example, one of his feats is Stunning Irruption, where he can burst through a wall (Smasher Rage Power and Strength Surge Rage Power help with this) or other similar obstacle and make everyone who witnesses it make a Fort Save or be stunned for the Surprise Round and 1 Round afterwards. Besides that, he also has Destroyer's Blessing, Cleave feats, Deathless Initiate (as he's a half orc), Resilient Brute, etc - that is partially why I chose Fighter for the simple reason of I needed a lot of feats to function better. However, Oracle definitely was one of the choices I wanted to make, but it just didn't mesh with my overall vision. Also, kinda sorta wanted Stalwart without being an Inquisitor.

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