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On Perma Death, I have played the Souls Series of video games (Dark Souls). These games are supposed to be hard and difficult and stress inducing. You know going in that if you died, you did one minor thing wrong. It had nothing to do with luck.

In PACG, I do not expect that thinking. I have had bad throws where we have said "unless I throw all 1's... lol"... and then I do... and I lose everything?

In Souls, I am given the option to attempt to get back to where I was to retrieve my hard work for a mistake. Lying on the ground in a sort of jest.

PACG just tells you to pack it up and go again... from the beginning of the game. Yeah, so I ignore it. Waste of my time.

If and when we have a player die, we stop the scenario right there. Rebuild our decks with our upgrades and start that scenario again. Now, we are more prepared. We view it more as getting so far on a video game level. We die, respawn, and get to go at it again from the last checkpoint (beginning on the scenario).

On allies. When my wife and I play two players, we tend to use allies for their specific powers since we need a bit more diversity and assistance. With my six player game, we tend to use them for explores since we have enough Blessings and versatility to go around.

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Then no loot. Just Banes and locations along with Adventure and Scenario cards.

Who needs loot when you get Glory!

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In mid 2006 my roommate and I took a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a new game to play. We ended up picking up Heroscape. By 2012, I had every expansion and promo figure with multiple base sets (for the land). This game became my core group of friends go-to game. Once a month 3-6 of us would sit down and dominate.

I met my wife in 2009, married in 2013, and soon moved halfway (Kansas) across the country (work).

My wife was uninterested in playing a game that expands across all space and time...

So... there sits at least one copy of every Heroscape piece... on the shelf.

Months passed as she and myself attempted to get adjusted to a new city with new people. All of our loved ones 800+ miles away. My monthly gaming group of 8 years gone...

I had grown bored and started trolling around websites looking for "great solo play tabletop games". I stumbled upon DC Deckbuilding game. I watched a few "let's plays" on youtube and it seemed enjoyable enough.

There on the sidebar (recommended) was Grey Elephant Gaming doing a Let's Play of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I had played Pathfinder RPG, but only played a few games as I was not excited about having to have a GM.

I watched the Let's Play and soon did hours of research (watched videos and reviews). Tom Vassel from Dice Tower sold me after his review.
I begged the wife for the base set, and she eventually said "yes."

Oh, I played through the base box and adventure one with every character. Soon I was buying the second adventure Skinsaw Murders. And this continued through the fourth adventure.

Then it happened.
A storm.
A nasty storm that blew the power to my apartment complex.
A storm so nasty, my fireplace leaked.
A storm so nasty and fierce... my wife looked over to me and said "Hey babe (it's pretty cute), I'm bored, (I was playing PACG by candle light [do it, it's awesome]) will you teach me to play?"

Over 18 months later:
We now own a home.
Have 2 base sets with all expansions.
Have 3 games currently running in our basement (1 RotR, 1 SotRL, 1 S&S)with a mix of friends (we didn't have friends before)
Have successfully completed multiple runs through RotR.
And my wife still enjoys playing (Ranzak) so I do not have to play alone (I still do anyway).

So, to wrap this all up.

Mike and company, thank you. Thank you for your creative ideas, hard work, dedication, optimism, open ears (community), and commitment to excel. This game did more than just become a game on the shelf for my wife and I. It helped bridge a difficult time in our lives. It helped her and I gain a mutual interest, helped us pave new friendships and have something to do on any day of the week.

Again, from both her and I, Thank You.

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I like it.
Dibs. I called dibs.

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I have a 6 player RotR game going and a 3 player SotRu game going. We are not in an official OP game for the 3 man. For both games we have house ruled that if a player dies the scenario ends at that point and we do not get the possible upgraded cards.

Basically, we just start the scenario again with the cards we had the time before.

We had talked about purposefully failing (letting the blessings deck run out)and there being no penalty, so why is there such a harsh penalty for pushing to win and failing?

I have only had one death in either game and it was due to Seoni not keeping track of how many cards were in her deck while helping other players with blessings.

Since then, no issues. The house rule is in place and all my players are happy. Our 6 man game is 3 couples, so having a player die and either choosing to start over (not an option) or coming over and watching their spouse play while sitting on the sideline (not an option) does not really work for us.

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Paid. Printed. Players. Peed (only a little). Pleased.

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That's comical James, due to the fact that this weekend the wife and I were outside and I heard the ice cream man a few streets down. I immediately went inside pulled out my change bag, pulled out $2 and waited by the side of the road until she arrived. I guess I'll always be that kid, even now at 30...

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Battlefield Earth... just awful.

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I was playing Valeros and had my deck next to a location deck. I was struggling to get weapons that game. When it was all over and we were swapping cards I realized I only had 2 weapons... Then it hit me why a location we had closed had soooo many weapons on the bottom, I was recharging my cards into the location deck.

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Fantastic, I got a new 6 player house game kickin' off 3rd weekend of August. Plenty of time to prepare. (must sleeve 1k+ cards, get music playlist ready, get the table leaf out, vacuum, did I make dip?, order Ekkie mat, call up local nerds, DOMINATE on Fridays!)

Thanks guys at Paizo.