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This may be helpful

https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/493249/mythbusting-game-design-and-copyrig ht-trademarks-a

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On Perma Death, I have played the Souls Series of video games (Dark Souls). These games are supposed to be hard and difficult and stress inducing. You know going in that if you died, you did one minor thing wrong. It had nothing to do with luck.

In PACG, I do not expect that thinking. I have had bad throws where we have said "unless I throw all 1's... lol"... and then I do... and I lose everything?

In Souls, I am given the option to attempt to get back to where I was to retrieve my hard work for a mistake. Lying on the ground in a sort of jest.

PACG just tells you to pack it up and go again... from the beginning of the game. Yeah, so I ignore it. Waste of my time.

If and when we have a player die, we stop the scenario right there. Rebuild our decks with our upgrades and start that scenario again. Now, we are more prepared. We view it more as getting so far on a video game level. We die, respawn, and get to go at it again from the last checkpoint (beginning on the scenario).

On allies. When my wife and I play two players, we tend to use allies for their specific powers since we need a bit more diversity and assistance. With my six player game, we tend to use them for explores since we have enough Blessings and versatility to go around.

I was trolling about on coolstuffinc and came across:


PACG Ultimate Magic Add-on deck
PACG Ultimate Combat Add-on deck

Supposedly to release in March of 2018...

I had not heard any news about these, and it has my full attention.

Edit: oh yeah... plus Hayato the samurai!!

I am trying to find out if at all possible we (or myself on Drivethru if necessary) can have a short (3 expansion, roughly 300 card) Adventure set in a new local that follows a different Pathfinder story line without all the need for the current model (base + 6 expansions) using any current base set.

The idea behind a 4-6 is that roles hav already been chosen and your adventurer already had a decent deck at that time.

This is no longer a hardmode expansion as Doppel has already pointed out the WotR model and I understand why now.

It just appears that WotR is a bit of a stickler on making a generic expansion due to mythic paths already being chosen and D20s being present.

Unless a shorter adventure comes by the way of 1-X and includes all boons/banes/locations at which point we are just removing the Base set from the current product model.

I am just trying to see if this idea can cohesively work.

At all... if not, then I suppose its back to RotR and S&S for me...

To Doppelschwert:

I think I follow. As I have only played through a few sessions of WotR I never made it beyond AD1. I have 2 questions:

1. When does the Mythic section kick in?
2. When do D20s start getting thrown around?

If these answers are the end of AD3, then a feasible AD4-6 "could" be possible.

I can see the problem with having useless cards from certain base sets, but that can be manageable (design team issues).

A short romp around different story lines that are not necessarily tied to any one base set is really what would be interesting.

I also see the potential issue with useless boons, although that was specific to a AD7-9 and not an AD4-6.

The 7-9 could be a "hardmode" which as you said can become highly problematic. Is then a potential solution to make short Adventures a 4-6 level? Which then includes anything a typical AD expansion box would? Possibly with some tinkering...


Or from a different perspective, this idea.

What if an Adventure Path ranged from the 4-6 difficulty range? And could also be added to any base set?

I have read where others want some differing scenario/paths and they would like them shorter, as a 6 Adventure is sometimes hard to get a group around collectively for such an extended journey.

It could ease the playability of casual groups by dedicating less time by reusing an already recorded character for less scenarios.

This could also open the doors for more adventures without having to buy more base sets and expansions for those who just want more stories and cannot afford continuous base sets and expansions.

$30-40 for more fun with what I already own vs. (at msrp) $60 base, $20 for 6 expansions ($180 total)(although I am aware that if you purchase used or from Coolstuffinc this price can be greatly reduced).

I would be more inclined to spend $30-40 every 6-8 months than $180 every 16 months or so...

I did read that post, although "exactly" is not quite accurate.

That post is a mod... Not the same thing.

As this would be a separate Adventure path not needing a specific Base Set (as your example is specific, mine is not). And you could earn more role feats, not given. This would also include a new Adventure (as I am sure there are plenty of shorter unused Pathfinder Adventures out there that need slaying), new locations, new banes, not reuse old versions in a new way. I am not interested in an old wine poured from a new bottle...

And unlike yourself, I would very much like to continue on with my "retired" characters.

Also, I wouldn't spend $20 each on 3 adventure expansions to a set I do not own, but I would spend $30-40 on a box set that can be added to any box.

Just some points of contention.

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Then no loot. Just Banes and locations along with Adventure and Scenario cards.

Who needs loot when you get Glory!

It would also allow players to dust off those "retired" Adventurers from completed APs to come back for a "final fight of true skill and courage."

Or maybe is it a 300ish expansion, not 110 cards (small) or 500+ (base set) box. A self contained Adventure 7-9 to be used in conjunction with any previously release Base Set AP or OPAP.

I do not read everybody's posts, so I do apologize if this has already been mentioned.

We get some pretty cool loot at the end of Adventure 6... that we do not use. What if a 110 card expansion pack was self contained to add a beefier "continuing adventure."

I.E. Adventure 7, 8, or 9, that was generic enough and self contained to be done after any adventure (any of the four on the market or after any OPAP).

Where we could do a "short adventure" that some people tend to imply they would like to see (where it is just stronger monsters and the like with its own set of locations), and continue on kicking monster butts. Plus this could allow more boxes to be checked in the "role" department and let us feel super awesome.

I tend to think right when I get to Adventure 5 or 6, I am finally awesome-ish enough... and then the AP is over. Plus, I got this cool loot... I never got to use. Some of the Adventure 6 boons never show up, so Adventure 6 is kinda stale.

If an Adventure 7-9 (or similar) was added and few boons were added (loot only), this should ramp up the difficulty with scaling monsters/henchmen/villians (for those that want a harder challenge). But we would get a chance to increase role variants and get those Adventure 6 boons, and have a chance to shine (or die).

Plus, it could be done after any AP from any Base set with any Character from any set... so the ability to replay Adventure 7-9 (hardmode) would feel equally unique based on which base set (or character deck) was used.

Just a thought.

Jim Landon wrote:
Codcake wrote:
The only problem is I would like to have a token card for each of the characters so I am not using: pennies, buttons, and the like to denote who is where.
You could always use mini's.

I cannot, as I do not own mini's nor could I afford them.

Although, if the tokens were added to Drivethru as a pack for $10 or so, I could do that.

As a casual player who cannot continue to afford every class deck, base set, and the adventure decks, I only own the RotRu Base with AD1-6. I loved it when the OP scenarios came out as I was able to play a new Adventure with the same cards. So I only have a couple of things to add to the conversation.

Also, I did not read everyone else's posts.

1.a. Having an alternative AD1-6 box release, 110 cards with cards ranging from 1-6 (i.e. new villians, henchmen, monsters, boons, locations, scenarios and or paths) to have a varied adventure with an old box set (specific to a particular base set).

or if necessary two 110 card box releases, AD1-3 and AD4-6 for base set (blank)

1.b. Generic AD1-6 box release, 110 cards that can be combined with any base set to have a new adventure... This is more difficult as the locations, henchmen, and villians would have to be in this expansion to make the Path cohesive across any base set.

or two 110 card box release, AD1-3 and AD4-6 for any base set.

2.a. A "booster" pack with all the released character tokens... As I cannot afford all the class decks, I can still download the character sheets for print and play. I understand I am not able to fully utilize these guys as I do not have the optimal cards, but it allows me to vary up a game.

It is like rolling a new character in a video game. It is the same game, but I am playing differently. The only problem is I would like to have a token card for each of the characters so I am not using: pennies, buttons, and the like to denote who is where.

Or if you guys were able to add this to the download section, it would be greatly appreciated.

2.b. A 110 card pack with just new boons to be swapped into another base set. For example, there are no guns in RotRu base, if I could swap some bows out for some guns, then the game FEELS different.

These new boons would be fairly generic and able to be swapped into any base set.

These are just some thoughts. Thank you for your time. I really love this game.

-The B Adventure is officially part of the Adventure Path

Excellent. That is all.


Couple of things to remember:
1. it is your game, do what you will to have fun
2. remember that games are to be fun by all
(as long as this is not OP then there are no strict rules in your own home)

Now, if you have created a couple guidelines that has made the game too easy, then its probably no longer fun...

So, here's my two cents:

If you and your wife are playing class deck characters, then it is not necessary that you include the Character Add-on deck (less cards). This is a good starting point.

If you two are using Class decks, then you can add all or some of the cards from the deck that you want. You do not need to add cards from a ranger deck if you two are running a fighter/wizard combo. (unless there's that one card that may come in handy, in which case, just add that one...)

If you would like to keep the card count down, exchange a class deck card with a box card instead of just adding. (remember not to make the game too easy, it becomes no longer fun)

Or, do a combo of all three. Here's the run down.
1. only me and the wifey (pulls all character add-on cards out of the box)
2. we are using the fighter and wizard class decks (pulls all non-fighter/non-wizard class deck cards out of the box)
3. we want a bit more options to get our class deck cards without having to wade through tons of non class cards. (adds 5 class deck weapons... pulls 2 box weapons out)(or something to that degree)
4. we play our game and have a good time (this is always the point!)

play a few scenarios and see if it works, if not, you can always start over :)

What Hawkmoon269 said, it is the player whose turn it is that gets to have final say on who, when, where, and to what extent another player can help.

I have ran a game with Tup just to try him out, and I really rather enjoyed having the option to take a couple of damage (maybe) to get that boost.

So, I do agree if you sit at a table and the other players are not interested in your type of character (not necessarily just pertaining to Gobs), be a team player and either choose a beneficial character for the group or find a new table. It's just being courteous.

Welp, unless you guys have a GS-X series pinsetter bowling alley (preferably 32+ lanes)which is also in need of a Head Mechanic... probably not :(

I must ask in which state or city do you guys play? It sounds enticing enough to move.

Sincerely, Lonely in Topeka...

Accessory allows you to use another item. I.E. jewelry, headgear, belts and such... because you don't have to hold them the power feels more like a selective passive

Although digging through my cards this doesn't always appear to be true.
It is more common with rings and belts, but not always true.
Headgear and armor accessories not so much.

Also, staffs seem to have "recharge" as where wands have "bury", this is also not always true but common.

Interesting. Having Vic point out all of this in the manner in which he did by providing details and explanations is actually quite interesting.

This type of understanding for "how" and "why" the system is set up the way it is, is really... well... cool (for a lack of words).

Again, Vic you guys are great. Keep up the good work.

Are you proposing an add-on that is in of itself a 110 card fully contained encounter?

If so, this could very well be a way to continue adventuring after adventure 6...

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In mid 2006 my roommate and I took a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a new game to play. We ended up picking up Heroscape. By 2012, I had every expansion and promo figure with multiple base sets (for the land). This game became my core group of friends go-to game. Once a month 3-6 of us would sit down and dominate.

I met my wife in 2009, married in 2013, and soon moved halfway (Kansas) across the country (work).

My wife was uninterested in playing a game that expands across all space and time...

So... there sits at least one copy of every Heroscape piece... on the shelf.

Months passed as she and myself attempted to get adjusted to a new city with new people. All of our loved ones 800+ miles away. My monthly gaming group of 8 years gone...

I had grown bored and started trolling around websites looking for "great solo play tabletop games". I stumbled upon DC Deckbuilding game. I watched a few "let's plays" on youtube and it seemed enjoyable enough.

There on the sidebar (recommended) was Grey Elephant Gaming doing a Let's Play of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I had played Pathfinder RPG, but only played a few games as I was not excited about having to have a GM.

I watched the Let's Play and soon did hours of research (watched videos and reviews). Tom Vassel from Dice Tower sold me after his review.
I begged the wife for the base set, and she eventually said "yes."

Oh, I played through the base box and adventure one with every character. Soon I was buying the second adventure Skinsaw Murders. And this continued through the fourth adventure.

Then it happened.
A storm.
A nasty storm that blew the power to my apartment complex.
A storm so nasty, my fireplace leaked.
A storm so nasty and fierce... my wife looked over to me and said "Hey babe (it's pretty cute), I'm bored, (I was playing PACG by candle light [do it, it's awesome]) will you teach me to play?"

Over 18 months later:
We now own a home.
Have 2 base sets with all expansions.
Have 3 games currently running in our basement (1 RotR, 1 SotRL, 1 S&S)with a mix of friends (we didn't have friends before)
Have successfully completed multiple runs through RotR.
And my wife still enjoys playing (Ranzak) so I do not have to play alone (I still do anyway).

So, to wrap this all up.

Mike and company, thank you. Thank you for your creative ideas, hard work, dedication, optimism, open ears (community), and commitment to excel. This game did more than just become a game on the shelf for my wife and I. It helped bridge a difficult time in our lives. It helped her and I gain a mutual interest, helped us pave new friendships and have something to do on any day of the week.

Again, from both her and I, Thank You.


My group of 3 did the same thing, reading it as "random," although we went through the ENTIRE scenario before we saw our error (d'oh).

Although we did hit up Warrens last and closed it quite quickly. Had two blessings in the blessings deck... cut it pretty close.

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I like it.
Dibs. I called dibs.

Character Name: Ekkie
Role Card: Poodlekiller
Skill Feats: Strength +4, Intelligence +2
Power Feats: Light Armors; Heavy Armors; For your check that has or is against a card that has the Animal or Basic trait (or has and adventure deck number less than the current scenario), add 1d4 (1d6)(1d8)(1d10)to your check; When you discard(or bury) 1 or more cards, you may draw a card.
Card Feats: Weapon 5; Spell -; Armor 3; Item 5; Ally 4; Blessing 6
Weapons: Mokmurian's Club, Fanged Falchion, Shock Greatsword +2, Flaming Icy Axe +1, Karzoug's Burning Glaive
Spell: -
Armor: Breastplate of Fire Resistance, Reflecting Shield, Invincible Breastplate
Item: Sihedron Medallion (x2), Wand of Enervation, Belt of Giant Strength, Greater Luckstone
Ally: Father Zantus, Grizzled Mercenary, Charmed Red Dragon (x2)
Blessing: Gorum (x2), Lamshtu (x2), Abadar, Gozrah

Character name: Ranzak
Role Card: Kleptomaniac
Skill Feats: Dexterity +3, Wisdom +3
Power Feats: Hand Size 8; Heavy Armor; Add 1d4(+1)(+3) to you check to acuire a boon; When you aquire a boon on your turn, roll 1d6, on a (3)4,5,6 explore your location;If another character at your location fails a check to aquire a boon, you may attempt a check to aquire it; Discard a card from the blessings deck to explore you location.
Card Feats: Weapon 5; Spell 2; Armor 2; Item 8; Ally 1; Blessing 5
Weapons: Acidic Sling +3, Venemous Dagger +2, Returning Frost Spear +2, Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2 (x2)
Spell: Mass Cure (x2)
Armor: Snakeskin Tunic, Lesser Bolstering Armor
Item: Belt of Dexterity (x2), Sihedron Medallion, Holy Candle, Emerald Codex, Revelation Quill, Headband of Wisdom, Robes of XinShalast

More information: MVC is the Holy Candle. Also, never had a Charmed Red Dragon turn on us!!

No, it is legal, here's why:

If you own a Belt of Incredible Dexterity it reads " You may play another ITEM on this check"

Since both belts are items you can reveal each, once.

This is true with most items that have the ACCESSORY trait. Basically the way I think about it thematically is: it is something you do not have to wield to use, so any or all available can be used, like a passive bonus.

So... if you are wearing two belts you can use two belts, since they are separate cards each can be used, once. Just like rings, hat or the like.


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I have a 6 player RotR game going and a 3 player SotRu game going. We are not in an official OP game for the 3 man. For both games we have house ruled that if a player dies the scenario ends at that point and we do not get the possible upgraded cards.

Basically, we just start the scenario again with the cards we had the time before.

We had talked about purposefully failing (letting the blessings deck run out)and there being no penalty, so why is there such a harsh penalty for pushing to win and failing?

I have only had one death in either game and it was due to Seoni not keeping track of how many cards were in her deck while helping other players with blessings.

Since then, no issues. The house rule is in place and all my players are happy. Our 6 man game is 3 couples, so having a player die and either choosing to start over (not an option) or coming over and watching their spouse play while sitting on the sideline (not an option) does not really work for us.

My local shop was not participating in Free RPG Day... no Tup for me yet. I'll have to wait for Paizo shop or Ebay...

I was honestly hoping the egyptian trip would be more like tourism, with good food, sun tan, snorkeling. I guess when you are named after a dog itself names after a american state, there is no way you avoid the scarabs, snakes, skeletons and mumies...

Oh, Frencois, how I love this.

Calthaer, Klepto Ranzak is all my wife plays. It is awesome having someone scout ahead and then we all yell "Ranzak get to (location), and get me that (boon), now!"

If you throw in a blessing with all those bonus die and bonus +s, it gets pretty sweet.

First off, James, I am on the "boon hound" wagon.

Wraitguard, I did not misunderstand and you explained well enough.
I realized the character card specific cohort when looking at some wrath and CD characters. I was unaware that cohorts in general were allowed in previous iterations of the game (due to the fact that I did not understand how cohorts functioned).

Mike, I had no interest in adding cohorts to non-cohort using characters. And I did understand the scenario specific cohorts once I did some reading. Although, I was enlightened, as I did not notice cohort using characters were inherently "weaker" characters on his/her own.

Overall, I am now pleasantly excited about some of these CDs I had no original interest in purchasing due to ignorance (I thought since I did not own wrath, that these characters were incompatible for me...).

To the wife, to beg for 30th birthday money!!!

I suppose I should read up then... Onward to Wrath Rules...

If I am understanding cohorts correctly:
Cohorts are tied to specific characters/character sheets and if they are played in previous iterations of the game, then it is perfectly acceptable to use cohorts.

Interesting.... looking at you Gnomish Dog Lancer Raz...

The plot thickens... Off to ask the wife for money!

I have not played Wrath, and I do not fully understand cohorts.
With that being said, would I be correct in saying that any cohort based character will not pair well in either RotR or S&S?

"Can't wait for shoppin'
On more of us Goblins?
To bide your time,
Go throw some die!"

In RotR there are many wisdom/survival checks to close locations and with Ranzak's ability to quickly burn through cards it became obvious to dump skill feats into the d4 wisdom. Plus being able to temp close a locale without having to burn a blessing by using a Sage helps out for the villain checks.

The wife and I went through RotR with Ranzak and Ekkie with little to no difficulty. We had a blast aswell.

Cannot wait for Tup in two weeks, and all his compadres in August.

"Can't wait for shoppin'
on more of us Goblins?
To bide your time,
Go throw some die!"

As with Ashram316, my wife plays Ranzak exclusively and always takes the +1 (or more) to the wisdom check. It comes in handy for that particular character who also has survival tied to it. Other than that instance I cannot think of another time when I have seen a player take the +1 on a d4.


Athnul, Ranzak, Koren

We actually had some trouble with time on this one.

We decided Athnul would be dragon bait for the game, she did so... reluctantly.

Since our group is con fort heavy we had little to no trouble on the checks. And Athnul happened to pick up a potion of fortitude and a potion of energy resistance this game, lol.

Anywho, Athnul kept throwing d6-1 what we needed to attempt the close, so we had to burn through almost every card.

We chased the beast to the Woods where its 18 check to defeat was outmatched by Koren's 31, bwahahaha.

My only thematic question is when did Black Fang kill Thelsikar? When it landed? Or one of its random pot shots from the sky?

Alas, we prevailed, returned to Sandpoint, and made our farewells as we left for Magnimar, The City of Secrets awaits!


Ranzak, Koren, Athnul

We opted to take on the Warrens last... Ranzak and Koren ran into Etainia fairly early. Athnul temp closed her location, Koren boosted Ranzak's wisdom roll as we watched Eatainia flee to either the Woods or Warrens.

From here it was near top card fast henchmen fighting where when finally came to the Warrens...

Goblin Raider top card, success, leaving the pregnant woman. We hit her so hard she had a demon fly out of her and run into the Shrine.

Off we set, hot on its trail. Cornering the beast all thoughts of mercy were lost by means of dark fluid pulsating through our bellies. After our lust for Demon blood ceased, we found ourselves victorious and headed back to Sandpoint.


Not much really to discuss here, we bashed our way out of the Junk Beach with little more then some help with throwing multiple d6's on the Goblin table, and with it being early game... whatevs.

Pushing around the table we gathered many Adventure 1 weapons. (woot woot).


The last card in the whole shebang (we still had 7 turns remaining). Big Chief Wortus crawled out of his hole and demanded successful con fort rolls. We obliged. He blew up. What a wildly uneventful close.

Running with Athnul, Koren, and Raznak.

We had little trouble with 2-1B rolls due to the decent Fort:Con bonuses.
Plus we picked up armor like free candy and were promptly passed on to Koren (me) for the 6d power.

1 acid damage the entire game (Ranzak). Rolls were on spot, but no Black Fang in sight. Came down to doing some risky "you go there and I'll go here, and hopefully we find him and if we succeed at the temp close, maybe a win."
This all actually worked out. It was a 50/50 shot (we had two cards left in the location on our last turn) and Athnul flipped the beast, Koren threw out some d6 power to help Ranzak temp close as Athnul killed (escapes) the beast.

I don't want to talk about...

We don't speak so good and people no like us much...

Some how Koren ended up with one card left in his deck, I think I was burning cards left and right trying to help. Luckily, it was an armor. I just recharged that armor for the rest of the game boosting Ranzak's boon thieving hands around the board. We gained little in the way of friends, but one badass lady (Athnul) who hangs around a one handed, one legged goblin and a half-orc brute, what did we expect?

What was funny was we actually encountered the Mayor at a location and all three of us laughed out loud about how we were not even going to try to acquire that hateful woman that just disowned us from her town.

Oh,... good times.

I have intentionally "lost" to a henchman knowing I was not prepared for the "to close" check. As ecloderdude says, having to burn through a whole deck due to a failed "to close" check sucks. I'd rather lose a card or two due to damage than potentially lose by far more turns which typically effects the group more negatively than just me losing a card (or usually just recharging).

So, looking ahead on some of the character sheets I see glorious possibilities and think to myself "self, if only I didn't have to blow two power feats prior to choosing a role... (sigh)"

And then... then...

(raises hand)

Am I allowed to hold onto my power feats until a later time and dump them all at once. i.e. can I wait to use my feats until I choose a role?

Next part, different thought.

I am playing as Koren in SotRu, if I know my last card in my deck is an armor and I opt to help the group (let's say we are all at the last location) by constantly discarding the top card, oh wait its an armor, free 1d6 for everyone on every check, yay! Is this just a bit cheap or is Koren designed with this in mind? As a last stand paladin helping his comrades bash their way to victory?


I only really had one question about the Goblin table. If I am the only one at a location and roll a 4 "A random character at your location encounters the bane instead. That character does not roll on this table."

We played it as, "Well, there's no one else here so here I go!" and "Yay! A 4!".

Is this correct? (I hope it is, we won based on rolling a bunch of 4's on the scenario that we actually completed)

I do have a few things regarding shelf space.

For years brick and mortar companies have offered in game promo products for pre orders so that they can better estimate how many games to order for release. We see this quite often in video game releases. Since the video gaming stores have a limited amount of time to get the full dollar for a new release they incentivize with in game goods that others cannot get upon release without the preorder. Paizo offers promo cards for an ongoing subscription, and the brick and mortar stores do get promos to give out, but I feel they are missing an important part.


Without this many companies sell off the overstock for a lesser price (coolstuffinc.com sells all PACG products for 35% off new in box). Although I feel that is the game they play (sell more for less = profit).

The promo incentive is there with a paizo sub, but not for the brick and mortar stores. There's got to be a way to better incorporate these shops into the mix so that they can readily and accurately order plenty of product without the flooding of shelf space.

If this is in fact an issue. I feel as if I had read that some people wanted the releases to slow a bit to allow the consumer time to catch up to a game which its releases were far outpacing the consumers wallet.

Tanis- how does one "fight dirty" during a Rochambeau? Can it get worse than the initial game specs? Is there a towel involved?

I figure, if the check to defeat is missed, then the necromancer has time to "raise dead" or some such mumbo. Feels realistic to me.

I can understand the divine argument. Maybe meet in the middle with a (for example) combat 22 or divine 14 roll.

Give the option. I have seen some villains with this type of approach. With an "or" option, the or is usually an easier numerical check, but also limited in the skill abundance.

Just thinking out loud here.

I have been tinkering with a custom AP. In the scenario the villain is a necromancer. The henchmen are... for lack of a better description "resurrection" baddies. During the scenario when a monster would be defeated from a location, put it under the location card. When you encounter the henchman, if undefeated shuffle all monsters back into the location deck.

So, here is where I need some help.

Thematically, I think a human necromancer underling works well, but what should the check to defeat include? Combat or Divine, Combat then Divine, just Wisdom Divine? Arcane?

Then I suppose is the necromancer immune to any traits? And what powers should they have?

I only own RotR with all expansions. I looked at the villains with the necromancer trait.

Azaven is also undead so he is immune to mental and poison, but why to cold and electricity? Is this from the "Lich" trait? He has a before the encounter Con, Fort check... I feel doesn't work in my scenario.

Barl Breakbones is not immune to any traits. He has a After the first check, which was neat, but doesn't seem to make sense for mine.

Mammy Graul is not immune to any traits, and her before is interesting. Before the encounter each character at this location summons and encounters an Ancient Skeleton henchman. Now this thematically makes sense, so I think I will use this.

So, here's what I have got for the henchman:

Traits: Human Necromancer
Powers: Before the encounter, each character at this location summons and encounters an Ancient Skeleton henchman.
If the "Necromancer" (I haven't named the henchman yet) is undefeated, shuffle all monsters under the location back into the location deck.

I suppose the villain would have the same powers, but also include Mammy Graul's final power: The first time in this scenario the anyone would defeat Mammy Graul, she is undefeated.

I like the idea of an undying necromancer that forces you (the player) to at least once in the game shuffle all the defeated monsters from a location back into the location.

Any thoughts? Also don't forget, I need help deciding the check to defeat.

Much like Theryon, I print out the proxy on a sheet, use a role card to add the weight/strength to the print that is also sleeved. I use printed character sheets so the role cards just sit in the box. I found running any of these scenarios (only completed 2-1A-C) quite a joy. My group hated the new goblin d6 roll, for the increase in random "screw you this way, this time bwhahaha" way. They all loved the new skin on the old bones that is RotR. Keep em coming, we all had a blast! I wouldn't find any issue with either more or less proxies. So long as if it's fun!

After I earn a die bump, when can I opt to use it?

Must I announce that I will use a bump prior to making my check?
Can I use it after my (or someone else's)roll to ensure the successful check?

Does location matter?
Do I need to be at the same location to assist another player?
Can anyone use it from any location for another's check at any location?

Thank you in advance.

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